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Sri Lanka in July
Written by Aiswarya Giridharan on June 13, 2023 Share on

Sri Lanka in July – Unlocking the travel desire

Happening to be one of the closest countries to India, Sri Lanka is the most preferred destination to Indians. This undissolved gem has the right amount of tradition, culture, religion and modernisation sprinkled. The spell of Sri Lanka is always welcoming. With almost 70% of the inhabitants following Buddhism, there is a rich flavour of Buddha and his teachings round every corner here. Withholding the warmth of locals, the coconut savoured dishes are another form of love Sri Lanka has! This country is warm throughout the year which makes it almost difficult to choose which month is a perfect time to visit Sri Lanka. Besides confusions, visiting Sri Lanka in July could be a right and let us justify this with reasons.

Weather in Sri Lanka in July

Sri Lanka in July weather is a monsoon season. The southwestern parts of the country including Colombo and Galle experiences this south-west monsoon. The Southern and Western parts of Sri Lanka experiences rainfall giving you relatively increased number of cool places to visit. Whereas the North-eastern parts are drier offering access to warmer locations. However, the cultural triangle is drier giving you reasons to hit on some sight seeing and living a magical beach life.

  • Temperature: Temperature this month is around 29 degrees Celsius.
  • Humidity: High humidity throughout the month with an average of 83%.
  • Sea Temperature: The average sea temperature in July is around 27 degrees Celsius; comfortable for a perfect swim.
  • Rainfall: Sri Lanka experiences a rainfall of 125 mm in July.
  • Sunshine Hours: On an average, Sri Lanka experiences 7 hours of daily sunshine this month.

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What to pack for your Sri Lanka in July Trip

Choose breathable outfits from your wardrobe if you are planning to visit the warmer regions. If you choose to climb the hills, pack comfortable long sleeves and sweaters that would keep you warm. Also, keep in mind the activities you plan to do at Sri Lanka. Choosing to visit temples requires you to pack conservative dresses. Pack other necessities depending upon the place you prefer to visit and the activity you choose do.

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Top 5 things to do in Sri Lanka in July

With alternating monsoons being in place, choosing things to do prior the visit is mandatory.

  1. Wake up and sail in the Catamaran in Trincomalee.
  2. Take a jeep and traverse through Yala National Park.
  3. Do some kite surfing at Kalpitiya. 
  4. Buy some tea at Nuwara eliya tea estates.
  5. Explore the marine life snorkelling.

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Top 5 places to visit in Sri Lanka in July


This cosmopolitan is a perfect getaway and has the essence of Sri Lanka’s culture in its every lane. Plunge into some serious shopping sessions. Since July happens to be an off season, bargain your best to take pieces of memories from Sri Lanka. Colombo brims with culture and has churches, mosques and temples everywhere. Make it a point to visit them and keep your cultural taste alive. The Sri lanka street foods, bistros and cafes should definitely catch your eye. Visit them to indulge your taste buds with some coconut savoured dishes. This place is generally the one you arrive first in Sri Lanka. So, make sure to hire a local tuk-tuk and enjoy this city the maximum before proceeding to any other place.

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Located in Sri Lanka’s northern-most peninsula, Jaffna is studded with sight seeing and tourist attractions. The Jaffna fort happens to have historical importance. This fort was built by the Dutch in the 17th century and has the touch of history right from the architecture to its withstanding power. Jaffna has the Nallur Hindu Temple which has its traditional importance and this festival of Nallur festival is celebrated this month. Near which is the Nagadeepa Buddhist Temple, a yet another place to imprint a happy visit. Checkout the Best time to visit Sri Lanka here.

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This place is has the right amount of beach magic in its air. The beaches of Uppuveli and Nilaveli with its coffee coloured sand and crystal blue water are a perfect beach getaway you will need this July. Dive into any colourful temple you come across to get a flavour of what exactly Sri Lanka heritage is all about. Don’t miss the Thirukonamalai Konesar Temple and the Temple of the Thousand Pillars in your list. We are here to customize your Sri lanka honeymoon packages and make your journey a memorable one.

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Visiting this place in post morning is not advisable as it is difficult to climb a rock under blazing sun. This place is designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sigiriya rock is 200 metres tall and has its own historical importance dating back to the 5th century AD. This rock has 1200 steps and needs a solid 2.5 hours to climb, get down and enjoy everything about the rock. Your sweat breaks can never get boring as it is filled with amazing paintings and panoramic views. Missing this place would create a peak in your happy curve.

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The taste of Buddhism is around every corner of Kandy. A fallen tooth has always been a childhood fantasy to every kid and now these kids grow to embellish their childhood by visiting the Tooth relic temple. The Kandy lake, historic three temple loop of Kandy and the flavourful coconut savoured dishes make it a worthwhile idea being at Kandy. Get a Kandy tour packages with us and enjoy your trip hassle-free.

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Festivals Of Sri Lanka in July

The Kataragama Festival, Aadi Vel and the Kandy Perahera are important festivals celebrated in Sri Lanka in July. Visiting Sri Lanka this time of the month will help you get to know the true importance Sri Lankans give their culture.

Frequently Asked Questions on Visiting Sri Lanka in July

Where to go in Sri Lanka in July?

Along with the top 5 places to visit suggestion, it is advisable to explore the north-eastern parts of the country. The south-western parts experience the south-west monsoon.

What is Colombo Sri Lanka weather in July?

The temperature in Colombo in July is around 30° / 26° (high/low) and 9 in 31 days would rain in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Is it safe to visit Sri Lanka in July?

Yes, though you may experience some unavoidable showers in south-western parts, the north-eastern parts and hilly areas are perfect time to be visited. It’s the ideal time to get outdoors in the north.

With so much reasons justifying, visiting Sri Lanka in July is an ideal choice. Visit pickyourtrail website to view some best Sri Lanka tour packages. You can also customise your itinerary – we can help you identify what you want!

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