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Colombo with Kids: 8 Fun-Filled Activities

The capital city of Sri Lanka is quite new to the kid-centred activities as it generally used to serve as the commercial and trade capital. But nowadays due to the need in the tourism industry, they have started shifting their focus towards the family audience with kids. There are plenty of activities a family can indulge themselves in. Starting from Museums to visiting temples or else taking time with the locals to understand the country in depth. There are places where you can spend time in the evening walking and having some taste of authentic food. Since its a capital city there will be crowd all the time but with a proper understanding of the peak timings of each sight, waiting can be avoided thereby saving your precious vacation time. Keeping all this in mind we have curated the best things to do in Colombo with Kids.


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8 Best Things to Do in Colombo with Kids

  • Viharamahadevi (Victoria) Park
  • Galle Face Green
  • Colombo Fort
  • Gangaramaya Temple
  • Colombo National Museum
  • Barefoot Garden Cafe
  • Mount Lavinia Hotel and beach
  • Buba Beach Seafood Restaurant
  • Sri Lanka Air Force Museum
  • Waters Edge

1. Viharamahadevi (Victoria) Park

Victoria park srilanka, colombo park
Source: Google Images

In a busy city like Colombo where all the travel exchange happens, establishing a park-like Victoria Park takes some bit of planning. It is the best green space where you can spend some quality time inside the city. One can easily spend an hour or two in this place, having kids? All the more reason that affirms visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Colombo with kids. There are paths laid in between the green mattress of grass so that kids can run around without any danger of falling down. Apart from that, you can use the swings, slides, and the water fountain which is turned on a few times a day to cool off the kids. And if you feel hungry you can get the service of the snack huts with coconut water and ice creams.

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2. Galle Face Green

Galle face green
Source: Google Images

This again is a place for a relaxed walk with your family. It’s a big open space near the water. There is a walkway over the shore of the waterbody. Which always is dotted with street food stalls and bubble machine sellers. Apart from this Kite flying, blowing bubbles and running around in the nice breeze are other things that kids can spend time on. This is just a classic place for the family vacation. In the summer months, the surface of the area turns brown as the grass tends to dry. It gives you a whole new experience. Also check : Colombo Bentota package tour

3. Colombo Fort

This is the place where the French built their fort to protect the city. Colombo is the best entry point into Sri Lanka with connectivity all over the world through sea. One can walk around the fort while witnessing the colonial architecture with their families. Floating pettah market and the Colombo lighthouse are some of the marque spots which are among the best things to do in Colombo with kids. Ministry of Crab is another place where you can try out crab for a meal with your kids just to have a culinary experience. Book your visit to Colombo fort with Sri lanka luxury tour packages.


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4. Gangaramaya Temple

gangaramaya temple
Source: Google Images

This temple is located a block away from the Beira Lake. It is not just a temple it is a temple complex which engulfs a lot of other temples as well. The notable ones are Large temple and the Seema Malaka on the lake. Kids love exploring the main temple as it is constructed int the form of a maze. It also houses various Buddha statues with different sizes and different colours. There are plenty more elephant statues as well.

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5. Colombo National Museum

This is another closeby site to the Victoria Park, you just have to cross the road from Victoria Park to reach the Colombo National Museum. It is a nice place to have a walk around with your family. The place is so silent and has some historical importance. If your kid has always been fascinated by ancient things then this is the place for him. Expect your kid to keep talking about the place all day. Get your budget trip with Sri lanka budget tour packages with us!

6. Barefoot Garden Cafe

At dusk, the Barefoot Garden comes to life. The architect Amila de Mel planned this masterpiece inside the city. This one of the dusky atmospheres where you can spend a peaceful evening. In addition to the stroll that you can take, you have an art gallery, an outdoor patio and a few other shops with souvenirs. You have cafes as well as places to have some drinks as well. Visiting this cafe is one of the best things to do in Colombo with kids as they love to see the cats hanging out here. You might come across some turtles in the pond.

7. Mount Lavinia beach

Mount Lavinia beach
Source: Google Images

Who wouldn’t want a laid back beach experience with their family? This is one such place where you can spend the day beachside. You have proper beach resorts along the coastline, if you want to relax here for a day or two you can use their service. You can just lay back and watch your kids play in the sand and with the waves as well. Around the evening time, the place lights up with the seafood shops, not to forget them.

8. Sri Lanka Air Force Museum

This is a fascinating place for kids to feel the crafts in real life which they would have seen in the games alone. Kids will be blown away to see them up close at that distance. This is not just for the kids but for all ages, people who are being fascinated by the mechanism of flying machines irrespective of their age. This place has a collection of old fighter planes and other planes as well. Even the models that weren’t made for practical use.


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The above list of the best things to do in Colombo with kids does not cover all the places but this surely will keep your kids covered for a decent amount of time. We at Pickyourtrail help travellers with customized itineraries for their dream destinations. Can’t wait to see your little ones smiles. Head straight to and check out the cheap tour packages to Sri Lanka from India.

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