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Things That Make You Love And Hate Places To Visit In Lonavala.

Lonavala, part of the hills of Sahyadri, offers an enchanting and enchanting experience of the most gifted region of nature. Surrounded by dense forests, waterfalls, dams alongside the lakes, Lonavala is a must-visit if you want to admire nature and have a gateway to a soulful weekend or a good trip. On the way to Lonavala visit also Khandala and Rajmachi. The tourist destination has numerous attractions to its name, including the Bhaja caves, Bushi dam, Karla caves, Rajmachi fort, Ryewood lake.

It is also a major railroad stop linking Mumbai and Pune.

Tiger’s Leap

Tiger's Leap

Tiger’s Leap is an unusual name given to this place because its shape resembles that of a tiger leaping into the valley. It is about 8 km away from Lonavala, and this place is a major tourist attraction. It is a clifftop with a sheer drop of more than 650 m, offering a large view of the hills and the Western Ghats.

This point, providing an interesting view of the valley below, is located a short distance from INS Shivaji. However, the exhilarating views should be enjoyed from a safe spot instead of from the precarious clifftop. Another major curiosity is the echo point.

Bushi Dam

Bushi Dam, Lonavala Overview

The Bhushi Dam on the Indrayani River is a masonry dam. It’s one location in Lonavala that is bound to cheer you up during the monsoons that are the ideal time to visit the attraction.

The overflowing water over the steps of the Bhushi Dam and then through the rocky terrain makes this place a hit among people from nearby areas who throng during monsoons in large numbers on weekends. It tends to get so crowded that it’s even hard for many individuals to get a decent place to stand. Although swimming is forbidden in the dam because of the water’s inconsistent flow, one can always enjoy the steps

Rajmachi Fort

Breathtaking view from Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort is a very famous attraction known for its strategic location and ancient remains. It lies at a distance of 15 km from the Khandala and Lonavala hill stations. It comprises two fortresses, namely Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, and is surrounded by a large plateau that makes it easy to spot the Bor Ghat, a major trade route between Mumbai and Pune. The Rajmachi fort, also known as ‘Bale Killa,’ is built on top of the Shrivardhan Peak at an altitude of about 3000 feet to keep an eye on the activities taking place in the Konkan area and now gives the tourists in the mid-air a stunning view. Rajmachi is one of the many historic forts in the middle of the Sahyadri mountains and a popular destination for trekking among nature lovers and tourists.

Karla caves, Lonavala Overview

Karla caves, View from Inside

Karla caves are amongst the oldest Buddhist cave shrines in India, carved from a rocky hillside. It is located at Karla on the Pune-Mumbai highway, and if sources are to be believed, these are just a few of the scores of other caves uncovered in Sahyadri Hills. Carved almost 2000 years ago, this place is a large collection of beautiful Chaityas (halls) and Viharas (monasteries) reflecting on a journey from the past, narrating some funny stories. To get to the cave one has to climb nearly 150 stairs. Also known in ancient times as Veluraka, the caves house a 15-meter humongous pillar and a temple dedicated to Goddess Ekveera.

Bhimashankar Trek

Bhimashankar temple

Wide and thick rainforests, flowering meadows, tiny rivulets, ethnic tribal villages or long-forgotten temples, the Lonavala-Bhimashankar trail has everything to offer. This is, as many amateurs claim, arguably the best country trail and are waiting for you to explore it. Lonavala ‘s popularity as a hill station is only adding to the appeal and making your experience untold.

Bhaja Caves

Karla caves

The caves of Karla and Bhaja are among India’s oldest caves, and date back to 160 B.C. And are located in Maharashtra, near Lonavala. Karla Cave is India’s most extensive Hinayana Buddhist chaitya (temple). On this trip, travel back in time to ancient Indian rock-cut caves with the best rock-cut architecture ever.

The Bhaja caves are situated in green surroundings only 3 km from the main road and there is also a spectacular waterfall near the cave where tourists can enjoy a dip to refresh themselves. Lohagad and Visapur forts are not far from these caves and if you have more time on your hands you can visit them.

Valvan Dam

Valvan Dam

Lush greenery and quiet surroundings make up the Valvan Dam, a near-perfect night outing near Lonavala in Maharashtra. Surrounded by an entirely different kind of peace and surrounded by scenic views on all sides, the Valvan Dam and the lake are the perfect spots for nature lovers and people seeking solace. Being a very pristine, spectacular landscape, this is also a great place for photography enthusiasts. 

The 2636 meter high dam has a total length of 1,356 metres. Built across the Kundali River, which originates from the Western Ghats, the dam-pounded water forms a magnificent artificial body of water known as the Valvan Lake. What makes Valvan Lake an ideal spot to visit in the evenings is the lovely garden at its base. The lush green garden is the perfect spot for locals and tourists to gather for a picnic.

Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort, Khandala

Located at an altitude of 3400 feet, Lohagad Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a magnificent fort about 52 kilometres from Pune. Perched on an impressive hill near Malaval, this destination is the perfect blend of ancient architecture and natural beauty. Lohagad Fort was built in the 18th century and is an ideal destination for hiking and nature lovers, especially from Pune and Mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used to keep his treasury in the fort.

The trek to the fort is easy and perfect for the first-timers, making it a favourite spot for hiking enthusiasts.

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