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Tourist attractions in Assam
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Best Tourist Places In Assam – Explore Picture Perfect Locations

Assam, the land of wonders, is the best place to know the rich biodiversity of mother India. There are many tourist places in Assam that add beauty to this state. A place that is co-existing with nature will always feel and look beautiful. In that case, Assam is no exception. It is a place that no one should miss visiting at least once in their lifetime. Assam is one place where you will be able to see different sets of biodiversity that act as a major pulling factor, luring tourists to explore India. So here is the article on top attractions to visit in Assam.

Beautiful Sunset in Assam
Image Credits: Vikramjit Kakati from Pixabay

Top 6 Tourist Places in Assam

With Bhramaputra rolling down with its pristine water, and the aromatic scents of the tea fields, Assam is one of the best tourist destinations. It is one of the major contributors in the field of Tourism to India. Waiting to be explored, this state is one of the Seven Sisters of India. With a region with so many places to explore, anyone will have a doubt of where to start. So this article will give you a defined answer to it. So here are the top tourist places in Assam that should never be missed out.

1. Kamakhya Temple

If you are a religious person, then this is a place that you should start with. Otherwise, visit this to know about the rich culture and the history behind it. This is the Kamakhya Temple. Being one of the most famous temples for the goddess Shakthi, it is also one of the oldest in Guwahati. A truly amazing fact is that the river Brahmaputra runs red during the June month. This is said to be the mensurating blood of Goddess Shakthi. With one of the most amazing scenic views of the temple, this is always topping the list of Tourist places in Assam.

Timing: 5:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Entry: Free

Kamakhya Temple, The shrine of Goddess Shakthi
Image Credits: Google Images

2. Kaziranga National Park

One of the most famous wildlife parks in India, this national park is home to the rare one-horned Rhinoceros. This is a world heritage site and also the most important tourist place in Assam. Other than the rhino, the swamp deer, elephant, flying squirrels, gibbon, leopards and many more animals attract many tourists here. It will be a great experience if you could stay here a night and experience the park as a whole. You can take up different tours like the Jungle safari, the Elephant safari and also the Jeep safari. Housing a very dense population of the Bengal tigers, it is also a tiger reserve. What else do you need more to visit this place? Experience the true form of nature and wildlife at the Kaziranga National Park.

Open: 24 Hours
Tickets: 20 INR for Indians and 250 INR for foreign nationals

Kaziranga National Park, One of the best tourist places in Assam.
Image Credits: M Ameen from Pixabay

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3. Assam State Museum

Hailed as one of the biggest multipurpose museums in India, this museum is famous for its rich collection of Antiques. Built around the year 1940, this museum is also one of the oldest in Northeast India. For the ones interested in the rich culture and history of Assam, this is a must-visit attraction. This museum holds some of the most pre-historic sculptures, ivory painting, metalworks and also costumes. This museum is a wonderful visit as it holds different categories of the above-mentioned exhibits which makes it much more interesting. So this is a must-visit tourist place in Assam.

Timing: (Closed on 2nd and 4th Saturday) 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tickets: 5 INR for entry

Assam State Museum, Best tourist place in Assam to learn rich culture.
Image Credits: Google Images

4. Majuli Island

Boasting as the largest riverine island, Majuli Island has many heartwarming landscapes. It spreads up to a distance of 452 sq. km, while parts of the island that gets submerged during the monsoon seasons. The bigger islands like Auniati, Garamur and Kamalabari are always on the surface. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit while you are in Assam. With some of the most picturesque places where you will surely be spellbound, this is surely one of the best tourist places in Assam.

Majuli Island, The scenic beauty of Assam.
Image Credits: Zak261826 from Pixabay

5. Guwahati Planetarium

For the lovers of astronomy, this is a place to hit first. This beautiful building structure is a place never to be missed while in Assam. The Guwahati Planetarium lets you dive into the celestial space and makes you learn more about the universe. In the world of knowledge about the planets and the universe, Guwahati Planetarium is one of the famous planetariums. It is also a very popular astronomical research centre. You can learn a lot about the universe through the various seminars happening there. Flocks of people are attracted to see the eclipse and meteor showers when the arrangements are made. Visit this place to learn about planets and universe and also a good informative way to spend your time. Visit this planetarium while you are in Assam.

Timings: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tickets: 30 INR for adults

Guwahati Planetarium, the best tourist place for every science enthusiasts.
Image Credits: Google Images

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6. Kakochang Waterfalls

This magnificent wonder of the nature in Assam is surely a place to visit for all the nature lovers out there. Flowing down from the rubber and the tea plantations are the Kakochang waterfalls. This is an all-round place and there are tourists anytime you visit the falls. Giving a spectacular view of the stunning tea gardens and the ruins of the Numaligarh, this place gives a pleasant feeling to all the tourists visiting this waterfall. Spotted pretty closeby to the Kaziranga National Park, this is a place that is never to be missed out while you are in Assam. You will sometime think that all the waters are just pouring down from heaven. That’s how majestic and serene this location is. The time you visit here you will surely know how spectacular this place looks and will also give you a big turn around to your Instagram accounts.

This is one of the best tourist places in Assam. Visit this place for its mesmerizing beauty and its enthralling experience.

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Kakochang Waterfalls, Assam.
Image Credits: Google Images

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In a Nutshell

Assam is a place that gives you a feeling of coming back to the place how much ever you visit it. There is so much to explore in this land filled with natural beauty. Visit it with some of the best itineraries with the best Assam holiday packages by adding all these best tourist places in Assam. Also, do check out the Pickyourtrail website for more fresh content on travel.


Which is the most beautiful place of Assam?

Kaziranga National Park, Kakochang Waterfalls, Guwahati Planetarium and Majuli Island are some of the most beautiful places in Assam. The list is never ending. Apart from these there are so many more attractive places to visit in Assam.

Is Assam a good place to visit?

Yes, Assam is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India.

What is the famous in Assam?

Assam is well renowned for its Tea. Apart from that, Assam is also famous for its Silk, Wildlife and National parks.

Which month is best for Assam trip?

Plan your visit between November to May.

Is there snowfall in Assam?

Assam doesn’t experience snowfall.

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