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8 Scariest Roller Coaster Rides In The World

If you thought roller-coasters are only meant for kids – think again! Modern day roller-coasters are anything but child’s play. With free falls, super speeds and zero-gravity experiences, they provide a veritable adrenaline rush, which can get the hardiest among us to scream at the top of our voices.

The notion of a ride purely for “amusement” first started in Russia sometime in the 16th century. At that time, people rode down large ice slides in wooden sleds for fun. In the early 1800s the French improved upon the design by adding rails, over which the sleds or cars, could travel down the slope. And thus was born the roller coaster in its most basic avatar. Here we present a handpicked list of the fastest, tallest, longest, craziest coasters in the world, to tempt the child and adrenaline junkie hidden within you.

1. Formula Rossa, UAE


The Formula Rossa is situated in the Ferrari World Theme Park in the UAE. Maintained by multiple time Formula 1 championship winners, Ferrari, it is no wonder that this coaster is the fastest in the world.


Riders reach a speed of 240km/h in less than 5 seconds – the actual speed that an F1 car reaches in races. The track has a total length of 2,000 metres, though you will hardly be able to tell due to the super-fast ride. Riders have to wear special safety goggles to protect their eyes against insects and other flying debris, thus making it an even more authentic F1 experience. This ride has been the fastest in the world since November 2000.

2. Kingda Ka, USA

Tallest Coaster | Longest Vertical Drop


Located in the Six Flags Great Adventure Park, Jackson, NJ in the USA, Kingda Ka is the tallest coaster in the world. Measuring 456 feet, it provides the longest vertical drop to its riders, at 418 feet from the ground. This coaster has held this world record since 2005.

To traverse this amazing drop of 418 feet, riders are plunged down from the top and reach a speed of 206km/h in less than 3.5 seconds, experiencing free fall. This incidentally, is also the second fastest speed attained on any coaster in the world. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “my heart rose into my throat”!

3. Gatekeeper, USA

Tallest Inversion

gatekeeper_2Flickr/Jeremy Thompson

An inversion on a coaster is where the riders are fully turned upside down with their heads pointing to the ground and feet towards the sky. Located in Cedar Point Park in USA, The Gatekeeper boasts of the highest such point where riders are inverted – at a whopping 170 feet above the ground.

The inversion is followed by a dive drop, a near weightless experience, which is sure to make even the most intrepid adventurers scream their lungs out. The Gatekeeper has been holding this record since May 2013.

4. Full Throttle, USA

Tallest Vertical Loop


The ride Full Throttle is located in Six Flags Magic Mountain in the United States. Among all coasters with an inversion, this has the highest complete loop, and is second only to the Gatekeeper in height.

full-throttle_2flickr/Jeremy Thompson

The height of the inverted loop is 160 feet from the ground, and it is truly a gut-wrenching experience. This ride has been holding this record since June 2013.

5. The Smiler, UK

Most Inversions

smiler_1flickr/Jeremy Thompson

As if one tall vertical inversion wasn’t bad enough, this one has 14 of them in a single ride! The Smiler – with its rather ironic name – is located in Alton Towers in the UK and is sure to make you beg to stop. Be sure not to eat anything before you foray into this topsy-turvy experience.This ride has held the record for the maximum number of inversions in a single ride since May 2013.


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6. Steel Dragon 2000, Japan

Longest Coaster


The Steel Dragon 2000 is located in Nagashima Spa Land in Japan. While most roller coaster rides get over in a few seconds, this ride has the distinction of being about 4 minutes long! It has the longest track in the world – 2,479 metres. It has held this record since August 2000.
The Steel Dragon 2000 hurtles its riders at a top speed of 153km/h, which is the sixth fastest in the world, in spite of lasting the longest. It also includes a 306 foot fall, which is sure to get your heart thumping.

7. The Griffon, USA

Tallest Floor-less Dive


Imagine hurtling towards the earth in free fall, without any floor to support your feet! That is the experience provided by this ride. Located in Busch Gardens, Virginia, USA, The Griffon is not for the faint of heart.

It provides its riders with a 90 degree free fall from a height of 205 feet above the ground. That is akin to falling from a 20-storey building! Not only that, the coaster also has the sixth highest vertical inversion in the world at 146 feet.

8. Takabisha, Japan

Steepest Coaster


The Takabisha in located in the Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyoshida, Japan. It is an engineering marvel and is a coaster with a maximum vertical angle of 121 degrees for its riders. It is a truly gravity-defying experience and is sure to get your adrenaline going.This ride has been holding this record since July 2011 and has a total of 7 vertical inversions. Are these crazy roller coasters tickling your adrenaline buds? Reach out to Pickyourtrail for amazing adventure deals!

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