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Safari in Rajasthan: Go on a Camel Ride

Travelling through the royal province of Rajasthan on the “Boat of Desert,” the camel is perhaps the best activity when you are exploring this monstrous state. The yummy taste of Dal Baati Churma with heaps of ghee and some sooji halwa can fill your stomach as you take a ride around the city on these enormous yet charming animals. A visit to Rajasthan will stay fragmented if you one doesn’t take a camel ride. Camel Safari in Rajasthan is a must-do activity when you are visiting Rajasthan.

Top 12 choices For Camel Safari In Rajasthan 

This spot has excellent alternatives for Safari, and that must be experienced when you are in Rajasthan. We have recorded probably the best Camel Safaris in Rajasthan that you should check during your next outing to this heaven on earth. 

1. Jaisalmer Royal Desert Safari 

Desert Safari in Jaisalmer
Image Credits: Unsplash

If you are here, we are confident that you will unquestionably recall the minutes from the Hindi blockbuster, “Lamhe.” The magnificence of the delicate sand can be experienced to its fullest when you take a visit around the flawless Thar Desert. The quieted tones of the earth can be honestly speaking to the eyes. Clicking photos here can be probably the best activity when you are navigating here. 


  • Investigating the Jain sanctuaries
  • Visiting the great Havelis and exhibition halls
  • The superb fortresses that gloat about the history and culture of the spot
  • Term: 3 Days and 2 Nights 

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2. Jodhpur Farm Camel Safari 

This large excursion on a camel’s back will be enjoyable and energizing. Investigating the homesteads of Jodhpur on a camel would be carved in your souls perpetually, and you are unquestionably going to recall the astounding experience for eternity. 


  • Camel Safari is a must-do thing
  • Become acquainted with the neighbourhood flavours
  • Include in the neighbourhood and the conventional cooking strategies 
  • Duration: 6 hours

3. Moving Camel Camp Safari In Bikaner

Desert Safari in Bikaner
Image Credits: Unsplash

This is one of the most captivating safaris that would assist you with unwinding totally. This is perhaps the best camp since you would be circumventing 15 km consistently on the backs of the camel in the beautiful sands of Thar. Additionally, when you are taking a visit here, you would get the chance to appreciate seeing the attractive Karnu town. 


  • Going on a camel ride in the truck around the Thar Desert 
  • Getting the opportunity to eat a portion of the yummy and mouth-tempting conventional dishes at the camp 
  • Length: 3 Nights and 4 Days

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4. Half-Day Sunrise Camel Safari In Jaisalmer 

Simply envision, seeing the stunning sun ascending from one of the most delightful skylines. Going on a camel’s back promptly toward the beginning of the day in the deserts of Jaisalmer at 5 AM can be truly exciting. Seeing the shade of the sand, early mornings can be incredibly phenomenal. 


  • Snap some astonishing snaps of dawn 
  • Gorge on the most delectable breakfast served in the desert.
  • Length: 6 hours
  • Overnight Camel Safari In Pushkar 

Pushkar’s camel reasonably is perhaps the best thing to go to when you are in Rajasthan. This is the most striking and the most engaging activity when you are in Pushkar. Going on camelback in the curious urban communities of Pushkar can be one of the energizing events. It won’t be an embellishment if we call Pushkar the place where there are camels. 


  • Appreciate seeing the people moves and the manikin appears in the beautiful sandhills of Thar Desert 
  • Feel the cold and delicate sand during evenings looking at the brilliant evenings
  • Term: 3 Days and 4 Nights 

5. Half-Day Camel Safari In Jodhpur 

Camel ride in Jodhpur
Image Credits: Unsplash

Osian in Jodhpur is one of the most travelled destinations by voyagers. This is one of the spots known for spectacular camel safari. Osian is one of the conspicuous places for its architectural wonder and unique sanctuaries. Cruising through the deserts on the camels here, taking a gander at the all-encompassing perspectives from the desert can be one of the most exciting encounters.


