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Outside of London Dungeon
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The London Dungeon – Not For The Weak-Hearted!

London is a city of dreams and it is almost a dream of every travel lover to pay a visit to this startling city. While there are many attractions in the city such as Big Ben, The London Eye and much more, the value of the London Dungeon is mostly known by hindsight. It is one of the underrated tourist attractions in the city but a totally worthwhile place to visit with your family or friends. You would have a great time and also learn a bit of history while you are there.

Image of the outside of the London Dungeon
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The place recreates some of the scariest, gory and terrifying things showcasing horror and torture. There are many rides available at Londn Dungeon and you can choose the ride based on how much fright you can resist. You can see the 1000 year history of London recreated by 18 shows with a handful of actors. There are 3 rides and the rides can be scary as hell and can be just an uncanny fun which implies that any type of people will have fun here. The dark humour side of the English is preached by the mind-blowing special effects that they use in this place. 

Top London Dungeon Attractions

Many of the darkest tales in the city’s history lie in the London Dungeon. You can experience the “thrills and chills” through various attractions available over the course of the tour.

1. The Descent

It is a historical tour where you can know about the 1000 years old history the London Dungeon while you make the way down into the dungeon using an antiquated lift. The settings are based on the 16th Century and you will end up on the docks of River Thames.

Inside of the London Dungeon
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2. The Tyrant Boat Ride

The Tyrant Boat Ride is an optional water ride at the London Dungeon. It involves a scary trip from the Thames to the Tower of London. The ride is themed on the fury and rage of Henry VIII for conspiring with Anne Boleyn. It will give you a spooky experience of darkness, wavy waters, scurries of rats and the foul stink of sewage which gives you an immersive sense for the course that many traitors made during the reign of Henry VIII. People with broken limbs, a broken neck and pregnant women are not recommended to take this ride. Also, the participants with a height of less than 1 metre should be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

3. The City Gates

Once you have come past the swords of the executioners in the boat ride, you will face the executioner’s apprentice. This is a less scary part and it is an interactive experience where you will be explained on who has the perfect head for chopping and an insight into the crimes that had led to your dead way.

4. The Torture Chamber

This chamber leads from the shady, rat-filled tunnel and weaves back underneath the city. It will let you know how punishments looked like in the 17th century. It is very scary and an adventure laden with goosebumps.

5. Whitechapel Labyrinth

The Whitechapel Labyrinth is a puzzling maze with cries around leading you outside. The trick is to move swiftly and avoid losing yourself to the fear.

6. The Tavern

With crossing all the obstacles that have been put in front of you, all you deserve is a sip of beer and some munchy bites. This experience takes you back to 1896 where you will be in in a vibrant, wicked and dodgy pub with the gossips and scandals surrounding the local rogues, villains and working girls unwinds around you. And yes, you should be 18 years are older to consume alcohol. 

Entrance of the London Dungeon
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London Dungeon is more than just murders and mysteries. It also gives you an opportunity to discover the history of the plague in London and the mayhem during the 17th century. You can also visit the personified characters such as Jack The Ripper and Sweeney Todd. Hurry and customise your vacation to London or check out various London tour packages at Pickyourtrail and choose the package that suits you best. It is yet another reason to visit the city of London to experience its enchanted face. Happy London Travels!

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