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Top 7 Destinations in Europe that are Ideal for Scuba Diving

These sites are not only famous for the exotic aquatic life, but these diving sites are quite unusual, as the sunken ships belong to some of the world’s great wars and battles. If you’re an adventure seeker, while scuba diving in Europe you’ll have a gala time since exploring the wrecks can remind you of movies like Caribbean Pirates or Ghosh Boats. 

Some of the best dive sites in the world can be found in Europe. This huge continent has the ideal dive destination for anyone, from the plentiful wrecks to shark attacks and coral-lined walls. Diving does have a slightly shorter season in Europe than tropical destinations. From April to November, the Mediterranean tends to be the best, while the Atlantic, Arctic and the North Sea seasons are even shorter

Scuba diving in france
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Top 7 Places in Europe for Scuba Diving

1. Croatia

Croatia’s rocky shoreline, at the bottom of the Alps and bordering the Adriatic Sea, boasts warm waters, wall dives and stunning reefs. The hundreds of islands dot hidden coves and caves off the Croatian coast. Also, there are lots of wrecks. Wrecks of the First World War and World War II lie at the bottom of the Adriatic including a B-17 bomber within recreational limits. When visibility is simply endless, summer is the best time to visit for scuba diving in Europe in Croatia. With any value in Croatia, there is a dive site between the Istrian Peninsula, Kornati, Korcula and Kvarner Bay. It’s the place where the USAAF B-17 G aircraft was wrecked. The event took place in World War 2. What’s more surprising is that the crew fled through the turbine to the boat. As the wreck lies 236-feet below the water surface. Many expert scuba divers visit the spot to explore and click photographs of the aircraft carrier. It is located in the Croatian region of Dubnik. The best time to scuba dive to Croatia is from April through November.

Suba diving in hungary
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2. Iceland

Though cold, Iceland deserves a spot among best destinations for scuba diving in Europe. Most of the diving in Iceland is centred around Silfra, in Thingvellir National Park. Here, divers can descend to the Big Crack, a fissure between the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia. In the end, scuba divers have the ability to contact all tectonic plates at once to hit them through. Silfra is the only location on earth where that can be achieved. The dive finishes in Silfra Lagoon where visibility reaches 100 meters (360 feet) and produces otherworldly scenes. Extensive instruction on dry suit is expected but most dive operators provide an instructional session for inexperienced divers who want to take advantage of scuba diving in Iceland.

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3. The Azores

“Europe’s Only Lost Gem”- an apt title for this widely forgotten and interesting spot for scuba diving in Europe. These 9 Portuguese islands sit at a crossroads of currents, drawing in abundant pelagic species, crossing both the European and North American plateaux. Manta rays, mobulas, blue sharks, tope sharks, thornback rays and squid glide around pinnacles of the deepsea. The sperm whales live in the deep vast seas. Most dive operators are working from the dispersed islands, although some liveaboards are starting to navigate these seas. Of course, if you’re a shark lover, the Azores are the best-suited European destination for you.

4. The Maltese Islands

Defined by reefs, caves, wrecks and warm waters, the three Maltese Islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) lineup like forgotten jewels in the Mediterranean. That historically fascinating destination boasts some of most unique spots for scuba diving in Europe. The Blue Hole, located off Gozo, particularly begins in a 40-foot (12-meter) pool. Jumping into the pool, the divers press through a submerged crevice, the window to the clear blue water of the ocean and the shy octopus on the other side living among the rock formations. Unlike any other in Europe, the Blue Hole among World War II wrecks, arches, and sculptures is giving Malta underwater attractions.

5. Italy

Jutting into the Mediterranean Sea with its fashionable boot, Italy lures scuba divers to its long coastline and islands full of sunshine. Warm, clear water along with colourful underwater scenes make Roman homeland a natural choice for a list of best destinations for scuba diving in Europe. In particular, however, two Italian localities rise above the rest, namely Portofino and Sardinia.

Scuba diving
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Scuba diving in Portofino Marine Park has all sorts of dive sites and is suitable for all levels of ability. Walls, submarine sculptures and advanced-depth swim-through caverns combined with World War II wrecks make Portofino a popular destination for Italian divers. This northern location is a marine protected park that produces an abundance of landscapes and unique marine life.

Sometimes, Sardinia is described as having the best Mediterranean scuba diving. History-lovers are fascinated by the wrecks of the area, beginners can make use of the shore dives of the area and tec divers love the caves found along the cliffs of the island. Most diving takes place on the east coast, as the west coast is exposed to prevailing winds from the southwest. In comparison, marine protected areas in the Maddalena Archipelago and Lavezzi Marine Park have a large variety of aquatic species.

6. Norway

Norway’s Andenes area is quite popular with scuba divers around the world because it is home to the winters massive number of humpbacks and killer whales. During the latter part of a year, they usually appear because they migrate to the shallow water bringing an amazing experience for scuba diving in Europe.

7. Switzerland

The Verzasca River, located in the Swiss town of Posse, is one of the world’s most famous sites for scuba diving in Europe. Although this location is situated in a canal, the heavy currents hinder the completion of the excursion by divers. To take part in the sport in Switzerland one would need to be an experienced diver.

Scuba diving in Egypt
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