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People seeing the Chocolate hills
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The Chocolate Hills – Relive The Childhood Dream in the Philippines

A Hill of Chocolate, Already feeling like you are in some wonderland? You can make it to that in reality with the geological marvel in the Philippines, the Chocolate hills. The Philippines generally attracts people from all around the world for its culture, heritage and food. Beyond all these, the Philippines is also known for its geological attractions. Do you know that there are 7107 islands in the Philippines? One such other fascinating thing about the place is the Chocolate Hills. The name of the hills is not because of the presence of chocolate but it is due to the brown colour of the hill which gives an aesthetic chocolaty look in Summer.

The Chocolate Hills in the Phillipines
Photo by Christine Wehrmeier on Unsplash

What makes the Chocolate Hills Special?

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol is one of the most popular sites in the Philippines. There are more than 1250 conical hills. The geological formation has bewildered geologists due to its peculiar formation. The height of the hill ranges from 30 to 120 metres and it covers over an area of 50 The hills are present over the towns of Carmen, Batuan, and Sagbayan in Bohol. Even though every hill is unique in structure and composition, when looked from a remote point they all seem to be symmetrical. Sounds cool, right? It will be cooler to witness the sumptuous landscape in person which will make you fall in love with the craftsmanship of Mother Nature.

An aesthetic view of Chocolate Hills in the Phillipines
Photo by Jacky Lo on Unsplash

The Tale of The Hill

There are many myths and stories about the chocolate hills among Filipinos. Generally, the Filipinos are known for their legends surrounding a specific place particularly if there is no history for a place or proper science behind it. One may say that these tales were told to feed the curiosity of children but there are people who believe them to be true.

There are interesting stories for the origin of these hills as well. According to myths, There were two giants who fought with each other using Rocks, Sands and Boulders ( And, there you go, we got another version of Rock, Paper and Scissors! ). These fight between these giants led them messing up the landscape into a series of hills which we know as Chocolate Hills.

The other tale that goes around regarding the formation of these hills again involves a giant. This time it was a heartbroken giant who kept on weeping that the giant’s tears turned out to be limestone hills. Got to feel sad for this guy! If you are waiting for a non-giant myth, here it is, but spoiler warning! it involves some repugnant stuff. This story is simple and it says that the hills were formed from the dried faeces of carabaos. Yuck!!

The Boring Reality

As much as the above myths are so interesting, there are geological theories which are widely accepted scientifically for this strange formation. The explanation is that the hills were formed due to the weathering of marine limestone. This was caused by many natural causes such as rainfall and subaerial erosion. You can also see a display in the town of Carmen describing the geological formation. They say that these were due to erosion of limestones which were squeezed above sea level and fractured due to tectonic occurrences. There is also a scientific theory that the earlier coral reefs raised from the waters due to geologic shift and formed the hills. It is up to you on believing on the Scientists or the Giants. But, one thing for sure is that it is an astounding place that is worthy of a visit.

Things to know about the Chocolate Hills

If you want to admire the chocolaty looks of the hill, you should visit them in the dry season. This dry season begins at the end of November and continues unto May. Always keep a check on the weather when travelling to the Philippines as it tends to have unpredictable weather. There are two spots where you can have the best view of the hills. The viewing deck of the Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen and the Sagbayan Peak offers the picturesque view of the Hills.

People witnessing the Chocolate hills
Photo by Brett Andrei Martin on Unsplash

The Chocolate Hills is arguably the eighth wonder of the World. It has been accredited as the country’s 3rd National Geological Monument, truly deserving the name. Check out on this and many other marvellous aspects that the Philippines offer. Start planning your trip to the Philippines with Pickyourtrail. Maligayang Paglalakbay!

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