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Amber room
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 19, 2020 Share on

The Amber Room – A wonder locked in a Room

Bored with beaches and parties? Its time to take a Royal visit to Russia. Russia is the largest country in the world has a lot to offer. One such place which you couldn’t imagine skipping out of your itinerary is the Amber room. The very name, Amber room itself gives you a rich feeling. The moment you enter you will be amazed. The reconstructed chamber is decorated with Amber panels, walls coated and made of gold, luxury artefacts that prove the wealthy bureaucracy as its best. The ceiling filled with jewels will make you pinch yourself to see if it is a dream. This place is such a beauty that never fails to attract visitors. 

Amber room in Catherine palace
Image Credits: Flickr

History of Amber Room – Let’s get to the roots to find its birth

The original Amber Room was first made in Berlin and was designed between 1701-1711. It was constructed by the Danish amber craftsman Gottfried Wolfram. Peter the Great visited the room and was admired by its magnificent beauty. It was gifted to Peter the Great in 1716 from the king of Prussia,  Frederick William I,  presenting a Prussian-Russian Alliance against Sweden. In 1755 it was shipped to Catherine Palace, near St. Petersburg. Post the 18th-century renovations, the room was sparkling with six tons of Amber and other priceless stones. The room is estimated to worth 142 dollars today.

Amber room
Image Credits: Flickr

During WWII, officials at the Catherine Palace hid the national treasure in an attempt to save it from the Nazi army. However, the Nazi army brought it all back to Germany and successfully exhibited at Königsberg Castle museum on the Baltic Coast. Surprisingly after the end of WWII, those treasures were not found in the Königsberg Castle museum.  Strange right?  The museum was empty and many historians, treasure hunters, and art lovers have gone in search of the lost Amber Room, looking in silver mines and shallow waters, investigating stories of shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea. The lost treasure hasn’t been found still and remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, the reconstruction work began in 1979 at the Catherine Palace and was not completed till 2003. The new version of the room was revealed and later became open to the public. The museum was highly celebrated as one of the major tourist attractions in Europe with a high number of visitors every year. 

Attractions of Amber Room

Amber Room - The ceiling
Image Credits: Flickr
  • The gold-plated room itself is a wonderful attraction for the visitors. Inside the room, there are even more things which will attract you. Get ready for some Royal clicks!
  • The 2003 new version Amber room has many modern changes and some pieces of artefacts from the previous Amber room have been managed to be restored.
  • The extraordinary architectural features include Amber panels, gliding, carving, gold leaf, gemstones, and mirrors which are all been highlighted with candles lights.

The statues of Angels and Children along with some of the statues at the corner of the walls are some of the designed featured which pulls a huge crowd in the room.

Entry Ticket

Admission fee for adults –  720 RUB
Schoolchildren above the age of 16 years –  360 RUB
Visitors under age 16 – Free Individual guided tour – 5,000 RUB
Individual guided tour – 5,000 RUB

Timings to visit  Amber Room

It is mainly open from 12 Pm till 4:30 PM. Anyways the timings vary in different months due to the climatic conditions and other factors. 

Lost treasure of History
Image Credits: Vocal

Never miss the golden opportunity to visit the golden room. Get awestruck on every turn of the room. Learn more about the history and witness the richness by yourself. Reach out to our travel consultants and we could help you plan an amazing vacation. Customize your own itinerary with Pickyourtrail. Remember, we are just a ping away from you to plan your vacation.

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