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Europe in August
Written by Zubein Nawaz Khan on June 8, 2023 Share on

Europe in August

July and August are considered peak months for backpackers and other travellers who come to the nation to enjoy the wonderful weather. Due to the scorching weather, avoid visiting Mediterranean nations around this period. Also, because it is the peak tourist season in Europe, hotel and other lodging costs usually climb. Because Europe has a diverse terrain, the temperature differs by area, from Mediterranean islands to cold Norwegian fjords. In most European nations, the weather in August is nice.

Visiting Europe in August From India

By Air

Flights from Indian airports connect European cities such as London, Paris, Vienna, and Amsterdam. Flights to Europe are available from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, Chennai International Airport, and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.

By Train

After arriving in Europe by plane, you may take the train to explore the continent’s cities. Some major European cities have their own metro system to make transit more comfortable for everybody.

By Road

Once in Europe, you may take long-distance journeys throughout the continent. Countries with significant road networks include France, Germany, and Spain.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Europe in August

1. The Eiffel Tower, France

The Eiffel Tower, Places to Visit in Europe in August
Credits – Unsplash

The Eiffel Tower, which stands towering in the center of Paris, is one of the world’s seven wonders. The tower brings the city of romance to life and has beautiful architecture. Prepare to visit this magnificent site at night and experience the nightlife in order to make the most of your vacation to Europe in August 2024.


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2. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain, Places to Visit in Europe in August
Image credits: Unsplash

Barcelona is known for its hustle and bustle and it’s a heaven for party animals. The city is lively 24 x 7 with an assortment of attractions and activities that range from historical monuments to adventure-based attractions.


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3. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany, Places to Visit in Europe in August
Credits – Unsplash

Berlin is one of Europe’s most inexpensive capital towns, with a thriving music and art scene and burgeoning gastronomy culture. Furthermore, this is the perfect season for outdoor activities. You may sample a range of low-cost Middle Eastern cuisines here. Don’t forget to visit the history museum, which is regarded as one of the greatest in the world.


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4. Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy, Places to Visit in Europe in August
Image credits: Unsplash

Florence is a replete of art and architecture, and the summer months offer the perfect conditions for capturing the city in all its grandeur. Spend your sweltering days admiring the paintings of Italian masters at the Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery, and the Florence Duomo. The Feast of San Lorenzo, Florence’s patron saint, is the highlight of August in Florence. The true beauties of Florence may be found in Tuscany’s wine making area, where you’ll find a plethora of gastronomic pleasures! Don’t miss out on the Bruschetta and Gelato!


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5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Places to Visit in Europe in August
Credits – Unsplash

Many visitors enjoy chilly summer holidays in Europe, and if that is one of your choices, then August is the best time to visit Amsterdam. The city itself offers a diverse range of activities, including visits to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Frank House, as well as an Amsterdam Canal cruise and a Red Light District walking tour.


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6. London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom, Places to Visit in Europe in August
Image credits: Unsplash

London is one of the ‘Great Cities of the world’ and it is at its finest in the summer! As always the clouds play peek-a-boo, but during August you enjoy maximum sunshine throughout the day. Walking is the best way to explore the city and there are multiple things to see and do in the summer.

Explore Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and the White Tower, as well as the London Eye’s panoramic and breathtaking cityscape. The BBC Proms, the Underbelly Festival, and a slew of summer festivals keep the city humming. Make the most of your time outside by participating in activities such as a Thames River Cruise and seeing a performance in the West End.


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7. Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken, Switzerland, Places to Visit in Europe in August
Image credits: Unsplash

Interlaken is nestled amid Switzerland’s magnificent mountains. The month of August is ideal for aimless hikes, hiking, trekking, and other adventurous activities in Europe. The temperature varies from 18°C to 20°C, making it ideal for outdoor activities. It’s a fantastic respite if you’re weary of seeing the same cities and museums on your vacation.


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8. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary, Places to Visit in Europe in August
Image credits: Unsplash

The major hub for visitors to Europe in the summer! Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is a beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional. The Danube’s waters are delightful in August, and an evening dinner cruise is an ideal way to take up the city’s aura. There is no scarcity of adventurous things, spanning from the Formula One Grand Prix to the Sziget Festival and the Budapest Summer Festival! Take a vacation and indulge in Hungarian delights such as Langos, Gulyas, and Dobos Torta.

9. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Places to Visit in Europe in August
Credits – Unsplash

If you’re a budget traveller, Prague must be on your radar as it’s one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe in August. A walking tour or a boat on the Vltava are the finest ways to see the city. Day excursions to Kutna Hora and Karltejn Castle are very popular throughout the summer. A pub crawl is a necessity on your schedule if you want to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife. In August, Prague features major summer festivities such as the Prague Jazz Week and the Holi Open Air Festival.

10. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy, Places to Visit in Europe in August
Image credits: Unsplash

Venice is one of those everlasting spots that really is delightful to visit at any time of year. In the summer, however, it is frequently regarded as one of Europe’s most attractive destinations, as the dazzling weather enhances the floating city’s beauty and color! Festivals like Ferragosto, Pellestrina Regatta, and summer-specific festivals such as Cinema Under the Stars bring the city to life in August. When in Venice, take a gondola ride and serenade your significant other while viewing the sunset over the Venetian Lagoon!

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