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Thailand vs Maldives
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Thailand vs the Maldives – A vacation that will leave you spellbound

For all those tourists who are in a lookout for a breathtaking vacation, that’s most definitely going to give you an out of this world experience; Thailand vs the Maldives is a great option for you. Not only are both of these two of the most sought after travel destinations in the world; they also provide for the best of vacations. With Thailand packages from Indian and Maldives tour packages, you can undoubtedly visit both destination. Nevertheless, if you want to pick one, read further to know better.

So for those of you looking for the best of the best trips and can’t wait to venture out on out of this world experience,  Thailand vs the Maldives; makes for a vacation you’re sure to love. Find all that you may possibly want to know about both these regions, below.

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Thailand vs the Maldives

If you’re someone who would love a visit to both of these destinations and can’t seem to make up your find; we’ve given you everything you need, right here. Both Thailand vs the Maldives offer tourists with two entirely unique kinds of experiences. Your journey towards either of these places would entirely depend on the kind of vacation, you have in mind. 

Regardless of whether it’s the culture, tradition, food or the people; both places give tourists an opportunity to be part of a whole new experience. Tourists are sure to love both places but need to know what they’re heading into beforehand.

We’ve listed everything one may need to know about Thailand vs the Maldives; just for you.


One of the first things that come to mind, for those of you looking to travel, remains the currency of that particular destination. During your Thailand vs the Maldives vacation plans, both places have two unique currencies. While the currency used in Thailand remains the ‘Thai Baht,’ Maldives is known for its ‘Maldivian Rufiyaa.’ 

Tourists most definitely need to keep the currency of the destination in mind, during the course of their travel and carry adequate amounts of money, as well. 

Now that you know about currency in Maldives, do not miss out on Currency Exchange in Maldives.


When it comes to the visa process for both places, tourists are considerably lucky about the same. Thailand on one hand gives tourists the opportunity for visa stay for up to about sixty days, as well. As long as valid documentation has been provided and you’ve followed all of the protocols needed; your Thailand visa should reach you in about three to four working days.

Just when you think, the visa process could not get any easier; the Maldives has a rather exciting visa process in store for you. Tourists travelling to the region, do not have to avail any pre-arrival visa and are sure to gain their visa on arrival. As long as you’ve got the specified documentation in hand, tourists are sure to get their visa, once they’ve arrived on the island.

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It entirely depends on the kind of trip you’re wanting when you’re deciding on your Thailand vs the Maldives vacation plans.

Location & Weather

Tourists making their way to either region should keep in mind that weather is a major contributing factor and can either make or break one’s vacation. Though both Thailand vs the Maldives, offers tourists two entirely different kinds of vacations; tourists are sure to love every bit of their journey to both places. 

For those of you journeying towards Thailand, it would make the most sense for you to travel during the months of ‘May to September,’ which also happens to be the dry season in Thailand. This gives tourists the opportunity to explore the entire region, as well and make the most of their vacation. 

The best time to visit Maldives is during the months of ‘November to April,’ which also makes it the dry season in the Maldives. This also happens to be the most popular time for tourists to visit the Maldives, as they get to experience the true beauty of the island. 

Must Visit Places In Thailand

1. Koh Samui

The region of ‘ Koh Samui,’ is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit in Thailand. It makes for the perfect travel destination and is sure to leave you spellbound, every step of the way. 

2. Hua Hin

Hua Hin
Image Credit – Pixabay

Tourists making their way to ‘Hua Hin,’ are in for the most amazing of views, as they stroll through some breathtaking beaches. There are a plethora of activities and attractions for tourists to consider, right here. 

3. Krabi

For all those of you, looking for a surreal vacation and would love to soak in the beauty of nature, ‘Krabi,’ is just the place for you. Tourists are sure to love the region and want to travel right back here. 

4. Phuket

Much has been said about this amazing place and ‘Phuket,’ most definitely lives up to everything. For all you party animals out there, you know where you’ve got to stop by!

Must Visit Places in Maldives

1. Hulhumale Beach

The ‘Hulhumale Beach,’ is considered to be one of the best places to visit in the Maldives. Tourists who are on the lookout for a safe and fun haven can make their way here. 

2. Bikini Beach

If you’re looking for a great place for some amazing water sport activities and some amazing ambience as well, ‘Bikini Beach,’ is just for you. The place is undoubtedly one of the most happening regions in the Maldives. 

3. Fulhadhoo Island Beach

The ‘Fulhadhoo Island Beach,’ gives tourists the opportunity to soak in all things amazing. It provides for the best of experiences, especially if you’re on your Maldives honeymoon are looking for some quality time together. 

So, be sure to head over to this place and experience an unforgettable vacation. You’re sure to love every bit of your visit to this amazing island.

There are a number of experiences that tourists can be part of during the course of their travel.  Have you been finding a read through this blog beneficial? Can’t wait to plan your vacation? Check out some of the best Maldives packages from India or Thailand packages from India and book your dream vacation with Pickyourtrail today!

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