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recommended tours in Paris.
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Best Recommended Tours in Paris – Know Your Itinerary Better Before Your travel

Paris is one of the most common destination that tops any travel bucketlist. Are you planning your Honeymoon? Paris is also a wonderful Honeymoon destination. The romantic views of the city and the tall Eiffel tower is a testimony of how beautiful the city is. When you take a stroll in the city streets in the moonlight you’ll feel so romantic here. Maybe that is why it is called the city of Love. Other than the Eiffel tower and the Disney land, Paris has much more to offer to the tourists. There are several exciting and great activities that you should never miss. So here are some of the recommended tours in Paris, that you should do for a wholesome experience. Read the article more to get to know the city better.

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Best recommended tours in Paris
Image Credits: Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Recommended Tours in Paris

A city as romantic as Paris, there is so much to explore. The history of this place will make you want to see this place more and more to discover many surprises. Discover the City of light with a local guide by your side to know what you are exploring. These tours that you are experiencing will be all exciting and will be a match to your expectations. It will be informative as well. So here are the best-recommended tours in Paris.

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Montmartre food tour

Get to know the locality of Montmartre with a fabulous food tour in your itinerary. This tour will let you taste the local flavours of Paris and also meet with many strangers and socialise with them. This is a great tour that you should be taking if you are a food enthusiast and if you have the flare for good food tasting. Montmartre is like a little town in Paris and is also the creative hub for several years put together. These narrow lanes in this locality are also famous for its cobbled streets with many small galleries and handicrafts emporiums set up by the local artisans. This as mentioned before is also a place with the city’s best food. Sample some of the finest chocolates, pastries, cheese and wine with the food tasting tour. This is one of the best recommended tours in Paris.

Montmartre Food street
Image Credits: Image by Gerhard Bögner from Pixabay

The tour of Palace Versailles and Gardens

Curious to know about French revolution? The seeds of this revolution were sowed in this very palace called The Palace Of Versailles. Start from the entrance and learn more and more about the Palace’s history through a well-informed guide and also its occupants, Marie Antoinette, The last queen of France and Louis XIV, the Sun King. Learn the French history with the Palace of Versailles. The chambers of the king and queen, the hall of mirrors, and Marie Antoinette’s private estate are some of the major highlights of this tour. Tour the palace and then the grounds. Take a long stroll in the gardens of this Palace to view some visual spectacles here.

The palace of Versailles and gardens, Paris
Image Credits: Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash

The tour of the Latin Quarter and the Marais by bike

Starting from the Saint-Michel Fountain, the half-day biking tour will take you through the Latin Quarter, the Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the most famous Rue Mouffetard. Explore more of the city streets and also some of the most interesting places like even an ancient Roman arena. You must definitely stop at a cafe while taking a tour for a refreshing cup of Coffee and filling Crepes. This will be an informative bike tour and you will certainly get to know more about the locality and you will be impressed with this tour. This is one of the most recommended tours in Paris.

Paris Marais
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Art history tour of Boho Montmartre

The Bohemian Montmartre was home to some of the best artists and creative minds of the 19th and 20th century. Van Gogh, Picasso were inhabitants of this enclave in Paris. They were some of the well-known inhabitants of this place. But the Private tour here will take you through some of the most infamous spots but around the locality. The infamous spots are like the Moulin Rouge and some of the architectural landmarks like the acré-Cœur Basilica. This Basilica overlooks the city which provides a very beautiful view. One advantage with this particular tour is that there is an option of the guide picking you up from the hotel. All these are inclusive for a private tour around the Boho Montmartre locality.

The Informed tourism in Boho Montmartre.
Image Credits: Photo by Valeria Capettini on Unsplash

Drawing class at the Louvre Museum

Visiting in and around the Louvre museum is something very common for a tourist in Paris. But it is very uncommon for you to see a tourist sketching while he is on the tour. Well, that is the USP for this particular tour. This particular tour will be led by an artist who will feed you immense knowledge of paintings and art around the world. The main focus of this tour will be the masters of Renaissance Italy, Greek, Roman antiquities. The tour inclusions also include a drawing class in this museum. This is where you will get to know the basics of drawing. This particular activity will be suitable for all beginners of drawing, even to children. Visit the Louvre museum exclusively to learn the art.

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Drawing classes at the Louvre Museum, a recommended tour in Paris.
Image Credits: Image by Marco Santiago from Pixabay

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