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Phuket in August
Written by Shrinidhi H on May 17, 2022 Share on

Phuket in August – Weather, Places to visit, Things to carry and more!

With its brilliant white sands, blue oceans, lush green swaying palm trees, and active hustle of towns, Phuket is known for being one of the world’s best resort towns. Phuket is a location unlike any other, with architectural marvels evoking colonial moods and islands teeming with residents. Take a look at this article to ensure you have all the required information on what’s going on in Phuket in August and have a fantastic time on your vacation!

Weather in Phuket in August

This month is just before the official rainy season begins, and as the rain gets shorter, heavy bursts intersperse the cycle of sunlight. With off-season prices, reduced tourists, and the chance to sunbathe between rain showers, this is the perfect time to be in Phuket. Visitors who don’t care about the weather may save more than 50%  on their trip. The average of 260mm for 10 days in August is equivalent to a sunny day with a warm, cool breeze that is comfortable both indoors and outdoors.

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Phuket in August
Source: Unsplash

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Places to visit in Phuket in August

1. Coral Island 

You can go on a trip to Coral Island. Located in the south of Phuket, it is known as the perfect spot for swimming, snorkelling, diving and parasailing. The island has some white sands that remain open during the monsoon, but the island’s main beach is called Long Beach and is a lively spot. Here you can board a banana boat or snorkel on the island’s famous coral reefs.

Phuket in August
Source: Unsplash

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2. Suwan Kiri Wong Temple 

If you enjoy admiring and exploring local heritage and architecture during your vacation, you should visit Patong’s Suwan Kiri Wong Temple. This temple is a magnificent cluster of elegant buildings decorated with intricately designed and intricate artwork. The main hall is three stories high, and the stone pillars inside it have a lot of beautiful scenery. 

Suwan Kiri Wong Temple
Source: Unsplash

3. Chinpracha House 

Another beautiful building on the island is the Chimplacha House and Museum. Originally built in 1904, it remained unfinished for three years. Listed as a national heritage building, it is a prime example of Sino-Portuguese architecture. Originally built as a private home, it is now a museum displaying the appearance of the home in the early 1900s. There is a small carp pond in the courtyard, and all rooms in the building overlook the courtyard and the atrium.

Chinpracha House 
Source: Unsplash

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Festivals in Phuket in August

1. Queen’s Birthday

August 12th is Queen’s Birthday, born in 1932. This day is also celebrated as Her Mother’s Day. People often wear light blue clothes to pay homage, because the Queen was born on Friday and light blue is the colour associated with that day. The event culminates in a beautiful candlelight ceremony with fireworks. In Phuket, you can find rallies in places like  Queen Sirikit Park where you attend to receive the blessings of hundreds of monks. 

2. Hungry Ghost Festival

This festival takes place on the 15th night of the 7th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, usually in August. Celebrated by Taoists, Buddhists, and believers in Chinese folk religion, the festival is believed to be the time when the gates of hell are opened and spirits can roam the globe in search of nutrition and entertainment. increase. Meal rituals are held at home to provide benefits and distribute food and other necessities to those in need. You can experience this event yourself in Phuket by visiting one of the Chinese shrines. The biggest celebrations take place at the Sentec Bell Shrine on Phuket Road and the Fresh Market on Lanon Road.

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Things to Pack and Carry

There are many things to do and places to visit on the island during the monsoon season, but unexpected heavy rains can upset your plans. For the same reason, if you are in Phuket in August, we recommend packing the following: 

Phuket holiday packing
Source: Unsplash

1. Umbrellas and raincoats come in handy whenever you’re out in the tropical frenzy of Phuket and help you stay stress-free in the event of an unexpected shower. 

2. Carry  extra  clothes in case you get wet in the rain 

3. Sunscreen is essential regardless of the weather, especially if you plan to spend time on the beach. 

4. If you plan to go to the ice arena, wear warm clothing to keep it cool. 

5 Last but not least, don’t be hit by the monsoon. Pack your beachwear and enjoy the important beach attractions of Phuket!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Phuket in August

1. Is August a good time to travel to Thailand?

August is one of the rainy months after the heat of April, May and June. So there is no doubt that August is a good time to visit Thailand. Great for both outdoor and indoor sightseeing. This month you can explore not only the beach but also temples and museums. 

2. Is a trip to Thailand expensive? 

Thailand is not an expensive country to travel to, and the cost of a trip depends on the number of days you plan to spend your vacation. If you are backpacking, expect a budget of THB 825 to 1150  per day, and if you are planning a luxury vacation, expect a budget of about THB 3,300 to 5,000  per day. 

3. What is Phuket best known for? 

Phuket is best known for its exotic islands, blue waters, white sands, exciting adventure activities such as snorkelling and diving, and very flavorful Thai food. 

4. What is the best place to stay in Phuket?

Phuket is a great place to stay during your vacation in Thailand. If you come with a family or a beloved partner,  you may prefer to stay in Paton in the north and south, if you are travelling alone and like parties, you can choose the centre of Paton And if you spend time there, Ban Tao, who wants luxury and loneliness, is the best option.

The monsoon season in Phuket in August does not appear to be deterring any visitors. Phuket is genuinely paradisiacal since it caters to all types of travellers, from single travellers to thrill-seekers. Phuket is known for its nice weather, water activities, unforgettable experiences, and some of the world’s most breathtakingly gorgeous sights. Customise your Thailand itinerary with Pickyourtrail and book Phuket packages at great deals!

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