  • It’s ideal to meet the Bishnois, Bhils clans on your approach to Osian, and address them about the native culture. 
  • Locating wild creatures and peacocks are one of the most widely recognized things during this Safari 
  • Span: 4 hours 

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6. Camel Safari from Sainghal To Bhadla 

For genuinely excellent and energizing Safari encounters, you should absolutely take up this. This SafariSafari begins from Bikaner and proceeds till Bhadla. The sand ridges in this spot are one of the most mesmeric sights to observe. Encountering the tent remain here can be actually an astounding thing to amid the sands from the desert. Conveying a book and spreading yourselves in the tent taking a gander at the dusk can be one of the most life-changing recollections to carry back home from here. 


  • Gorge on a portion of the neighbourhood treats as you invest energy in the desert. 
  • Go to the Bhadla town and address the locals to find out about the way of life of the land. 
  • Term: 2 Days and 1 Night 

7. Champagne And Camel Ride In Jodhpur 

For the ones who are anticipating having a fabulous time with some yummy food and wine to go with, you should unquestionably hold your camel safari in Jodhpur. This is additionally one of the quick visits that you could take around the desert. A quick tour around the most dazzling desert can be a significant, engaging thing. 


  • Appreciate the best champagne during this visit 
  • Witness the most excellent nightfall from the loveliest places on the earth 
  • Term: 3 hours 
  • Camel Safari Camp In Bikaner 

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8. Camel Safari in Bikaner

Camel ride in Bikaner
Image Credits: Unsplash

Setting off to the town in a jeep from your inn is perhaps the best piece of this Safari in Bikaner. Circumventing the desert on camels for two hours can be truly exciting. At the point when you are a piece of this SafariSafari, you should try to attempt the best Rajasthani foods. Eating yummy foods under the shades of trees that are scarcely found in the desert can be an energizing thing. 


  • It’s ideal for eating some yummy snacks with a cup of hot chai when you are in this Safari. 
  • Having supper at the twilight sky with society music out of sight can be one of the most unusual activities.
  • Term: 2 days and 1 night 

9. Camel Polo At Dausa 

Playing Polo riding a horse is a really regular sight all over the place. Be that as it may, enjoying a similar movement for 4 hours on the rear of the camel can be one of the life-changing encounters to recall for a lifetime. Even though you don’t comprehend the game, you can look for help from the specialists and afterwards begin playing. 


  • Make a point to sack a few prizes after playing this Polo on a camel’s back. 
  • Gorge on the most delectable and the most bona fide Rajasthani buffet
  • Span: 4 hours 
  • Camel Safari Camping From Kakkoo To Singhal

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Investigating the sand ridges can be the most pleasant of activities when you make a trip through Kakkoo to Singhal. This visit can give you a portion of the beautiful perspectives from the astonishing desert. Getting a brief look at the desert and the stunning dusk amid the ridges can be a beguiling sight. 


  • If you are keen on knowing the provincial life, at that point, you should surely be a piece of this Safari.
  • This Safari would give you the genuine experience of being in a desert, and you should encounter exquisite society music and move.
  • Length: 2 Days and 1 Night 

10. Jodhpur To Pushkar Camel Safari 

Venturing out to Jodhpur from Pushkar on a camel’s back, getting a charge out of the perspectives from the vast desert, can be one of the energizing things when you are in Rajasthan. You can generally think back about the recollections that you go through here all through your time on earth. This can be perhaps the best SafariSafari which everybody needs to encounter. 


  • Appreciate lip-smacking supper around ablaze and sing and hit the dance floor with different detainees in the camp 
  • Attempt to go for a stroll around the desert, and this can be probably the best activity when you are here.
  • Span: 2 Days and 1 night 

All things considered, these are a lot of the places to encounter the best camel safaris when you are travelling on a Vacation to Rajasthan. The majority of the sightseers and travellers go to this place just to get an encounter of this as it isn’t accessible anyplace else in India. Thus, this time, when you are in Rajasthan, try to get this brilliant experience without a doubt with Pickyourtrail.

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