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Portugal in November
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on July 5, 2022 Share on

Portugal in November: Portugal’s Delights You Should Not Miss!

Portugal is small and packs a punch. It is home to a truly varied and diverse range of landscapes. Tourists can find everything here from medieval villages to opulent castles, rolling vineyards to volcanic islands, and much more. Being one of the oldest countries in Europe, Portugal has a complex history with dramatic and imposing landscapes to go with it. In addition to that, there are some truly stunning beaches, interesting museums, and lip-smacking cuisines. There are some quirky attractions in-store as well. Given the diversity of attractions on offer, a trip to Portugal in November makes for a great holiday. So, here we have discussed some important topics that can help fellow travellers in their upcoming travels:-


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Weather in Portugal in November

Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula and has Spain and the North Atlantic Ocean in its vicinity. Owing to these geographic factors, it is blessed with an inviting climate due to pleasant temperatures in November. A general difference in the climate in various regions is pretty evident to be seen. This means that there is a contrast in the climate seen in the northern and the southern regions. It is worth noting that the Algarve region never gets too chilly and one is kept cool by sea breezes in the coastal areas and the Gulf Stream will keep you warm further along the western coast. 

Speaking in terms of actual temperature readings, average highs of 18 degrees Celsius are observed in the month of November. However, the mercury drops during the night to as low as 11 degrees Celsius. Henceforth, it is advisable that travellers wrap up post-sundown. Temperatures over the sea are recorded at 17 degrees Celsius and are complemented by lower humidity levels. Speaking of rain, it is observed that the amount of rain picks up during the month of October. Speaking in terms of numbers, it is seen that there is about 111mm of rain over 13 days in the month of November. Lastly, tourists can expect about 5 hours of sunshine and 10 hours of daylight in total. As a result of these conditions, UV levels are moderate.

Portugal in November
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Things to Do in Portugal in November

There is plenty to do in different cities in Portugal in November. Following is a list that briefly highlights the various activities that tourists can engage in at different locales: 

  1. In Lisbon: 
  • Celebrate All Saints Day on the 1st of November. 
  • Enjoy local music culture at Vodafone Mexefest.
  • Visit the Jerónimos Monastery; the amazing architecture to be seen here sure makes for a treat to behold. 
  1. In Porto: 
  • Explore the Duoro Valley. 
  • Enjoy a traditional fado performance. 
  1. In Algarve: 
  • Take a boat trip to the Caves of Benagil. 
  • Taste lip-smacking local cuisine at Rota do Petisco. 
  1. In Faro: 
  • Take a tour of the famous Deserta and Farol islands. 
  • Join the locals in celebrating the Luza festival, a fun celebration of light and art. 
Portugal in November
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What to Pack for Portugal in November

Owing to the climate, it is best to dress in layers while visiting Portugal in November. Cooler mornings warrant the use of a jacket. However, by midday, it is advisable to shed the insulating layers. The evenings will again require you to layer up because of the lowered temperatures. Unless and until your itinerary includes time beside the beach, articles like short-sleeve shirts, shorts, or swimming trunks are not required. We also suggest you keep a waterproof light-weight jacket and some rainproof accessories (think umbrella, raincoat, etc.) to keep the worst of the elements at bay. Lastly, if your itinerary includes long hours of walking, then closed-toed shoes are always a good idea. 

What to Wear in Portugal in November

Refer to the list below for fashion inspiration for your trip to Portugal in November

  1. Sweaters
  2. Lightweight jackets
  3. Long sleeve shirts
  4. Pair of sneakers
  5. Waterproof footwear
  6. Boots

It is worth noting that the weather can transition pretty quickly. So, we advise you to pack lightly and efficiently in such a way that you are not left at the mercy of the elements. 

what to wear
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Best Tips for Visiting Portugal in November

  1. November marks a time for enticing deals on travel and accommodation arrangements. So, it is advisable that you make the best use of these deals and discounts, which can go as high as 50 percent off from the peak rates that are to be seen in the summer season. 
  2. November marks the start of the low tourism season, so you can take your time with attractions. So, make the best use of this freedom and take your time exploring the several notable attractions. 
  3. If you are a fan of unique festivals, then don’t forget to attend the Feira Nacional do Cavalo Golegā. One can enjoy history and get up close and personal with Portugal’s local equestrian breed, the Lusitano. 
  4. With sunlight that isn’t as harsh coupled with occasional dry days, this is a good time to enjoy hiking on coastal trails like the Seven Hanging Valley Trails, etc. 
  5. If you fancy a bit of golfing, then there are plenty of discounts to be enjoyed in the month of November after the high golfing season of October. 

Where to Stay in Portugal in November

  1. Salvaterra Country House and Spa: 

Located in the heart of Ribatejo, this green retreat is only a mere 40 minutes away from the capital, Lisbon. As mentioned above, the establishment is built using organic materials smackdab in the farming heartland that stretches along the banks of the River Tejo. Tourists can enjoy wonderful tropical gardens. There are several other amenities on offer as well, like an outdoor kitchen, sauna, Turkish bath, wood-fired bathtubs, etc. 

  1. Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel: 

The main (and big) idea at this establishment is that the meals are cooked and shared using the products found in the garden itself. There are a total of 12 rooms on offer in the hotel, while the “Nest” has 8 rooms and 2 apartments. There are outdoor and indoor pools in addition to a massage area. All sorts of other modern amenities are on offer as well. 

Portugal in November
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Festivals in Portugal in November

Following are some of the main festivals that are celebrated in Portugal in the month of November: 

Early NovemberPorto Marathon
First two weeks in NovemberFeira Nacional do Cavalo
11th NovemberSão Martinho

FAQs about Portugal in November

Q1 – What are some good ways to travel in Portugal? 

A1 – Transport in Portugal is easily facilitated by train or by bus. If you are in the mood to explore destinations off the beaten path, then it is advisable that travellers rent a car. 

Q2 – What is the official language of Portugal? 

A2 – Portuguese is the official language of Portugal. It is also widely spoken in regions like Brazil, Angola, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe and East Timor. It is also used in Macau

Q3- Is November a good time for outdoor activities in Portugal?

A3- Despite cooler temperatures, November is suitable for activities like hiking, exploring cities, and enjoying Portugal’s cultural offerings.

Q4- Is November a good time for birdwatching in Portugal?

A4- Yes, November remains a good month for birdwatching because migratory birds continue to pass through Portugal. Birdwatchers will love the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Q5-Are there any special discounts or deals available for tourists in November?

A5- Due to lower tourist numbers in November, some accommodations and tourist-related services may offer off-season discounts or deals.

So, do you agree that a trip to Portugal in November makes for a great holiday? Now all you have to do is choose a perfect Portugal travel package from Pickyourtrail and plan for a great holiday. Here, you can also personalise your Portugal itinerary on your own according to your choices. Click, book and enjoy!

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