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Best Souvenirs You Can Get in Georgia

Georgia, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is a historic Soviet republic home to Caucasus Mountain villages and the Black Sea beaches. It is famous for Vardzia, a sprawling 12th-century cave monastery, and the ancient wine-growing Kakheti region. Tbilisi, the capital, is renowned for its old town ‘s diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone avenues.

Tbilisi, Georgia
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The following pieces from each of Georgia’s nine travel regions make great keepsakes and Souveniers for faraway friends and relatives, from vintage novels to home and garden décor. Here is a list of Unique Souvenirs in Georgia that you can gift your loved ones.

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Unique Souvenirs in Georgia

Georgian Blue Tablecloths

Georgian blue tablecloths have been an integral part of Georgian cultural heritage for centuries and are decorated with plants, birds, deer and table attributes. Such blue and white tablecloths are named supra in Georgian and share the name with the typical Georgian feast — humorous because you can barely see them on the table during the regular supra under the dishes, cups, and wine glasses. Current tablecloth variants have red and green fabrics which also have the same structure and features. You can even have the same designs on stunning coasters. It is one of the simplest Souvenirs in Georgia that you can get.

Georgian wine horn

Georgia is the birthplace of wine, which has a powerful tradition of drinking. A drinking horn has historically been used as a portable cup. Usually, the Georgian wine horn or khantsi is constructed of ram or goat horns and adorned with silver cuffing and a cord. The souvenir models come with lovely wooden show stands but they used to hang the horn from their sword belts in the earlier days. It is one of the traditional Souvenirs in Georgia that you can get.

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Georgian wine

The typical Georgian wine is bottled and aged in qvevri, egg-shaped earthenware containers, which are then sealed and buried on the ground so that the wine can mature for five to six months before drinking. This traditional form of winemaking is on the Official List of Humanity’s Intangible Cultural Heritage under UNESCO. These herby, spicy wines from Georgia make a great present. Georgians often produce wines using the more traditional techniques and with a bottle of Château Mukhrani or Orgo Saperavi you can not go wrong. It is one of the recommended Souvenirs in Georgia that you should get.

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Georgian Spices

Dezerter Bazaar is a wonderful spice-buying store in Tbilisi. Blue fenugreek or utskho suneli that grows wild in the mountains is commonly used in Georgia to season food and is the key seasoning in the tasty stew of beans, lobio. Dried marigold, or patula tagetes, is a quick substitute for saffron. We also mark it as saffron, but the quality is nowhere similar to saffron. For the gastronomers, this is a spectacular Souvenir in Georgia.

Georgian Churchkhela

Churchkhela is tasty chewy sweets made of walnut halves that are threaded onto a long string and then dipped into grape or meal-mixed pomegranate liquid. Another local delicacy to try is tklapi, a thin lavash of sour fruits, usually made with sour prums. It is one of the sweetest Souvenirs in Georgia that you can get.

Churchkhela in Georgia
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Georgian Khinkali Socks

While this isn’t handmade, khinkali socks (socks with a print of traditional Georgian dumplings) are a unique gift that you can get to anyone. Try Altersocks which also produces a few other Georgian-themed socks, such as Adjaruli Khachapuri, Niko Pirosmani (a Georgian painter), and Chokha (traditional Georgian costume). You get a discount and a gift package, whether you order three or more. It is one of the simplest Souvenirs in Georgia.

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Georgian Enamel Jewelry

Enamel is a mixture of molten glass and metals like silver, copper, and gold. The production of this methodology in Georgia covers a wide temporal spectrum, spanning the period from the 8th to the end of the 15th century. Unfortunately, in the fifteenth century, the art style was abandoned and only resurrected in the twentieth century as practitioners started combining new and traditional methods to make exquisite glass jewellery, creating a genuinely unique product. Ornament enamel art gallery sells pieces from Georgia’s most outstanding jewellers and enamel artists. It is one of the expensive Souvenirs in Georgia.

Replica of the Georgian Archeological Treasury

The Georgian National Museum’s souvenir shop sells reproductions of the Georgian archaeological treasury, going back to the 3rd century BCE until the 4th century CE. You will buy jewellery here, including chains, bracelets, buttons, and necklaces, to name a few.

Traditional Georgian Clothes

Samoseli Pirveli is a clothes shop selling typical Georgian apparel customized to contemporary design. Here, you will buy clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and babies. Samoseli Pirveli has t-shirts with prints of old black-and-white pictures of Georgian noblemen and noblewomen sporting traditional clothes for those who like casual style.

Georgian Modern Tablecloth

To the lovers of design, Hooda provides tablecloths in a western theme with decorative features taken from the numerous Tbilisi houses. For your table setting, they offer long and short tablecloths, as well as napkins in various colours and designs.

Georgian Vidalia Valley Products

Vidalia Valley creates delicious gourmet and country-style items such as Vidalia Bloomin’s Onion Sauce and Vidalia Onion Creamy Vinaigrette using its own homegrown Vidalia onions as the basis for most of its products. Each $4.99. Choose your favourites from shops around the county, like Lyon’s Pittman Family Farms & Country Store.

Georgian Home Decor

Check out Georgian Furniture Underground if you are searching for things to attach to your home décor. This shop is a partnership between numerous designers who built a showroom to display their goods in one location. Besides tables, chairs and sofas, you can also find smaller pieces that fit into your suitcases, such as ceramic cups, clocks, knitted blankets, posters, vases and much more.

Where to buy Souvenirs in Tbilisi and Georgia

GALLERY 27 – N3 Betlemi Street

Simple tablecloths, handmade tablecloths and hand-painted silk scarves are a wonderful place to go. The structure itself is worth a tour, with its elegant latticework of wood and stained glass windows.

TBILISI HISTORY MUSEUM – 8 Sioni Street, Tbilisi

A convenient location next to the Sioni Cathedral on a major tourist route, this is another great place for but a few tablecloths, as well as ceramics and art. The stores are located inside the building’s lower atrium.


If you are visiting Georgia’s ancient city, Mtskheta, the streets around the Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli are lined with stalls offering souvenirs, carpets, herbs, churchkhela, wine horns and handmade crafts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are traditional Georgian souvenirs?

Handmade textiles (such as rugs and clothing), ceramics, wine, and local crafts such as woodwork and metalwork are examples of traditional Georgian souvenirs.

Where can I buy traditional Georgian souvenirs?

Georgian honey, known for its various flavors and high quality, is available in local markets and specialized stores, making it a sweet and natural souvenir.

Is Georgian wine a good souvenir?

Absolutely! Georgian wine, with its unique varieties and winemaking techniques (such as qvevri, clay pot fermentation), makes an excellent and authentic souvenir for wine enthusiasts.

Where can I buy authentic Georgian honey as a souvenir?

Traditional Georgian souvenirs can be found in local markets such as Tbilisi’s Dry Bridge Market, souvenir shops in tourist areas, and from artisans in regions known for specific crafts.

Can I find souvenirs made from Georgian semi-precious stones?

Yes, semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, agate, and jasper are frequently featured in Georgian souvenirs, particularly in regions such as Tbilisi.

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