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Written by Deepak K on July 6, 2017 Share on

Narendra Modi finds comfort in Trump’s bed in Israel

My friend, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, welcome to Israel.

We love India, we admire your culture, your democracy. We have been waiting for you for a long time, almost 70 years.

This is how Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Modi, right after he landed in Israel. The spark of chemistry and the comradery between the two leaders is all over the place & is something that has grabbed the attention of many. But, there is much more to it.

Do you know where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is staying? Reportedly, in the Presidential Suite of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

Narendra Modi
Image credit – danhotels.com

Known, for its celebrity style treatment with world-class service, the King David Hotel is a luxury fortress & one of the expensive places to stay at in the world. And for the Presidential Suite, it comes with an extra-large size bedroom, private jacuzzi & sauna, walk-in closet, stereo system, DVD, Fax, and a fully-equipped kitchenette. If you think, this is it – then you couldn’t be more wrong. Because the amount of security is simply unmatched.

Narendra Modi
Image credit – danhotels.com

Regarded as the safest suite in the world, the security at King David Hotel builds on its solid location. There are no buildings that face the high-end suites in the hotel and if the reports are true, an entire floor and the car park has been cleared off for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The hotel structure is so strong that it can totally withstand any kind of attack including rocket attacks and bombings. Added to it, the air conditioning system is built in a way to guard against air poisoning.

Narendra Modi
Image credit – danhotels.com

Even if the entire hotel is bombed, PM Modi’s suite will be untouched and will come down in a pod.

Sheldon Ritz, the director of operations of the King David Hotel was seen stating it to a popular newspaper.

Paranoid you think? Not really.

Nearly a month back, when US President Donald Trump checked in the King David Hotel, the neighborhood streets were cleared, special infra-red cameras were floating around the hotel on balloons, and bomb-detecting robots were deployed in the sewers. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi visiting now, the security measures have been doubled. Because there is simply no room for error.

King David Hotel has been known for hosting some of the very big names in the globe which include: Winston Churchill, King Abdullah of Jordan, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, and other US delegates.

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