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Sentosa aerial view
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Skyline Luge in Sentosa – Accelerate And Zoom Away

Who doesn’t like to just accelerate without having to constantly use the Clutch? And who doesn’t want to let free and zoom away? One perfect way to satisfy your Speeding needs and dreams for racing is by visiting the Skyline luge in Sentosa. It is also known to be the Sentosa Luge. This is a 2.6km long track allowing you to scoot away in a half Tobbagon and half go-kart by letting gravity do it magic! This place renders the people with an extraordinary experience with its luge rides and sky rides.

What is Skyline luge and Skyride all about

The Skyline Luge is basically a huge Playground offering you with enormous thrilling rides and luges. This offers an exciting experience to all its customers, and the best part of all is that it has rides that will impress both kids and adults. The Sentosa Luge has multiple trails giving you the opportunity to choose any trail as per your convenience.

  • The Dragon Trail – If you are one who enjoys twists and turns and hairpin bends then this 688m long trail is awaiting you.
Skyline luge in Sentosa
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons
  • The Jungle Trail – If you’re one who loves speed then this is the trail for you. This trail unlike the Dragon trail does not have many twists and turns but is a straight track which is 628m long allowing you to go crazy and speed like never before.
  • The Expedition trail – This trail is for experienced riders looking for adventurous luge consisting longer hairpin bends, multiple twists, and turns along with the track which is 658m long, which is the longest track to date. This track was built-in 2017 which allows to you exhilarate into the beautiful Sentosa Rainforest. 
  • Kupu Kupu Trail – Last but not least is this trail which is 638 long especially for beginners. This track also leads to the magical forest allowing you to enhance the beauty of the Sentosa forest.
Luge ride in Skyline
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Night Luge

Apart from all the ones mentioned above, there is something more special about the Luges, which is the Night Luge. This is a completely new and mesmerizing experience as this is conducted only in the night as the name rightly suggests. The fun doesn’t stop once the sun is down, the Night Luge allows you to explore any of the above tracks in the night with spectacular lighting making it more thrilling than ever before.

Skyride Sentosa

If you love heights, this is the place for you. Skyride Sentosa allows you to experience the beauty of the South China Sea and Singapore skyline via a chairlift ride. This is an open chairlift ride adding an extra thrill to your journey upward to the top of the hill. This is a 4 seater ride operating even during the night under the beautiful stars. The icing on the cake is while you experience the Skyride you can even view the world-famous “Wings of the time show” from above. 

Chairlift ride
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

All you need to know before you visit Skyline Luge /Skyride Sentosa


  • Skyline luge Sentosa operates between 10:00 AM – 09:30 PM, the last ride being at 09:15 PM

General Queries

  • Since this place has got a lot of activities to offer, make sure you dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes.
  • There are two height ranges for the Skyride, with an adult 85cm and without 135 cm
  • For Skyline luge, the riders need to be 6 years and above of age and 110 cm of height, without which they will not be allowed to ride.
  • Make sure you listen to the instructions carefully as it would help you while driving.

How to get there

  • Skyline luge Sentosa has two entrances Imbiah Lookout Entrance and Siloso Beach Entrance. You can get here via Bus and Monorail and by tram
  • Use the Sentosa Express or Bus A to alighting at the bus stop Beach Station.

Skyride/Skyline Luge Sentosa Prices

Skyline Luge
  • These tickets are better if bought with a combo, prices keep varying so it’s always better to check the official website for the same. Luge prices are based on the number of rounds preferred.
  • I would suggest you buy the Combo ticket as that would give you the privilege to enjoy both the Skyride and Skyline luge at discounted prices. There is an option to buy individual tickets as well
  • There are 3 different categories of tickets for every individual
  • One way – SGD 11/person
  • Two way – SGD 18/person
  • Unlimited – SGD 19/person

All in all the Skyline luge and Skyride Sentosa is a must-visit if you are visiting Singapore. This is not it, Singapore has got a lot more to offer you like the Wings of time show the Wave house in Sentosa and many more. Let us help you plan a memorable trip to Singapore. Visit PickYourTrail to not only choose but customize your itinerary as well.

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