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Kerala backwaters
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on June 18, 2020 Share on

Shopping In Kerala -Things that you should buy from Kerala

Kerala is a state in the southernmost part of India and it is located on the Arabian coast, the land is famous for its serene beauty, backwaters, houseboats, etc; and the place is truly charming. With its sublime natural beauty and rich culture, the place has more to offer to its travellers. Travellers do not just look for the mere experience but they want to see the roots of the state and always want a piece with them to take back home as souvenirs, to cherish the memories. Kerala has got a list of eccentric items which you might want to carry back home. Below is a list of things that you could not afford to miss out to buy when shopping in Kerala.

Backwaters of Kerala
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Shopping in Kerala: Must-buy!

1. Kasavu Mundu

Kasavu Mundu is the traditional garment of the state Kerala. Made out of pure cotton, the garment is entirely handmade with silver and golden zari as borders. This type of fabric is used to make graceful and elegant attires like sarees, dhotis and shirts, and is worn on specific occasions like marriage, festivities etc. Kasavu Mundu can be purchased at big branded stores and regular stores all over Kerala.

Kasavu Mundu
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2. Essential Oils

The state of Kerala is famous for Ayurveda practices and oils. Spas, healing centres, massage centres and many places use various essentials oils with different fragrances for different treatments. The essentials have healing and soothing properties on human body and mind. So make sure to visit authentic stores to take home therapeutic oils while leaving from Kerala.

Essential aromatic oil
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3. Banana Chips

Kerala is quite famous for its Banana Chips also known as Nenthra Kaya. Made out of a specific type of banana, this specific chip has a huge fan following. Not just the southern states but people all over India have a liking towards this chip. The banana chip is super famous that they even export it. Make sure you buy them while shopping in Kerala.

4. Spices

Spices used for cooking in Kerala
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Nothing beats the cuisine of Kerala. Every single dish is prepared using spices that are traditionally made. The variety of spices and the quality of them are unbeatable. Rich in aroma and colour, be sure to buy them before heading back home.

5. Coffee and Tea

Munnar, one of the cold cities of Kerala is famous for tea and coffee plantations. Surrounded by rivers on three sides, the quality of the soil is highly rich, making the plants bring out the flavours in them.

Tea plantation in Kerala
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6. Handicrafts

Kerala is also known for handicrafts and traditional masks made out of different earthy elements available in Kerala. Filled with rich minerals, the state makes traditional products that are good for mind and body. Avoid using English cosmetics and try your faces in some natural masks.

Travel to God’s own country and relax by taking a walk on the green farms or a boat ride in the floating waters of Kerala. Kerala is an amazing place and you can have a wondrous time over there and you can also go shopping and buy all these amazing things to bring back home. Visit Pickyourtrail and get a package based on your likes and get packing to Kerala. Check out our blogs for more travel-related contents.

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