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Where can Indians travel right now?

Updated on June 29, 2021

Huh yes, it’s been a year of the pandemic. And still, travel feels like something to dread, Isn’t it? The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has led many countries to lock their borders for travelers from India. However, there is hope. Yes, here is the list of countries that have opened borders for visitors from the Indian country. Are you tired of dealing with the virus and yearning to travel? If you’re wondering if it will be possible to plan a week in Paris or Iceland? Wanna take a cruise ship or roam around the countryside? How about celebrating Christmas abroad? All you need to do is know the travel requirements and pack your bags. We present to you the list of countries where Indians can travel right now.

Even now, travel is heavily restricted in countries around the world. These countries allow Indians to travel with a specific list of travel requirements and updated restrictions. Vaccine passports are slowly becoming the new trend and few countries have started to accept them as well. This is also a soft reminder to get your jab if you are not yet vaccinated. Here’s the list of countries where Indians can travel right now :

I have an Indian Passport. Where can I travel right now?



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The beach is calling and are you ready? Yes, the first green signal is from the Maldives! The Ministry of Tourism tweeted yesterday about the re-issuing of tourist visas to Indians from July 15th. As the second wave of Covid 19 slowly subsides, the beach paradise has opened its borders for Indian tourists. Restart all your dreamy beach holiday plans and pack your bags to luxurious beach resorts. Hey Newlyweds, it’s the time for a romantic Maldives honeymoon. The gentle sea breeze will cajole you as you sit by the sunset villa gazing at the beautiful natural phenomenon. Lose yourself in the sound of palm leaves swinging here and there. Relish a romantic candlelight dinner with your special someone and reveal your love. All Indian tourists must submit a negative RT-PCR test before entering the Maldives. Keep watching this space for more updates on the travel requirements to the Maldives. Meanwhile, why don’t you plan your Maldives Holiday?

Maldives resorts
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How about visiting quaint little towns amidst alpine forests with mirror-like lakes? Yes, we’re talking about the spectacular Swiss! Switzerland has opened its borders for ‘fully vaccinated’ Indians. The wait is over now. Got both jabs of the Covishield vaccine? Perfect, then all you need is a valid Schengen Visa, your vaccination certificate, and your backpack! You can enter the country and start exploring around right away as there is no need to quarantine upon arrival if you are fully vaccinated. So dear Indian travellers, gear up! It’s time to travel to Swiss! In addition to this, the country does not ask for you to submit an RT-PCR test report but the airline might require you to carry one to allow you check-in smoothly. Be it a honeymoon or a family vacation, I bet this is going to be worth the wait.

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Swiss is open for indians
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Turkey is now open for Indians. Isn’t that a great piece of news? Turkey is a dream destination for many Indians. If your yearning to visit the Topkapi Palace and taste amazing dishes from Turkish cuisine, Plan your Turkish holiday from India right away! Here are the travel restrictions for travellers from India.

  • You need to submit an RT-PCR test taken 72 hours prior to your departure from India.
  • A 14-day institutional quarantine is mandatory for all travellers arriving in Turkey.
  • You will be quarantined in a well-equipped health care facility centre in Turkey.
  • In addition to this, all Indian travellers must undergo an RT-PCR test on the fourteenth day.
  • After that, you are free to roam around and can leave the travellers health facility centre after you have tested negative.
Hot air balloons
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Ah yes, The time to visit Turkey is Now! Explore your dream destination just the way you like it with Pickyourtrail. Go check out the stunning beaches, Istanbul’s nightlife, majestic mosques, beautiful museums and many more!

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Planning for a honeymoon to Reykjavik? How about building a snowman with your loved one? Yes, start planning your dream vacation right away. Because it has opened its doors! If you are fully vaccinated you can travel to Iceland. All travellers must have to submit their vaccine certificates upon arrival. In addition to this, you must also submit a negative RT-PCR test taken prior to their departure. Once you reach Iceland, you will have to take the RT-PCR test once again. The Iceland Government will exempt you from quarantine after you test negative for Covid-19. And then, you are free to roam around Iceland! Go glamping or choose to stay on a holiday farm in Iceland.

Northern Lights in Iceland
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Russia has opened its borders to Indian travellers now. You can apply for a Russian tourist visa which is valid for up to 30 days and roam around the country just the way you like it. Like many countries around the world, the Russian government requires all travellers to submit an RT-PCR test. This test needs to taken three days prior to your arrival in Russia. In addition to this, you must also take a test at the airport. You can proceed to explore around once you are tested negative. In case you are tested positive, you can proceed with treatment at the local hospital. This winter, plan an amazing vacation to Russia, and don’t miss to pose before St. Basil’s cathedral!

where can Indians travel
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South Africa

This is surely happy news and a great relief to travellers from India. The South African Government has not imposed any major COVID travel restriction for Indians right now. However, there are only a few flights operating to South Africa. All Travellers are required to submit an RT-PCR test which is taken 72 hours prior to the departure time. In addition to this, travellers must also submit their proof of accommodation on arrival as well. Go greet the majestic lions at the Lions Park in South Africa soon! In addition to this, you can also witness the amazing landscapes, wildlife, wineries, stunning beaches, and its beautiful cities and more.


How about greeting the Egyptian mummies early this winter? No, this isn’t a joke. Egypt has opened its borders for Indians. This popular tourism destination only requires a rapid DNA test for COVID-19, which has to be taken upon arrival. The rapid DNA tests results will be shared quickly. And if Indian travellers are positive for COVID-19, you will have to isolate yourself before you proceed inside the country. You can rent a felucca and roam around the beautiful country. Egypt is blessed with many fun things to do and its waiting for you to explore.

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