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Scuba Diving in Singapore: Find-Out the Perfect Spots

When in Singapore, you will be spoilt for choices: from stunning skyscrapers to quaint little colonial towns; from amazing shopping malls to thrilling adventure activities; from buzzing nightlife with cozy pubs to varied culinary options; from family-friendly attractions to must-visit sites for couples, the country has it all. Likewise, Singapore offers its visitors varied options for scuba diving in Singapore, making it the best location for a fantastic scuba diving experience in Asia. Singapore Tour Packages can help you plan your trip and make the most of your time in Singapore. These packages typically include round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, and some sightseeing activities. They can also include other extras, such as visa assistance, airport transfers, and travel insurance.

A man scuba diving in the sea
Image Souce: Unsplash

The Island country is an abode of well-diversified marine life. The variety includes rare and endangered species of sea horses, clams, sponges, multi-colored corals, and deep oceans. It has the most suitable weather for scuba diving throughout the year. Only during the monsoon, it is advised to skip water sports. Otherwise, you can get your diving gear ready and get ready to greet the underground marine life. When you are diving in the sea, you can say hello to Manta rays and take selfies with turtles and coral reefs. You can find many sites for scuba diving in Singapore, diving schools where you can learn diving at your own pace. As you learn to explore beautiful marine life, you can also earn a certificate.

If you are an adrenaline buff, you can choose to dive into the sea and enjoy the experience! Here is a curated list of places where you can do scuba diving in Singapore.

Top 5 places to do Scuba Diving in Singapore

  • Kusu Island
  • Pulau Hantu
  • Pulao Jong
  • Labrador Reef
  • Sister Island Marine Park

1. Kusu Island

Kusu Island is the most famous among adrenaline junkies, it forms a part of St. John’s Islands and is one of the best spots for scuba diving in Singapore. Located just 5.6 kilometers from Singapore, the island is home to eye-catching anemonefishes, multi-hued soft corals, and turtles. Kusu Island means Tortoise Island in Chinese. Mythically it is believed that a magical tortoise turned itself to an Island, to save shipwrecked sailors.

2. Pulau Hantu

This Island is just 30 minutes ride from Singapore. With abundant sea turtles and clownfish, this Island is the most appealing one for scuba diving in Singapore. Pulau Hantu is made up of two islands – Hantu Besar and Hantu Kecil. If there are low tides, you can choose to walk leisurely across the two Islands. 

A man scuba diving and fishes at his side
Image Souce: Unsplash

3. Pulao Jong

This tiny little island is another popular underwater spot for scuba diving in Singapore, it is known for its fringing reefs. The Pulau Jong Island is shaped like a ‘pau’ (Chinese dumpling). The island has a massive reef that emerges if there is a low tide. It is always safe to check the weather forecast before you plan a dive here.

4. Labrador Reef

This Island is a popular spot for scuba diving in Singapore amongst nature lovers and recreational divers. You can spot stunning and unique marine species here.  The Labrador reef is a nature reserve and hence you must acquire diving permission to dive here. This is also a popular weekend spot amongst the locals. This spot is considered as the best spot to observe exotic coral and fish species.

5. Sister Island Marine Park

This Island is also a great place for scuba diving in Singapore. NParks hosts the dive trail here, which is open to the public and divers, you get a chance to explore the exciting marine life. If you don’t wish to dive, you can swim, kayak, or even host a boat party for your friends and family. The Sister Island Marine Park extends to about 40 hectares and is simply the best place to dive and discover underground marine life.

Top 3 Schools to learn Scuba diving in Singapore

Many schools in Singapore offer Scuba diving courses to visitors. You can join one and enjoy all the recreational water sports, at the end of the training you will also be given a certificate. At the maximum two weeks of training is necessary to obtain a certificate. The schools have the best diving trainers, who care for safety, here is a list of these schools : 

1. Simply Scuba

This is a famous school for learning scuba diving in Singapore. With well-trained professionals and classified learning modules, the school has unique fame in its name. You can learn pool lessons once you are enrolled with them.

Address: Orchid Country Club1 Orchid Club Rd, Singapore 769162

Opening hours: 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Fishes in the sea
Image Source: Unsplash

2. Deep Blue Scuba

This is one of the best schools for learning scuba diving in Singapore City. You can opt for a basic course here and then slowly improvise yourselves. The school is known for its trained and customer-friendly professionals. 

Address: 74 South Bridge Rd74 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058704

Opening hours: 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM

3. Amazing Dive

Do you prefer to take diving lessons on your way? Customize it then, it is possible with Amazing Dive school. The school has trained instructors who provide pool lessons for customized diving spots. 

Address: 465 Crawford Ln465 Crawford Ln, Singapore 190466

Opening hours: 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM

Tips to Know Before Scuba Diving in Singapore

  • Do sufficient research: Begin with researching the spots to scuba dive or the schools where you want to learn from.
  • Double-check your scuba dive gears: Once you receive them from your trainers, ensure that you double-check all the gears and exchange them if they are broken/damaged.
  • Communicate well: Your trainer is your best friend when you are diving. Establish a rapport with him/her so that they will help you throughout.
  • Ask Questions: Always get your queries answered before you dive into the water, and ensure that you clear all your doubts.

So, yes scuba diving in Singapore is indeed a treat for adrenaline junkies. Get your gears dive into the ocean, and make unforgettable memories in the Island country. Enjoy the thrills in Singapore waters, and plan a vacation to Singapore right now. Slide into Pickyourtrail and customize your holiday now.

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