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10 Most Instagrammable Places in Mauritius: Snap-Worthy Spots

Pristine white sand beaches, magnificent scenery and a laid back lifestyle, the small island of Mauritius simply has so much to offer. If you asked people to describe what paradise would look like, chances are Mauritius is a perfect fit for this envision. The heart of Mauritius has some of the most mind-blowing landscapes and views, you can get some greens and blue and a lot more than that if you walk an extra mile and find out what’s more to see here. With an abundance of excellent photography opportunities, here is a curated list of the most photogenic spots in Mauritius.

1. Port Louis La Citadels

Also known as Fort Adelaide is made from old stones and bricks, this place has its old vintage charm. It was earlier used to guard the city against riots during the period of slave abolition. But today, this place is a hub of local, international concerts and artistic shows. The views from the building are to die for, you just have to wait for the sun to set and set your camera to capture the beauty from all angles.

Image Source: Google images

2. Albion Lighthouse with the cliff

Located in Albion, on the west coast of Mauritius, is the Pointe aux Caves Lighthouse. Opened during 1910 for incoming boats, this lighthouse stands on a gorgeous cliff edge overlooking the vast ocean. The 30-meter lighthouse consists of four floors with steep stairs leading to the dome and the balcony, making it a perfect place to take some long angle shots.

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3. Seven waterfalls

Hidden in a valley between Curepipe and Black River Gorges, also known as Tamarind River this area is not only scenic due to its waterfall but also for its flora and fauna. With various species of birds and indigenous vegetation makes it the best waterfall in Mauritius for adventure activities.

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4. Le Mourne mountain

In the southwestern Mauritius is this mountain on a peninsula, standing for the symbol of fighting against slavery. This mountain is almost fully covered in high brush and forests, sheltering a volcano with a summit that is surrounded with hills and lagoons. Great spot for kite surfers, and a better spot for people who want to capture nature at its best.

5. Crystal rock of Ile Aux Benitiers

Toward the far end from Le Morne there’s a lonely palm tree waiting for camera pictures. The water here is not deep and there are many coral rocks to see here with one big coral rock coming out of the water – Crystal Coral rock. Apart from the corals the one thing that is more beautiful is the varied marine life, this island is just too good to be pictured.

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Crystal rock among the emerald water.
Image Source: Google images

6. La Roche qui Pleure

 Mother Nature was giving out blessings in the form of natural wonders here at Mauritius with this so-called optic illusion of a weeping rock in the southern coast of Mauritius. the waters here on the South Coast of Mauritius crash against the cliffs, giving you the impression that the rocks are tearing. The wind blowing strongly here can help you with dramatic effects for a perfect picture.

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7. Black river Gorges viewpoint

Providing over 50 km of magnificent and challenging hiking trails, this is the best way to get into the deep nature of Mauritius irrespective if its a hardcore climb to the highest peak or a gentler ramble through the forest with the breathtaking view of Alexandra waterfalls somehow makes it a haven for all of you who want to capture mother nature. In short the pristine rivers, picnic areas, wide canyons and dramatic mountain ranges that emerges and brings to life the most panoramic views altogether.

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Image Source: Google images

8. Caudan umbrella alley

As you walk through Port Louis, you are bound to discover old buildings spread throughout in the middle of modern buildings.  Out of which a great place to shop and eat is the Le Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis. The most photographed alley, in the middle of this upscale shopping arena which boasts of 170 boutique shops if you look up you can see the colourful floating umbrellas here. If you are fond of cute surprises and would love to get to know more about the locals while you shop and click pictures, this is your chance to do so.

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9. Beach at Pointe d’Esny

The most beautiful and stunning beach, however not easy to access the beach but once you get here, you will completely fall head over heels in love with the beach. One of a kind with its blue and wide lagoons which are pretty close to the blue bay and a long white sand beach with very little tourists, what more could you ask for? You are bound to get the picture-perfect moment here on your Mauritius trip from India.

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10. Cap Malheur

Renowned churches in Mauritius is the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel, known for its vivid and bright red roof. founded in 1938 and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, located in the northern point of Mauritius offers mind-blowing views of the five northern islets, including Coin de Mire. You could shoot romantic pictures of the beautiful environment itself, as the entire place gives you a different vibe. But it’s pretty obvious why this place is popular for weddings and wedding photoshoots, just look at the beauty.

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel with the vibrant red roof.
Image Source: Google images

Well, let’s try and bring out the photographer inside us. shall well? Well, if this is not much of an inspiration there are several other locations which offer great means to photography here in Mauritius. The botanical garden, Grand Bassin, Le Morne beach hammock, Gunner’s Coin and many more islands that are yet to be discovered. I’m sure you will not be disappointed with the choices you make here, go ahead and cook up your list of places that would give you the picture-perfect shot and plan your customised Mauritius honeymoon package from India.

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