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Beaches in Amsterdam
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10 Best Beaches In Amsterdam For a Perfect Beach Vacay!

Are you planning for a beach holiday in a not-so-crowded place? If yes, then Amsterdam will be the perfect destination for you. Indeed, the Netherlands is not so popular among people planning a beach holiday. However, whether you are just visiting or lucky enough to call this iconic city home, there are plenty of great beaches to cool off—or break a sweat at—in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is such a city where you can enjoy life to the fullest. Sunbath, swim or even make a sandcastle on these beautiful beaches. The city beach in Amsterdam is captivating and draws tourists and visitors.

Did you know these beaches in Amsterdam have been featured in several movies, both Indian and international? Take a train because that’s the best and easy option to reach the rugged coastline. Try to take advantage of the sunshine and enjoy a spontaneous day on the sand. It is a way better option to play on the sand instead of spending hours in the city’s museums and visiting its top attractions and coffee shops. Find world-class beach clubs around. The North Sea swell ensures ideal conditions for water sports. Delve into a selection of swimming spots and artificial beaches that make for a fun day out.

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10 Beaches In Amsterdam

You cannot end holidays in Amsterdam without taking a trip to the beach. Enjoy the city’s various locations where you can spend time sunning yourself. Look at these 10 beaches in Amsterdam to have the best time of your life.

  1. Pllek
  2. Zandvoort
  3. Bloemendaal 
  4. Strandzuid
  5. Strand Blijburg
  6. Wijk aan Zee
  7. Sloterplas
  8. Castricum aan Zee
  9. IJmuiden
  10. Buitenzwembad Marineterrein

1. Pllek

Pllek, Beaches In Amsterdam
Image Courtesy: Pexels

The post-industrial spot near the NDSM Wharf offers one of the best panoramic views of the River IJ and its banks, stretching from the Cruise Terminal to the Silodam and beyond. It is home to art exhibitions and cultural happenings. Experience live music performances and other cultural events in this industrial setting with an eatery.

Did you know Pllek consists of its own restaurant, known as the Pllek restaurant? This is a popular spot for all locals to head here on the weekends to hang at the small beachfront strip and swim in the River IJ. Indulge in a decent selection of beer and burgers, which are regularly put on offers, especially for tourists like you.

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2. Zandvoort

Zandvoort Beach
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Zandvoort is a Dutch coastal town west of Amsterdam. Thanks to its long, sandy beach on the North Sea, the town is a popular seaside resort. There are plenty of natural beaches to lay a towel down on. Don’t miss out on the huge variety of beachside bars and restaurants, like the newly opened Hippie Fish and everyone’s favourite-old Safari Lodge.

Did you know Zandvoort was once a fishing port? Many years after that, it became a popular seaside resort town. Today, it’s a well-known destination for relaxing on a sun lounger while sipping on Aperol spritzes. Engage in a fun activity on the sand of the unending beaches. Surfing on the waves can give you an experience of a lifetime.

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3. Bloemendaal

Bloemendaal, Beaches In Amsterdam
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Bloemendaal is a short trip from Amsterdam’s centre. It is the Netherlands’ answer to Ibiza. Beach clubs like Woodstock69 and Vroeger provide world-class live music and a fun party atmosphere. Dip your toes on this great beach in the North Sea.

Take a swim in the ocean, bake on the sand, and then retreat to a stylish undercover venue. Discover a superb section and collection of cool beach bars and clubs offering you the best food and flavours. The beach has regular live bands, and the DJs create open-air parties that run into the night.

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4. Strandzuid

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Strandzuid is a hip lakeside complex filled with an under-the-radar restaurant, bar, playground and, of course, artificial beach. Be ready to expect plenty of events to keep you entertained throughout the summer as well. However, the winter season provides you with the best of life’s offers.

When you are here, cherish beers with colleagues, well spent evenings, and even lunch with friends. You will not find any vibe as high as here. Sip a bottle of Amsterdam Rosé and as the sun sets head to the beer terrace to sample local brews and play ping-pong with your crew.

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5. Strand Blijburg

Strand Blijburg, Beaches In Amsterdam
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Strand Blijburg is one of the beaches in Amsterdam which has an artificially-made sandbar on the River IJ. You will need to arrive on the early side to nab a good spot. It requires only a short tram ride from Centraal station to reach this spectacular destination.

There are enough food options to keep you satisfied all day long. The warm weather is a go-to for all Amsterdammers, both permanent and passing through. Engage in many cultural programmes and live music performances. I bet you won’t go a day without being entertained.

