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Top beaches in Alibag
Written by Rahul on September 13, 2020 Share on

Top Beaches in Alibag – Visit one of the best coastal regions in Mumbai

From dry deserts to rain forests to ice-capped mountains, India has everything. Tourists are still wondering about how beautiful of a country India is. In this country, the Mumbai city which is also called the gateway to India has a very beautiful place called Alibag. This coastal town is known for its beaches. Apart from this, it also has architectural marvels that infuse a unique style. Thus, Alibag in Mumbai presents is a very refreshing getaway for all types of tourists. So now let us look at the top beaches in Alibag.

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The beautiful skyline of Mumbai
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Beaches in Alibag

Alibag is a very beautiful place present in the buzzing Maharashtra state. Situated to the south of Mumbai city, this town is very famous for its beaches it has. The beaches are not only known for their beautiful appearances but also for the water adventures. You should never miss the golden skies here in the time of sunset as it is the most beautiful sight there. Apart from the basic water activities, you will also be able to do activities like Scuba diving, Snorkeling and many more. A lovely evening walk with your loved one is something you have to experience in Alibag.

Top Beaches in Alibag
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Alibaug Beach

The Alibaug beach in Alibag coastal line is one of the most famous beaches. Take a boat ride from to there to the fort and learn the history of the place. You can also visit the very famous, 400-year-old Ganpathi temple from here. With a great touch of history, the Alibaug beach will remain to be one of the most famous beaches for both the local dwellers and the tourists. This is mainly because of the clean coastline this beach provides to the people. This is one of the main reason this is one of the top beaches in Alibag. (Alibaug)

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Alibag Beach, Maharasthra
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Kihim Beach

This beach has been a travellers delight with the rocky beauty it represents. Located in between Alibaug and Mandwa beaches, this beach is located 12 km from the Alibag town. As there is a dense cover of trees in this area, you will get to see many migratory birds flying in here. The tourists just fall for the beautiful waves, rugged rocks and the unique seashells on the shore. This is one of the best beaches to visit in Alibag.

Kihim Beach, Alibag
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Nagaon Beach

People are always attracted to clean beaches. This is one of the best beaches in Alibag. A lot of tourists and localities visit this place for its cleanliness. The undeterred coastline and the clean sands is a major crowd pulling factor for the residents here. You will get to do various water sports and activities at this beach in Alibag. The coconut and the beetle nut plantations near the beach add beauty to the shoreline.

Nagaon Beach, Alibag
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Kashid Beach

Located in the northern Konkan region of Maharasthra, the Kashid beach is at the shores of Arabian ocean. 30 km from the town of Alibag, this is an unspoiled beach and is literally a treat to the visitors. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best beaches in Alibag. You will literally see a beautiful harmony of colours here. With green lush fields, white sands and then the clear blue water giving the beach a very good tone. Sandwiched in between 2 rocky hills, the coastline is 3 km long. This place is perfect for some of the best water sports.

Kashid Beach, Alibag
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Mandwa Beach

As there is a common ferry course between the Gateway of India and the Mandwa Port, this Mandwa beach is one of the most famous getaways in Maharasthra. Situated near the Alibaug and Kihim beaches, it is a place that offers pure solace and peace. One of the visual spectacles this beach is presenting to you is the virgin white sands. With coconut palm trees dangling in the slight breeze of the sea, you can soak in the blue beauty.

Hang around the Mandwa township and roam around beautiful mangoes, bananas and coconut plantations. Mandwa beach is one of the best beaches in Alibag.

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Sunset at the beautiful Mandwa Beach
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Alibag is one of the best coastal regions in Maharashtra. It treats you with its unique beaches and other sightseeing locations. To visit this beautiful place explore the best Maharashtra Holiday Packages on the Pickyourtrail website. Visit the Pickyourtrail website to get more information on both domestic and international travel.

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