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The 7 Most Amazing Spas in Baku For Relax and Rejuvenate

Baku is the capital city and commercial hub of Azerbaijan. It is a city with a coastline going by the Caspian Sea. It is famous for its medieval walled old town, which includes the Shiva dynasty’s palace, a vast royal complex and the iconic stone Maiden Tower.

Baku City
Image by Faik Nagiyev from Pixabay 

The tradition of Hamam in Baku is fascinating. There are many ancient hammams in the 12th, 14th and 18th centuries in Baku. Hamam plays a significant role in the architectural presence of Baku.

Most amazing spas for relaxing and rejuvenation, make Baku an obvious choice for Mud baths, naturally heated springs and the Swanki Hotel Spa and Wellness. Experience the wonderful spa massage with the Baku tour package!

Long ago houses had indoor bathrooms, hammams or natural springs not only a place for washing but also the centre of the social life of a community in Azerbaijan. Relaxing collectively in the water – and perhaps getting a healthy rub-down – was the excellent possibility to gossip and do business, not to mention clean up.

The social aspect of bathing has ended in Baku, particularly in the Old Town where communal, single-gender bathing is frequent. Join the new generation of bathrooms – the upmarket Hotel Spa – and you have found yourself a world-class spa destination.

Hamam in Azerbaijan is strictly divided according to the gender: some are for men only, some for women and some for both but on different days. While this isolation rule has been a bit relaxing since the Middle Ages – some male hammams now employ masseurs – the mixed bath is still not fully there.

Here are the Seven most amazing spas in Baku for relaxing and rejuvenation.

Atilla Fitness and Hammam Spa

Body Spa
Photo by alan caishan on Unsplash

The grand Atilla Fitness and Hamam resemble a historic palace, but behind the ornate stone facade, you will find thoroughly modern facilities. Enjoy a variety of traditional Azeri, Finnish and Russian bathing experiences between ice plunge pool, salt bath and steam room, front and back.

Atilla is a professional run, well-organized spa with a locker for your valuables, plenty of clean towels, and an efficient wristband system that you can show to the employees you’ve booked a massage. It gets busy over the weekend, so come early to avoid the crowds.

Eforea at Hilton Baku Spa

The Blue Glass Hilton looks out over the Baku business district and the waterfront, a little away from Old Town. The Eforea Spa is on the 23rd floor, wooing visitors through floor-to-ceiling windows in all rooms of the city. Here, there is an 18 meter (59 ft) indoor pool, a yoga studio, a Turkish Hamam plus whirlpool and sauna, with five treatment rooms and a spa suite. All treatment products have organic ingredients and, as this is only an adult place, you can guarantee a few hours of peace.

HammamBath Spa

If you have a traditional spa with painted domes, columns and marble fountains, then Hammabath suits the bill. The outside pool looks and seems like a lake – ideal if you’re swimming wild – but when you step inside, you’re treated to all the dishes of a traditional Azeri Hamam, which Contemporary architecture is one with a touch of nature. Hamambath is particularly popular with women’s groups, so plan to come here on a long weekend with friends.

Ağa Mikayil Hammami Spa

Ağa Mikayil Hammami Spa
Photo by:- wikimedia

Baku’s oldest functioning Hamam, Aga Mikayil Hamami, is from the 18th century. The spa is an atmospheric oasis located in the Old Town and an archway under the umbrella of rear vines. Beautiful Painting in warm tones on the arched interior is very attractive, and the ambience is pure and smooth. Go for the Hamam package, which includes an aromatic scrub made of coffee, honey, and salt, which makes your skin feel incredibly soft. Ağa Mikayil is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an authentic, less attractive spa experience. It’s amongst the amazing spas for relaxing and rejuvenation in Baku

Carol Joy SPA at Fairmont Baku 

Baku’s Flame Towers are the most iconic buildings on the city’s skyline. And inside one, you’ll get the 5-Star Fairmont Hotel and its fairly excellent spa. Divided over two floors, the Sky Garden, with its open-air swimming pool. And sun terrace offers spectacular views of the Caspian Sea. Inside the house, there is a yoga studio, a mosaic pool, an ice fountain and a sauna. These spa treatments designed by London-based skin and hair care specialist Carol Joy and will ensure that you feel Zen in Baku.

She-Bi Hamami Spa

Built-in the 19th century, Xi-Bee Hamimi was open only to female guests for its existence. Now, this is the most popping for men, especially for those taking a bath after bathing. She-Bee Hamami offers the most authentic, old-fashioned Hamam experience in Baku. Baathists only wear a towel to protect their modesty and plunge into the pool with a shave at the barbers. Sign up for a scrub, a therapeutic whip with twigs or a more gentle mochalka (wash with soap). Book your Azerbaijan tour package here!

Taze Bey Hamam Spa

The Teze Bey located in an extraordinary building that is more a museum than a bathhouse. The walls have a multitude of curios ranging from paintings of Stalin and temporary masks and symbols. 

In the words of travel blogger Praveer Mishra, “Whoever has decorated the place has a wonderful understanding”! Entrance tickets include Ezri and Turkish bath, ice room, sauna and pool access. You can pay extra to have your skin beaten with branches, scrubbed, massaged, or soaked with soap.

Azerbaijan’s old Hammam culture has waned in recent years. But many former residents of the city remember the weekly ritual of going to the city’s public baths with indifference.

Mud Spa
Photo by Ayurmana Ayurveda on Unsplash

Whenever you travel to Baku, let’s not forget to experience the Hamams if you are planning a trip to Baku. Allow us to craft your vacation. Our experts at Pickyourtrail will ensure to get you the most fantastic holiday experience of Baku. For incredible International tour packages and latest offers do visit us on and follow us on Instagram. Additionally, you can also chat with our destination expert though Whatsapp query.

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