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Written by Abimanyu Srikanth on November 7, 2019 Share on

Things Not Allowed On International Flights: A Masterpost

So you’ve decided on your vacation and booked the flights, hotels and the activities. Now all that’s left is to pack and set out on your journey. However, if you aren’t keen on a debate with the airport security about the importance of taking grandma’s homemade pickle on your trip to Athens, there are a few things you should know. Find out what kind of luggage you can carry on an international flight, what you cannot and some that you absolutely should not! It might look like I am coming on too strong, but some things are absolutely not allowed on international flights!

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The luggage that you take on your flight is of two types:

  1. Carry-on or Cabin luggage
  2. Checked luggage

Carry-on or Cabin Luggage

As the name indicates, this is the personal baggage that you carry along with you and take into the flight cabin. Carry-on luggage usually includes a personal bag and one personal item (like a laptop, tablet, jacket, etc.) The bag should weigh 8 kgs or lesser, and be of the dimensions 22″x 18″x 10″.

🙂  What You Can Carry  🙂

 Anything that is really valuable to you and things that you would prefer not to get stolen or damaged should be taken along in your carry-on.

 Cash, cheques, electronic devices, jewelry, medication, and other personal items are best kept in your carry-on bag. Pack it compact enough to be placed under the seat before you.

 Any liquid that you bring on the flight should be in 100ml or smaller bottles and must be placed in a ziplock bag.

 For any liquid purchase at the duty-free shop in the airport, like perfumes and most importantly, alcohol, you can have them in your carry-on even if they exceed the 100ml limit, which they usually will.

🙁  What You Can’t  🙁

  Dangerous, sharp objects, acid, inflammable liquids, generally anything that can be used as a weapon. Your fists of iron are not a weapon, in this case.

  Liquid over 100 ml, including medication, must be checked with the airline authorities beforehand.

  Meat, food, vegetables and agricultural products will be confiscated in most airports, so don’t bother.

  Sporting equipment, tools and the like.

  Not more than one lighter. A good call on the authorities’ part, since you are probably going to end up losing it anyway. One lost lighter > Many lost lighters.

Basically, don’t carry heavy things that will unnecessarily add to the weight of your carry-on.

Checked Luggage

Anything that is heavier and can’t be taken in your carry-on bag will be taken as checked luggage. You can carry luggage of around 25 kg in economy class, 35kg in business class, and 45kg in first class as checked luggage, with airlines charging extra amounts for each additional kg. So pack smart!

🙂  What You Can Carry  🙂

 Most of the items that you aren’t allowed to take in your carry-on can be packed in your checked luggage, as seen below

 Sharp objects like your knives, swords and the usual. Just make sure to wrap them up safe so the baggage handler doesn’t get accidentally skewered by your katana.

 Tools and sporting equipment, though the latter might get counted as additional luggage and must be checked separately.

 Liquid. Lots and lots of it. There are no 100ml restrictions for non-flammable liquids or medicines in checked luggage. Make sure they are packed and sealed securely.

🙁  What You Can’t  🙁

  Anything that is explosive, poisonous, corrosive, radioactive, ugly (THAT cashmere sweater with THOSE shoes? you can do better, Karen) cannot be taken even in checked luggage.

  Compressed gases are a strict no-no. As are bleaching peroxide and other chemicals.

Here is a more detailed list of things that you can’t bring on international flights.

For Air India’s rules on items banned on their flights, click here. And here are some travel tips from the United Staes of America’s very own Transportation Security Administration.

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