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Strahov Library
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Strahov Library, Prague – Experience The Charm and Elegance

The very interesting fact about books is it is a very good friend to the one who owns it. That coming from a place that is filled with history is a place to look out for. Prague is the cultural, political and economic centre of central Europe with a rich history. It is the largest city of the Czech Republic. This is also the 13th largest country of the European Union. Prague is the home for many attractions which survived the violence and destruction of the 20th Century. Strahov library has preserved books which were more than 100 years old. For example, no one was allowed into the library with light after 7:30 PM. There was also a special place in Strahov library where their prohibited books were kept. Let us look into the Strahov library to know about the place more.

The interior of the Strahov Library

The interior of the Strahov Library | P.C – Google Images

The 5 Fact Section on Strahov Library:

1. After the 30 year war, several books were collected and they were stored in a new hall. This hall currently is called the Theological hall which was built in 1679.
2. The Hall, that was built in 1679, the now called Theological hall was built in the Baroque style. This was designed and built by Giovanni Domenico Orsi, a famous architect.
3. This library was important for the revival of the Czech National. This also became the most renowned in entire Europe by the 19th century.
4. The Library gained many books by the 17th and the 18th Century. They were all stored in the Philosophical hall built by Jan Ignaz Palliardi.
5. From the 16th to the 18th Century, more than 200,000 old copies of books were stored. There were also 3000 manuscripts and 1500 first prints.

Strahov Library Theological hall, Prague
Strahov Library Theological hall, Prague | P.C –

The Direction Guide To Strahov Library

This library is one of the most visited places in Prague which has many documentations of historical events with the most magical means which are the books. This Strahov Library is situated in the Strahov Monastery in Prague. This library is visual proof of how Prague as a city can even build libraries so much beautiful.

Strahovské nádvoří 132/1, 118 00 Praha 1-Hradčany, Czechia

By Tram:
The Closest station(s) available to the Strahov Library is the Malovanka Stop and the Pohorelec Stop. These are the services to reach the stop:
– Malovanka Stop: 22, 25, 97
– Pohorelec Stop: 22

By Bus:
The Closest stop(s) available to the Strahov Library is the Hladkov and Malovanka. The Bus service(s) that reach the stops are 143 (Malovanka) and 149 (Hladkov)

By Car:
If you come by a self-drive car, then the parking will be outside the Premises. The available paid parking near the Strahov Library is the Pohořelec square.

Picture Courtesy: Google Maps (Street View)
Picture Courtesy: Google Maps (Satellite View)

Timings And Tickets Info for Strahov Library:


The Cathedral is open all days with the timing set by the management of the library. The timings time are as follows:

Opening Hours:
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Lunchtime break:
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Holidays list:
24th of December (Christmas Eve)
25th of December (Christmas)
Easter Sunday


The entry ticket prices will be as follows:

Strahov Library only:
Adults – 150 CZK
Family – 300 CZK
(2 adults + max 3 children under 15 years)
Photography – 50 CZK
(No Flash)

Strahov Library and Gallery (only till 4 p.m.):
Adults – 280 CZK
Family – 500 CZK
(2 adults + max 3 children under 15 years)
Photography – 80 CZK
(No Flash)

Free Entry:
1. Physically challenged people with correct proof
2. Children under 6 years
3. Members of the Religious orders
4. Teachers for accompanying students

Late Spring or the early fall will be the best time to visit Prague as a destination. So we would recommend you to plan your visit between May – September.

There are no restrictions on the dress codes to wear to the museum. Wear your comfortable casual clothing to this absolutely delightful experience.


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