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Rochester falls in Mauritius
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 23, 2020 Share on

Rochester Falls in Mauritius – A wonder in between the woods

Ever thought of travelling like how Aisha and Guru travelled in Ek Villain. Ever thought of landing at the same places too? Well, you are on the right page. Mauritius, the perfect island paradise is a dream place which is loved to be experienced by every individual at least once in their lifetime. As Mark Twain correctly said, “Mauritius was made first & then heaven, & heaven was copied after Mauritius”. Folks trust me, Mark twain’s quote can never be wrong. Apart from the luxurious resorts, coral reefs, palm-fringed beaches, there is a place which is more special in Mauritius. As the water flows repeatedly, your heart will make you come to the Rochester falls repeatedly. Rochester falls is one of the best renowned and the widest waterfalls in Mauritius.

Rochester falls
Image Credits: Google Images

Wondering about what does Rochester waterfall have to do with Ek Villain.
Well, one part of the best known “Galliyan song” was shot in the Rochester falls. Got the scene in your visuals? Well, let’s find out why is Rochester fall interestingly famous and what does it hold to attract the visitors.

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Troopers Tips and Facts 💡

Rochester Waterfalls was named after the Male protagonist from the classic novel Jane Eyre which was written by Charlotte Bronte which was published in 1847. This happened back during the colonial period.

Why is Rochester falls special?

Rochester falls, located on the south of the island in the Savanne district of Mauritius. Situated at a rugged, lush green landscape, starting on an elevation of 152 metres above sea level on the Savanne River which flows at a height of about 10 metres. The falls is admired for its rectangular rocks which gives a mesmerizing illusion feel to the visitors. You will not find another waterfall on this island with such uniqueness. The dramatic cliff encircling the falls adds more uniqueness to the waterfalls.

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Rochester falls
Image credits: Google Images

The scenic view of the Rochester Island

Rochester Falls will once again show you why is Mauritius is often known as the Paradise Island. The scenic view will take you in awe! The gushing water flow with the breathtaking scenery makes it a perfect place for relaxation. The scenic view makes it a place for relaxation, a picnic spot with friends and family. You will find silence around the place where you won’t be able to hear apart from the rush of the water. Isn’t that phenomenal?

Troopers Tips and Facts 💡

Rochester Falls have been a spotlight to multiple Bollywood movies such as Ek villain, F.A.L.T.U, Mausam and lot more.

What to do in Rochester Falls?

Well, you can enjoy the scenic beauty and get mesmerized with natures beauty. You can have a refreshing swim at the bottom or you can reach the top of the waterfall. You can see a few locals who will be jumping from the 10 metres cliff. Remember, they are experts. Visitors are allowed to jump from the top but it is also considered to be very dangerous. If you aren’t an expert in that, it’s better you don’t make the jump. Trust me, you will thank me later!

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How to reach Rochester falls?

It might be quite challenging to reach the waterfalls as you need to drive through the stony path which will take you to the bottom. But it’s worth the challenge! The route to the top of the waterfall will take you through a vast sugarcane field. The route to the waterfall will be indicated through signs which don’t confuse the visitors. Eventually, you will hear the gushing sound of the water behind the hidden tress.

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Quick Tips 💡

  • Carry a pair of clothes if you are planning to have a swim.
  • It is advisable to avoid visiting the Rochester Falls during the rainy seasons. Since the water level can be dangerous and slippery
  • Carry a mosquito repellent
  • The waterfalls are open all day. It is advisable to reach the falls in the morning which is easy for you the find the way and turn back on time.
  • Cliff jumping is allowed, but only if you are an expert in that. Its better not to jump from the top.
  • Adventurous freaks, the falls offer amazing hiking opportunities on the way to reach the Rochester falls.
Rochester falls in Mauritius
Image Credits: Google images

The journey might be quite tough but the destination you will be reaching is beyond words to explain its beauty. Never give a chance for yourself to miss this. Grab your partner, family, friends on board to visit this beauty in Mauritius. Already planning a trip to Mauritius? Sound great. All you have to do is to check amazing Mauritius tour packages and Mauritius honeymoon packages at Pickyourtrail. Your dream is just a click away.

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