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spa resorts in Georgia
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Spa Resorts In Georgia – Inhale Peace And Exhale Happiness

Once Anthony J. D’Angelo rightly said, “The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention”. Take a break from the roaring city life and head to the most luxurious spa resorts in Georgia, Europe. Georgia is a hippy place full of adventurous hiking trails, thrilling rides and fascinating wilderness. The thirst to explore this gorgeous county will be predominant. In order to help you, here is an extensive list of spa resorts that aims to offer peace and tranquillity to its guests in the best possible way.

beautiful streets and spa resorts in Georgia
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Sam Raan Spa & Wellness Centre

Visit the most luxurious spa resorts in Tbilisi, Georgia where you will feel relaxed. Sam Raan Spa & Wellness Centre offers mind-blowing spa therapies and wellness treatments from around the world. Experience the Oriental Hammam therapy, traditional Thai massage and Himalayan salt room therapy here. Also, peculiar techniques such as the European body wrap techniques, Dead sea floating and Asian herbal baths. After a peaceful session, jump into the indoor swimming pool, storm into the indoor fitness centre and live the best life in Georgia.

Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa

massage therapy in Georgia palace hotel
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Feel the touch of our very own Kerala at the Georgia Palace Hotel. Wondering how? This Black Sea resort in Kobuleti offers Kerala’s Ayurvedic therapies. Also, do not miss trying out the wide array of treatments such as body and face massage, wraps, facials and much more. The highlights of this spa include authentic Indian Panchakarma treatments, such as Abhyangam, Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Nasyam, Kizhi, and yoga. If you are not into traditional therapies, you can very well enjoy the infra-red sauna, hydro-colon therapy, anti-stress packages, and chocolate therapies.

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Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi

Hot water bath in Radisson Blu spa resorts in Georgia
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Anne Semonin Spa is one of the famous spa resorts in Georgia where nature and comfort meets. Since the spa is located on the top floor of the hotel, you can enjoy stunning views while relaxing at the spa. Head to the infinity swimming pool, saunas, steam rooms, and solariums to treat your body in the right way. Above all, you can purchase a one-hour massage pack and enjoy the other facilities at the hotel for free.

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Rixos Borjomi, Borzhomi

Do you miss home while travelling? Feel like home at the Rixos Borjomi spa resort in Georgia where comfort, luxury and cosiness meet. Take part in the revitalization programs hosted by certified professionals. These therapies will surely create a positive impact on your body. Also, try out the Finnish, Russian Saunas and the Turkish Hammam without fail.

Borjomi Palace Hotel, Borzhomi

With a variety of therapeutic spa packages, Borjomi Palace is the only spa resort in Georgia that focuses on curing health issues. Calm your mind and give you muscles a stretch while treating yourself with spa capsules. These capsules are made of mineral water, honey, chamomile and milk. The resort is also known for its wine hydrotherapy, hydro massage with steam and mud therapies.

Crowne Plaza Borjomi, Borjomi

Wellness therapy in Crowne Plaza
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Borjomi is naturally a town with many mineral springs. The resorts in this town make the best use of these mineral springs to offer extraordinary therapies to its visitors. The spa aims at curing your physical and mental illness. Enjoy the mineral water baths from natural springs, saunas, swimming pool and other treatments under one roof.

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Kvareli Lake Resort

Last but not the least, head to Kvareli Lake Resort which is one of the most beautiful spa resorts in Georgia. It is located in the mountains on the shore of Kvareli Lake. With two saunas, indoor and outdoor pools, and a fitness centre, the place is truly a perfect place to relax and refresh. Also, enjoy the utmost beauty of the lake and Alazani Valley while undergoing treatments at Kvareli Lake resorts.

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It is believed that sometimes the most productive thing you can do is just RELAX! These amazing spa resorts in Georgia will truly let you inhale peace and exhale happiness. Its time to press the pause button and step the stone towards tranquillity. Because at the end of the day, it’s the “ME-TIME” which matters the most. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Georgia right away! Check out Europe Tour Packages and plan your dream European vacation. Now you can contact us via Whatsapp and we are at your service! Let’s unwrap the world with Pickyourtrail!

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