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meena bazar in dubai
Written by Khusboo Mehta on November 15, 2022 Share on

Meena Bazar: A Shopper’s Paradise in Dubai

A First Timer’s Guide to Meena Bazar in Dubai

Who doesn’t love shopping—especially when you are in the “little India” of Dubai, Meena Bazar, the best place to shop for your loved ones while holidaying in the shopping capital of the United Arab Emirates. Here you will find a variety of popular international goods along with fashion jewellery you can’t say no to. But the hard part? Having to choose among a vast array of brilliant items under one roof, all at a cheap price! Fret not—we have picked the key attractions and stops of Meena Bazar and compiled this shopping guide for you. Read through to understand what are the best things to buy and to do while lazing around the “Little India.”

Indian Shops in Dubai Meena Bazar
Indian Shops in Dubai Meena Bazar

The shopping area is located near Khalid Bin Waleed Street in Bur Dubai and you can get there through public transport. You can use your own vehicle, but the parking charges are quite high there and spots may not be available. So, if you want to shop at Meena Bazar without any hassle, opt for public transport. You can get there through a public bus at Faheidi, Roundabout. Or you can also use the metro facility and get down at Al Fahidi Metro Station 2.

Details and History of Meena Bazar

The real name of Meena Bazar is Cosmos Lane. But the cab drivers in Dubai call it Meena Bazar because most of the textile stores here at Al Fahidi street somewhat resemble Delhi’s Meena Bazaar. The title became popular in 1970 when a shop in Bur Dubai changed its name from Shardha Trading to Meena Bazaar. And if you are looking for traditional, desi clothes, Meena Bazar will be the best place for you. 

The best Time to Shop at Meena Bazar

Saturday to Thursday between 08:00 GST and 23:59 GST.

If you’re visiting on Friday, please note that it’s open till 14:00 Gulf Standard Time until midnight. Moreover, during their lunch break, the shops are closed for at least 30 minutes. And also during the Ramadan, their working hours are reduced by the UAE by two hours per day.

Jewellery & Diamond Shops at Meena Bazar

The first-ever jewellery shop at Meena Bazar opened in 1982 and it was the time when several gold stores moved from Deira Gold Souk to Meena Bazar to sell jewellery at a cheaper rate. The trend was there to stay, even nowadays you will find lots of diamond and gold shops at Meena Bazar who sell jewellery at almost half the price rate.


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Dine and Wine at Meena

Who likes to shop without getting anything to munch on and drink? If you are craving Arabian food, you can visit one of the many nearby restaurants for a coffee or a sumptuous Dubai meal. There are many bars and restaurants in the area where you can spend some time with your shopping partner and have delicious oriental cuisine along with a cup of hot coffee.

This goes not just for spicy non-veg food—if you are a vegan or are craving Indian food, there is this famous Rangoli vegetarian restaurant which is situated in the centre of Meena Bazaar. It serves delicious Gujarati and South Indian dishes with fresh juices. The place is ideal for vegans to have their food. 

Shopping Galore

When it comes to celebrating bright occasions such as Eid Al Fitr, Diwali, or Eid Al Adha, Meena Bazar becomes the center of attraction with people hovering around the streets buying and selling goods, like fireflies attracted to bright light. Retail outlets generally witness a pool of shoppers from all over the world.

One of the biggest textile shop owners Jay Mohan at Meena Bazar says, “Meena Bazar sees most crowds by those who come to buy traditional wear for these festivals.” Adding to that, he also mentioned, “You can find clothes made of breathable fabrics of every color, design, and size.” 

If you move around the streets at the festive time, you can locate custom tailoring shops where fabrics are cut and stitched with the perfect fit you can find. If you want to find desi attire in Dubai, Meena Bazar is the place that will amaze you for sure.

Grab a Taste of Dubai’s Thriving Street Food Culture

Meena Bazar, with its little eateries of road-side Indian snacks, provides a real twist to south Asian delicacies. You can grab a spicy vada-pav, golgappas, jalebis, and samosas as you shop by in the streets of Meena Bazar.

A Taste of Little India Inside Dubai

The food and shopping outlets with their desi demeanour, have given Meena Bazar the flavour of India. With famous restaurants and food junctions such as Puranmal Vegetarian, Mumtaz Mahal Indian Speciality and Mumbai Masti, Meena Bazar is home to some of the most delicious Indian food outlets.  

Now with all this information, getting around Meena Bazar is a piece of cake, don’t you think?

Meena Bazaar Location

Meena Bazar (Cosmos Lane)
51375 Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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