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Top 10 Sri Lanka Souvenirs to Buy on Your Sri Lanka Trip

Sri Lanka tourism offers some of the best Souvenirs for shopping enthusiasts to collect. Sri Lanka is a shopper’s dream come true. It was once well-known among Indians for garment shopping. It’s always fun to bring home souvenirs from your journeys. Not only photos and video clips but there’s something special about getting your own unique souvenirs from your trails! Souvenirs ain’t just things, they are the best way to keep track and look back on all your adventures. I’ve compiled a list of 10 fun collections for travel junkies to launch from the plethora of souvenirs available.

10 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Sri Lanka

  • Ceylon Tea
  • Traditional Masks
  • Gems
  • Batik Wear
  • Porcelain Tableware
  • Elephant and Buddha Figurines
  • Spices
  • Dumbara Mats & Cane Boxes
  • Antiques
  • Sri Lankan Paintings

1. Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is the island nation’s lifeblood, with tea boutiques spread all over. Golden Tips, Silver Tips, and Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings are among the luxury and exclusive teas available. A variety of teas flavoured with cinnamon, dried fruits, herbal blends, and local spices are available as infusions. Once your tea supply is gone, you can reuse the caddies. If you are interested in taking a trip with your partner, then book a Sri lanka honeymoon packages.

Ceylon Tea
Credits – Unsplash
PS – Mackwoods, Teaeli, and Dilmah Tea are only a couple of the well-known brands that are often a hit.

2. Traditional Masks

The important aspect of Sri Lankan folklore and a vivid part of the island’s cultural identity. Local craftsmen in this coastal town use their deft hands to breathe life into a plain log and create exotic masks with intricate features. Popular devil masks, which were once only seen in folk dances, have now evolved into magnificent works of art. The are hand-carved wooden masks which were once used to fend off evil but are now only used to embellish traditional rituals and dances.

Credits – Pixabay

PS – The best spot to find a large range of these masks is in Colombo’s Laksala.

3. Gems

Sri Lanka, a gem-mining nation with an outstanding portfolio of excavated gems, is known as the Gem Island for this reason. The mining town of Ratnapura sells precious gems by the tonne, including rubies, topazes, amethysts, and aquamarines, which are among the most common purchases by tourists. Not to mention the country’s popular blue sapphires and moonstones.

Gems are available for purchase in most tourist areas, such as Unawatuna and Kandy, which are densely packed with large and small gem shops. You depict the mining process in a number of museums. Although Sri Lanka is home to the world’s largest blue sapphires, Don’t hesitate to grab your choice. Get your favourite accessories by doing Shopping in Sri Lanka.

Credits – Unsplash

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4. Batik Wear

Batik is a traditional craft of a Javanese heritage that has been passed on from generation to generation, and it is as colourful as the island itself. If you ride across, you’ll find local men wearing batik sarongs and women wearing rainbow-hued batik sarees. From waxing to dying, every Sri Lankan batik garment are handcrafted. And no two designs are alike. As a result, it’s fair to assume that batik is Sri Lanka’s version of haute couture.


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5. Porcelain Tableware

Sri Lanka produces beautiful porcelain and ceramic ware thanks to its abundance of minerals and clay. Teacups, bowls, and even cutlery in simple and elegant styles are widely available in certain parts of the world. You will also find ones that are vivid and well-designed.

Credits – Unsplash

FYI – Noritake, a Japanese brand, has a large manufacturing and retail presence in Sri Lanka and is widely regarded as the best in the industry.

6. Elephant and Buddha Figurines

Sri Lankans are known for creating beautiful figurines out of wood, stone, and ebony. The intricately modelled Buddha and elephant statues are the most widely seen of these. Sri Lanka has a large Buddhist population, and elephants are associated with the country’s natural scenery and are hence highly esteemed. Visit one of Colombo’s nearby artisan villages or souvenir emporiums, which are brimming with items d’art, and browse the shops for your miniature jumbo to take home.

Credits – Pixabay

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7. Spices

Sri Lankan cuisine will have a smattering of locally produced spices, which have been the country’s crowning glory since the British period. The spicy concoctions in the local cuisine are a hit with the locals. The most common spice purchased by tourists here is cinnamon sticks, which is followed by turmeric, pepper, and cardamom.

PS – Pettah Market and Kandy Municipal Market are two of the best places to get these strong spices.

8. Dumbara Mats & Cane Boxes

Dumbara is a coarse cloth woven in geometric patterns that originates in Kandy’s villages. They’re woven together to make products like bags, mats, wallets, baskets, and lamps that are long-lasting. Since it’s a durable cloth, most items made of this cane-like fabric feature simple geometric patterns.

Where to buy:

In Colombo, Laksala and Barefoot will have a variety of Dumbara items to choose from. Baskets and crates can also be used in Kandy’s small local markets.

9. Antiques

Sri Lanka’s huge antique offering, which is almost as large as those selling jewels, provides a plethora of options for collectors of vintage pieces. There are a lot of old trinkets, dainty hats, candle stands, metal wall art, and pots and pans here. A visit here would undoubtedly tempt you to bring a few souvenirs home with you.

You’ll come across a variety of antique utensils, clocks, gramophones, and other items. Let me caution you: sifting through all of the merchandise in these stores takes a lot of time. It can feel like you’re on a treasure hunt.

Credits – Pixabay

10. Sri Lankan Paintings

Bring a mythological touch to your walls with Sri Lankan paintings. The paintings are created by the country’s many talented artists and depict cultural icons, celebrations, processions, and other impressions of local appeal. The paintings are vibrantly coloured and include a wide range of hues. The majority of them portray mythological scenes, such as royal processions and epic figures. Kandy’s Rangala House Gallery has a pleasant collection of paintings. Check out srilanka tour package from bangalore, srilanka tour package from mumbai , srilanka tour package from chennai, srilanka tour package from kerala.

Tips while shopping Souvenirs in Sri Lanka

  1. If you are looking to shop for gems and jewelry, make sure you visit a well reputed shop and ensure the necessary certifications are available for the product before purchasing
  2. Don’t hesitate to bargain while shopping. It is a very common practice to bargain in local shops, so that you get the products at a reasonable price.
  3. Be cautious about the regulations while purchasing any product made out of wildlife, better to avoid buying such products.

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Arts and crafts that have been handed down over the years make up a significant portion of Sri Lanka’s local finds. Tourists are expected to contribute to the survival of large groups of craftsmen and artisans who depend on their skills to make a living. Keep an eye out for certified brands while you’re out shopping. Visit Pickyourtrail to unwrap your excitement to travel international tour package. Reach out for Sri Lanka tour packages to make your trail magnificient.

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