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Shopping in Amsterdam
Written by Malavika Shetty on November 15, 2022 Share on

Top 9 Places to Shop in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the shopping capital of the Netherlands, enough said. With countless options to shop, thousands of shops, and open-air markets it can get pretty confusing, isn’t it? 

Amsterdam is well known for creativity and elegance; the city’s shopping culture is not an exception either. Amsterdam is an excellent destination for the shopaholics in you; it has character, it got to class, and the good old bargaining. From top-notch brands to local businesses- it is a place that can turn even a day of shopping into an adventure itself. Book your Netherlands tour package today and discover the shopping delights of Amsterdam!

So put on your best shopping shoes, and travel with us to know the best 10 places to go shopping in Amsterdam. 

9 Best Places for Shopping in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has various open-air markets, which makes shopping more fun. Walk around the  Cuypmarkt (largest open-air markets in Europe), or go to Waterloopleinmarkt. Affordable options, high-end brands in one place. Additionally, the cafe and dining experience add galore to these markets. 

  • De Negenstraatjes
  • The Albert CUYP Market
  • Maison De Bonneterie
  • Kalverstraat
  • Spiegelkwartier
  • Magna Plaza
  • Waterlooplein Flea Market
  • De Bijenkorf
  • Olivia and Kate

1. De Negenstraatjes

Negen Straarjes or ‘Nine Little Streets’ will be found in the heart of the city. All of the 9 streets are full of fashion gadgets, jewelry shops, art galleries boutiques. The variety is something we always fell in love with. Enjoy a chilled beer or a slice of pie in one of the adorable places.

2. The Albert CUYP Market

The Albert CUYP Market
image credits : Unsplash

Open-air markets are a big hit in Europe and they bring endless options for shopping and dining experience in Amsterdam. This is the best place in Amsterdam for the big bargains. Find flowers, clothing, and accessories, seafood, fresh cheese, vegetable anything you want.You also get to taste fresh herring, kroketten, and all other delicious Dutch foods here. 

3. Maison De Bonneterie

Want to feel elegant architectural beauty while you are enjoying your shopping adventure? Ralph Loren, Scotch & Soda, Hugo Boss this family-owned place provides a complete shopping experience for visitors. Also, there are hair salons and spas where you can grab a quick mani-pedi if you feel like it. Grab a bite to eat at the restaurants nearby.

4. Kalverstraat

Located on Red Light District which is the heart and soul of Amsterdam Nightlife this is one of the busiest shopping streets of Amsterdam. From Zara, H&M to Nike go on a shopping adventure from Dan Square to Muntplein. You can literally get anything from boos, toys to clothing and shoes. There are products of every budget and for everyone. Do not forget to visit 600 years old Street while you’re in Amsterdam.

5. Spiegelkwartier

If you are someone who loves to collect antiques then this place will feel like a treasure hunt. 70 amazing shops sell artifact’s from furniture, art, old instruments, music boxes, and more. It is located near Rijksmuseum, and Square can identify the place from other museums too. Unique art, old-world instruments, and cultural references know Amsterdam while shopping in the streets of SPIEGELKWARTIER. 

6. Magna Plaza

It is located across the street of Royal Palace a d Dam Square; the archways are stunning. It was initially built as an Amsterdam Post office, now is the home for luxury shopping. Magna Plaza houses cosmetics, jewelry, skincare products, clothing accessories, anything you want.

Grand Cafe Ovidius is nearby whenever you feel tired and hungry from all shopping. 

7. Waterlooplein Flea Market

image credits :Unsplash

Another one of Amsterdam’s best open-air markets. Located on Waterlooplein this place is full of energy and good, colourful vibes. You can get second-hand clothing, art, furniture, bicycles, books, electronics, and more. Take your time as you wander around the alleys. Great bargains meet unique finds for the visitors.

8. De Bijenkorf

This place has the heart of every Dutch you will come across. This is a departmental store, established in 1870. The magnificent building is located over Dam Square and the name stands for ‘Beehive’, Amsterdam, perfect because it’s always busy with shopper’s buzz. 

Bjorn Borg, Gucci, Ralph Loren, Diesel ladies, if you are into branded clothing, this could be your paradise. The premium denim department is dedicated to high-end items. Also, you can buy beauty products, shows, Household items because this is your one-stop shopping solution.

9. Olivia and Kate

Amsterdam’s shopping experience is incomplete without Olivia and Kate because they have everything in terms of budget and trendy clothes. You will find elegance and quality like nowhere else. Enjoy the world of homemade creations and decorative items and also unique scented products. 

So now you know where to go in  Amsterdam for shopping. These shopping streets are a big part of Amsterdam’s tourist visits.  From Gucci, Ralph Loren to affordable and trendy designs- Amsterdam is the home for the ultimate shopping experience. 

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