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Portugal in December
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Portugal in December: Weather, Travel tips, Things to do and more!


In recent times, Portugal has risen exponentially in popularity as a must-visit country in Europe. It has many things going for it ranging from history, culture, delicious gastronomic delights, and fabulous weather. It is no surprise then that Lisbon and Porto are some of the most visited cities in Europe. This country sure packs a punch by offering a diverse range of experiences from region to region. The month of December marks a good time to travel to this gorgeous country. So, keeping up with that theme, we have discussed some important topics below to help you in your travel to Portugal in December:-


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Weather in Portugal in December

Portugal is blessed with mild weather in the month of December. Being geographically located in the western end of Europe, one will be greeted with different weather at different locations. However, tourists shouldn’t fret as there are many places where they can bask in the winter sun. As mentioned earlier, there are climatic variations in different places. This means that the weather will vary in regions, so one can expect variations in the north from the south. This phenomenon also extends from the coasts to the mountains.

Speaking in terms of numbers, we can refer to the capital – Lisbon; for a good overall understanding of the weather conditions throughout the country. The average high in the capital goes up to 15 degrees Celsius and during the nights the temperature can fall to 9 degrees Celsius. The sea temperatures are slightly higher with the mercury climbing to 17 degrees Celsius complemented with lesser humidity levels. Coming to rainfall, travellers can expect an average rainfall of 106mm over a total of 14 rainy days. As a result of that, sunshine hours range from 5 to 10 hours with UV levels being low. The sun sets around 05:15 PM on most days of the month with slight variations every now and then. 

Portugal in December
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Things to Do in Portugal in December

You can refer to the list below to seek inspiration while planning an interesting itinerary for your trip to Portugal in December

  1. Visit cities with a laidback appeal-like Lisbon, Porto, and Coimbra. 
  2. Plan a road trip through the quieter region of the country like – Alentejo. Not only can one enjoy a more up close and personal experience on their trip here due to lesser crowds but also enjoy a fair bit of sunshine while doing so.
  3. Owing to the lower influx of tourists, beaches at the Algarve are usually empty. So, travellers are suggested to refer to the weather forecast and pick a day with crispy sunshine to hit one of the coastal trails.
  4. Owing to the holiday season, cities like Lisbon and Porto have got their festive groove on. Tourists can make the most of this time period and hit interesting landmarks and sights worth checking out like museums, galleries, and so on.
  5. If you are not one to care for rain showers, then Alentejo is the place for you. So, head to Alentejo and enjoy delightful rural farm stays complemented with the best cuisine on offer in the whole country. We also recommend you check out the UNESCO world heritage site of Évora. 

Portugal in December
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What to Pack for Portugal in December

Do refer to the following list to keep a track of items you would require for your trip to Portugal in December

  1. Portable battery banks / Power banks
  2. Reusable Water bottle with filters
  3. A universal power outlet converter
  4. Passport
  5. Camera
  6. Rain gear

What to Wear in Portugal in December

Travellers can refer to the list below to gain some sensible fashion ideas for their trip to Portugal in December

  1. Sweaters
  2. Lightweight fabric tops
  3. Thin thermals
  4. Depending on the region: Winter coat / Leather or Denim jacket / Raincoat
  5. Sneakers
  6. Ankle Boots
  7. Lightweight Scarf
  8. Woolly Cap
  9. Pair of gloves

Best Tips for Visiting Portugal in December

  1. Make the most of the low tourism season by booking accommodation available at discounts as high as 50%. 
  2. It is advisable to plan and book your travel arrangements ( especially flights ) in advance as airlines opt for reduced service owing to the low travel season. 
  3. Portugal is well-known for winter surfing so don’t forget to hit the beaches. If you are a seasoned professional then opt for the locales like Ericeira. On the other hand, if you are a novice you can opt for Algarve. 
  4. Portugal is also a great place to enjoy a quintessential winter holiday. If you are in the mood to enjoy the snow then head to the mountainous terrain seen in the country’s central and northern regions. Serra da Estrela is a particularly popular skiing destination in Portugal. 
Portugal in December
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Where to Stay in Portugal in December

  1. Hotel Casas Novas 

Casas Novas is essentially an 18th-century baroque manor. It features 27 rooms along with both indoor and outdoor pools. Other amenities include – gyms, tennis court, playground, etc. It is located close to Porto. There are several noteworthy attractions nearby to choose from like – Peneda-Gerês, Montesinho, and Vidago. 

  1. Quinta de la Rosa

The Quinta de la Rosa is located on the banks of the Douro river and features 23 rooms to choose from. This establishment is also a producer of premium wines, ports, olive oil, and vinegar. The restaurant – “ Cozinha da Clara ” uses produce from its own gardens and also a beautiful terrace overlooking the river.  

Where to Stay
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Festivals in Portugal in December

Following are the national holidays that are celebrated in the month of December in Portugal:

Dates Festivals 
December 1stRestoration of Independence day
December 8thDay of Immaculate Conception
December 25thChristmas
December 31stNew Year’s Eve

It is worth noting that most businesses come to a close when there is a holiday so it is advised that travellers plan their schedules accordingly. 

FAQs about Portugal in December

Q1 – What are the sunrise and sunset timings in Portugal in the month of December? 

A1 – In the month of December, the sun rises between 07:40 AM – 08:00 AM. In the evenings, the sun sets between 05:05 PM – 05:15 PM. 

Q2 – Does the winter solstice have any effect on the duration of days in Portugal? 

A2 – Yes, the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere has an effect on the length of the day. The shortest day falls between December 20th and 23rd. 

Q3 – What timezone is Portugal located in? 

A3 – Portugal is located in the GMT timezone. There is a variation in the observed time depending on the locations, for example – the Azores island is exactly one hour behind the mainland and Madeira. 

Q4 – Does Portugal follow daylight savings time? 

A4 – Yes, Portugal follows daylight savings time. This phenomenon is practically explained by having the hands of a clock shift an hour backwards in Fall and an hour forward in the Spring season. 

Q5 – Can I expect snowfall during my trip to Portugal in the month of December? 

A5 – Yes, travellers can expect snowfall during their trip to Portugal in the month of December. Typically it is observed that the country receives snowfall from December to March.

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