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St. Andrews day, Cathedral
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All you need to know about St. Andrews Day in Scotland

Scotland is one well-refined place with hills in the countryside and the lush green landscapes around the country. This country in the United Kingdom has some of the perfect seascapes for a perfect break for your vacation. Take your own sweet time to explore through the seven cultural cities with its own attractions, restaurants and bars. One of Europe’s chief central countries is Edinburgh. It is one handsome city with great historical significance. The other cities are Glasgow, Perth, Aberdeen and many more. This country which so special and beautiful also celebrates one of the most offbeat days in their history. It is called St. Andrews Day. Keep reading to know about St. Andrews Day in Scotland.

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The beautiful landscape of Scotland.
Image Credits: Image by Frank Winkler from Pixabay

St. Andrews Day

Though Scotland shared the custody of Saint Andrews with Russia, Greece, Barbados and Amalfi, the Scottish people celebrate it in their own style on the 30th November 2020. By welcoming the winter season, they also celebrate their national saint with huge cheer and happiness. How do the scots celebrate the St. Andrews Day? Curious? Read on. . .

The apostle statue.
Image Credits: Image by AJ jaanko from Pixabay

Who is St Andrews?

According to the teachings of Christianity, Saint Andrews is one of Jesus’s 12 disciples. Both Saint Andrews and his brother were fishermen in Israel. They were also the first disciples of Jesus Christ himself. He also martyred all his beliefs like Jesus. But he did not accept the T shaped cross as the symbol, thinking himself as unworthy to be crucified like Jesus Christ. Instead, he was nailed upon an x shaped symbol on the 30th November 60 AD. Hence, the last day of November is the St. Andrews day. Sometime after his death, a few relics like his kneecap and fingerbone were still safe in Scotland. The St. Rule took all the relics west of the country and wherever the ship stops, a church had to be established. The building of the Saint Andrews Cathedral had all the relics but was ultimately led to damage due to the Scottish reformations.

St. Andrews Cathedral, Scotland
Image Credits: Image by kolibri5 from Pixabay

How is this day celebrated in Scotland?

Since the 1000 A.D, scots have been celebrating and feasting on the St. Andrews Day. One interesting fact is that the Saint has never set foot even once in the Scottish lands. Only in the 18th century, it was declared as a national holiday. Different religious people in Scotland, come together to celebrate this day differently. The annual Saltire Festival is a time where musical performances, 10 km run, crafting workshops, golf tournaments take place. Glasgow, however, celebrates it with a Torch procession. So wherever you are in the world, spend a minute or two celebrating this Saint Andrews on the 30th of November.

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Celebration of St. Andrews day
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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