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Eiffel tower
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Things to Know Before Visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Paris is one of the most sought over destination across Europe with its most beautiful weather, people, food and architectures. The capital of France, it boasts of the famous Eiffel Tower known to everyone in this Earth. With an charming blend of romance, adventure, architecture and culture it is sure to amaze any couple or family looking for a romantic vacay.
Visiting the huge masterpiece of Eiffel Tower would be part of every person’s bucket list. How soon are you looking to go there? We all hope that this Corona times gets over fast and you can go and have the best time of your life. Gustave Eiffel built this most iconic historical master work, which is the most recognisable in the Paris skyline. By the way, did you know the fact that this extraordinary art was just built in 2years, 2months! Doesn’t it sound like quite a technical feat in the 19th century itself? Read on to understand some of the things to know while visiting the Eiffel Tower..and the things to take care, how to get there, how to save time and the best weather as well!


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1. Book Tickets in Advance

If you are to visit this great marvel, we would recommend you to obviously book the tickets in advance. Cause who would want to wait 60-90 mins long in the queue with the crowd and your tummy growling! Booking the ticket online in advance in not a huge thing after all. You can check out their various ticketing options available, like you just want to walk and take the stairs, or if you want to get a ticket only till the second level. Everything works. But, don’t forget to get a ticket in advance. We don’t want you to go there and worry regretting why you didn’t get the tickets in advance. You would be asked to show a printed ticket upon arrival at the Eiffel tower or a ticket’s bar code also would be perfect for entry.

eiffel tower
Image Credits : Unsplash

2. Stay safe from the pick-pocketers

Keep your hands on your wallet and make sure you have your important documents and money all zipped tightly into your pocket. No matter how posh and vibrant the place looks, you will have a couple of hawk-eyed guys waiting to lay their hands on your wallet. Surely, you wouldn’t want to lose all your money and get stuck in a foreign country. You have to be extra careful not only near the sight seeing places but anywhere in Paris. We have a couple of bad first hand experiences from the tourists, sadly.

3. Everything from top to bottom

Make the most of your visit to this Iconic tower and not miss anything from top to bottom. The whole structure has around 3 levels, with each level providing a totally different view. The first level is only 200feet above the ground level, and is not at all difficult to climb above even through stairs. The topmost level sits at 900feet above the ground level and provides a bird’s eye view of the entire city. Around the evening you would be mesmerised to see the view from above. They also have one level in between which is 400 feet above the ground. Do make sure you go with the full stomach, cause you wouldn’t want your tummy growling while you do the tour! Plus walking all the way upstairs and clicking your Instagrammable pictures, might leave a little drained.

You can climb up and look for the secret hideout room built by Gustave Eiffel. You would be amazed to see a well cozy, well-furnished room at the top level, the third level. It is open for the visitors now where you can check out the view from the top. Gustave used it back then to relax and to use it as a secret hideout to stay away from the pesky people and have some ME-TIME!

eiffel tower
Image Credits: Unsplash

4. Get down by the stairs

Do check out all the levels of the tower cause nothing would be worse than missing out on any floor. But, if you have time constraints and you have an early check-in at the hotel the same day. You might have to miss on any floor, then touring till the second would be satisfying enough. They provide the best view as it is low enough to identify and check out all the iconic landmarks around the city and high enough to feel like the top of the world.
You might see a lot of crowds around the elevators. Since the climb up might be a little tiring if you do it by stairs so take the elevators for the levels above. Whereas it is preferable you take the stairs while climbing down as you would be able to avoid the overcrowding elevators. Plus, you can also marvel at beautiful views while walking down the stairs. And moving between each level takes max to max 5-10mins, and won’t leave you with a sense of exhaustion.


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5. The Golden hour

Don’t miss out on the best time to visit the Eiffel tower, which is basically around sunset time. Anyone who has been to the Tower definitely would have posted an Instagram picture of the city below during the Golden hour. You can watch the small town glistening in the mellow hues of the setting sun. And the skies throwing in a whole lot of colors. Make sure you stay there until sunset to be enchanted by the beauty that it has to offer. Make sure you do the advance ticket booking for the visit. Then you can check out the local time when the sun sets during that month and proceed accordingly.

6. After the up and down the tower

Go grab some cheese and sandwich after you are done with the 3-4 hours long trek. You would find a couple of small cafes and restaurants when you come down. Make sure you click a couple of videos on the way down the elevator in the Eiffel Tower. Ofcourse, we all know none of the picture or video would do any justice to the marvel right in front of your eyes. But, at-least you when you go back home you can show off to your friends and relatives and kids!

eiffel tower at night
Image Credits: Unsplash

Exploring the Eiffel Tower would be the top highlights of anybody’s vacation to France. Marvel at this beautiful iconic architecture that would surely leave an impact upon you even after you leave the place. Looking at the sunset view from the top of the tower, you would be mesmerised by the picture-perfect view it has to offer.
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