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6. Wijk aan Zee

Wijk aan Zee
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Did you know Wijk aan Zee is the best “surf” beach? It offers the clearest water along the coast. So, don’t wait and sign up for surfing lessons at one of the schools along the beach. Because of its seaside location, Wijk aan Zee has become a popular destination among tourists.

Home to one of the best beach clubs, Timboektoe, it also backs onto a charming cultural village. It is where you can enjoy a taste of traditional Dutch life after you conquer the waves. Surf and dance on this best beach in Amsterdam.

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7. Sloterplas

Sloterplas, Beaches In Amsterdam
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Located in the leafy Nieuw-West neighbourhood, Sloterplas lake offers crystal-clear water that’s always refreshingly cool. If you are here, don’t forget to enrol yourself in sailing and also a water sports centre in a nearby school. Here, you can register for lessons and even hire equipment.

Find yourself on a quiet and family-friendly beach with both sand and grass. Also, rent chairs and volleyball equipment through the summer. If you are looking for a spot that is decidedly chill, you must come here. A heavenly and scenic masterpiece, this is one of the beaches in Amsterdam which will blow your mind.

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8. Castricum aan Zee

Castricum aan Zee
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Quite distinct from most coastal beaches near Amsterdam, Castricum aan Zee is without a neighbouring village. As a result, it is more popular with city dwellers. If you are perhaps more used to jellyfish “kwallen”, you should come here.

Did you know there are a scattering of clubs to visit along the dunes? The view, the whole ambience, and most importantly, the warmth of the sun will take your breath away. If you’re on the hunt for a more low-key day in the sun, this is the beach to hit.

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9. IJmuiden

IJmuiden, Beaches In Amsterdam
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Situated at the mouth of Amsterdam’s River IJ, this beach is a popular water sports destination. From kitesurfing and paddleboarding to blokarting, this beach offers numerous activities for you to do. Including its large sea locks, it bestrides the mouth of the North Sea Canal to Amsterdam.

If you do not want to lay on the beach with a good book, there’s plenty to keep you busy here. Moreover, this place offers giant cruise and cargo ships. This is a delight for all, especially for all the little ones mesmerising as they watch them pass by.

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10. Buitenzwembad Marineterrein

Buitenzwembad Marineterrein
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

A long time ago, the natives sniffed out this off-the-radar place to cool off. The council realising it was all good, installed floating pontoons. These floating pontoons are now filled with swimmers, with the sun shining brightly above their heads.

However, it is not technically a beach as the council has yet to approve it as an official swimming spot. Don’t get weirded out by this and go and take a dip. Lose yourself on these attractive coastlines and experience a lot of adventurous water sport activities.

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Tips for Your Amsterdam Trip

  1. Stay out of the dark red bike lanes. The bike lane and the sidewalk are dark red, so it is a bit confusing for all the tourists.
  2. Don’t be all stoney bologna in public like when you first got high at 16. If you have to smoke, smoke in coffee shops, on a bench in a scenic setting at Vondelpark, or someplace more hidden from the general public if you are in more neighbourhood areas.
  3. Carry an umbrella or a poncho. The weather is quite fickle here. The weather in Amsterdam is not stable at all, sometimes it can go from sunny and bright to rainy and grey in a matter of minutes.
  4. Make reservations beforehand. The Dutch usually love making plans in advance. As a result, it is better if you make reservations for dinner earlier.
  5. Know the essential etiquettes before going to the Red Light District. Don’t go with guided tours as they are banned. Also, don’t take photographs of the women in the windows, and certainly don’t deal with street vendors for anything.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Your Amsterdam Tour

How many days in Amsterdam is enough?

Three days in Amsterdam is more than enough to see all the city’s biggest attractions.

What language is spoken mostly in Amsterdam?

English is spoken mostly by the majority of Amsterdam’s residents. So, you don’t have to learn or brush up on your Dutch before visiting here as you can easily get by without knowing Dutch words.

Is Amsterdam safe at night?

You don’t have to worry as Amsterdam is reasonably safe at night. But still, it is preferable not to walk alone in the park at night.

Is Amsterdam an expensive city?

Yes, Amsterdam is definitely not a cheap city. It is one of the 10 most expensive places to live in.

What is the best month to go to Amsterdam?

The best time for you to visit Amsterdam is between April and May or September and November. So, if you have to visit the city, go right before or directly after the summertime as it is a high tourist season.

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