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Tea Plantation in Mauritius
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Tea Plantations in Mauritius: Dive into the Land of Tea and Tranquility!

There is something called walking with nature. There are certain places where you can actually experience that feeling. Mauritius is a tourist destination where you can actually walk, run, dive, sleep, and do everything with nature. You take a stroll in the tea gardens, and you will automatically like it. Tea plantations are great places to hike in too, as you will have your conversations with the tea pickers and gain more knowledge about tea and the process of making it. Let us have a look at the Tea Plantations In Mauritius before booking the perfect Mauritius package from India.

Bois Chéri Tea Mauritius (Tea Plantations In Mauritius)
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Tea Plantations in Mauritius

Tea plantations in Mauritius are one of the famous spots when you are on your Mauritius tourism exploration. A day tour amidst the tea plantations is something every tourist should experience while in Mauritius. Below is a list of tea plantations the visitors shouldn’t miss visiting and experience.

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Domaine des Aubineaux:

Tea Plantation in Mauritius
Image credits – Aniketh Kanukurthi on Unsplash

Established in the year 1872, this was a colonial house at first. Recently converted into a museum, the Domaine des Aubineaux is a museum on Tea making history for Mauritius. This Museum beautifully explains how the tea plantation has contributed to the modernizing of the Island on your Mauritius honeymoon trip packages. This also successfully explains how Mauritius has established an international connection through tea trade. The garden here is literally a storehouse of many tea spices. The Supply to the worldwide market of the production is done here. Tourists must surely visit the Tea Plantation to not just experience the natural scent but also know the history behind it.

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Bois Chéri (Tea Plantations In Mauritius)

Bois Chéri Plantation (Tea Plantations In Mauritius)
Image credits: Google images

This is the Largest tea-producing estate on the island of Mauritius. Since 1892, Bois Chéri has been the pioneer producer of tea. One would love to feel the smell of Mauritius, even at home. The Bois Chéri tea is a specific variety of tea which carries the essence of Mauritius all along. Bois Cheri just raised to a different level with the production of a new variety of green tea, and its most famous flavoured tea. A visit to this Plantation will certainly make your taste buds crave for the famous Bois Chéri tea. This is the most famous Tea plantation in Mauritius.

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Saint Aubin House

Saint Aubin House Mauritius
Image credits: Google images

Established in the year 1817, They were the eminent developers of ancient sugar. In order to compete with the remaining chunks of Modernization, the renovation took place. This is still one of the famous places as per the tourists. Visit the Tea plantation in order to see the panoramic view of the Plantation. It will be worth a visit. You will get to learn a lot. Visit this place both for its fresh aroma and raw taste.

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All these tea plantations have a common time of visit. It is between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Visit between these times to get most of the experience.

FAQs on Mauritius

Q: Where can I explore the main tea plantations in Mauritius?

A: The main tea plantations are located in the southern part of Mauritius. You can visit regions like Bois Chéri and the highlands around Grand Bassin.

Q: Is Mauritius a safe place?

A: Yes, Mauritius is considered as a safe place for travellers, but it is recommended to take normal precautions to safeguard belongings.

Q: Which currency is used in Mauritius?

A: Mauritian Rupee (MUR) is the official currency used in Mauritius.

Q: Why is Mauritius tea so unique?

A: Mauritius teas have a distinct flavour which has an essence of terroir, climate, and cultivation methods. The compelling aromas and tastes will surely take you to heaven.

Q: Which are the most popular tourist attractions of Mauritius?

A: Mauritius is a hub of splendid attractions, including Beautiful beaches like Belle Mare, Flic en Flac, and Le Morne, the famous Black River Gorges National Park, magnificent Pamplemousses Botanical Garden and must visit Chamarel Seven Coloured Earths.

Green is the colour of calmness, and that is the main reason hospitals are painted green. Visit the tea plantation for the same reason. Blend in more with nature. Customise your own vacation on PickYourTrail, and you can also check out the amazing Mauritius packages available. Our destination expert will help you build the best holiday.

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