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Things to do in Copenhagen: Your guide to planning the perfect trip

Copenhagen is a Danish city which beautifully mixes new and innovative urban planning with traditional design and quaint cobblestone avenues. Not too large, not too small, this Scandinavian city of the right scale and sustainability continues to turn out innovative designers, architects, artists and cutting-edge chefs. Go to the heritage sights in the city centre, however, move into vibrant and lively communities outside to discover a more authentic side of town. Here are the top things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark
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Things to do in Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens

This popular amusement park in central Copenhagen mixes manicured gardens and roller coasters and has drawn tourists since the 19th century making it the world’s second-oldest running amusement park. Visit at night as it sounds dragged from a fairytale by thousands of twinkling stars. And it influenced not unexpectedly the likes of Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney. At the Gemyse restaurant, where plant-forward dishes are served inside a greenhouse and a big, lofty dining space, make sure to catch lunch or dinner. This is one of the recommended things to do in Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
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Rosenborg Castle

This fortress goes back to 1606 when one of the most prominent Scandinavian rulers, Christian IV, built it as a royal summer home. Today it gives a peek into the imperial past of Denmark, like a time capsule full of riches and works of art. Spend an hour or two here, wandering the halls as once did the Danish monarchy. Do not skip the Knights’ Hall with its thrones for the coronation. You can also notice a private writing desk, sleeping quarters, and bathroom for the monarch. There’s an amazing set of Venetian glasses too which makes it one amongst the unique things to do in Copenhagen.


CopenHot is a type of pool, al fresco. There are no messages here so it makes up in coolness what it loses in pampering. A cluster of wooden hot tubs and saunas overlook the sea, situated right on the shore in the industrial-hip Nordhavn neighbourhood. You can reserve tubs for a party, or you can come for one of their open days. You have many choices for warm-up and chill-out. Barrel-wood hot tubs are lined with warm, mineral-rich saltwater and heated by a fire from below (note the person on-site cutting firewood). The popular sailing spas fit into a floating hot tub that navigates the canals for five people. And the panoramic saunas face out into the harbour.


The Alchemist, a dining destination bucket-list, is focusing their menu around some 47 complexes, innovative courses. And if you do not like them all, you’ll either be questioned or happily shocked. As such, this is not the kind of spot for children to get a relaxed lunch. In the opposite, after you have saved up for months, that is when you come to enjoy a very unique day.


Designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, CopenHill is a waste-to-energy project which is multi-use. How would anybody want to attend a waste-to-energy facility? Well, the building — a perfect, worth seeing architectural marvel — has a ski slope, climbing wall, and cafe. Also if you’re not involved in sliding down the 1,300-foothill, you ‘re likely to be curious to see the game.

National Museum of Denmark

Denmark ‘s biggest museum is a spectacular exhibition of both Danish and international intellectual heritage. Situated in Prince ‘s Palace in the 18th century, displays extend back in time through the Stone Age and the Viking Period, right up to contemporary Danish culture. This world-class museum visits people from all over Denmark and around the globe. Prepare to dense crowds, especially during high season.

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Refshaleøen has some of the city’s finest restaurants, the Alchemist, Amass and other lesser-known favourites, such as Lille Bakery and La Banchina. The island also hosts to CopenHill for those who aren’t into cooking, where you can try your hand at skiing. The place is laid around equally, but as you get to the point, there’s a bus that’s lolling about. This is one of the top things to do in Copenhagen for the gastronomers.

Hey Captain

A canal boat may sound like a typical tourist experience but Hey Captain provides a friendly, intimate view of the city and a glimpse into Danish daily life. Particularly in summer, this is the case when locals laze at the docks and plunge into the refreshing harbour water. The growing boat has one guide and a limit of 12 passengers, keeping the trip unique and intimate. The guides have a wealth of knowledge about the city, its history and its architecture. They are often employed for their personality — the atmosphere is fun and friendly.

Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens in Copenhagen are a green oasis in the heart of Denmark ‘s capital. It has the largest array of living flora in Danish, with more than 13,000 varieties of plants distributed over ten hectares and housed in a series of historic greenhouses from the 19th century. The best way to treat a visit here is to assign attention to what’s going on in the season.


As an extension of the Frederiksberg Museums in Copenhagen, the Cisternerne serves as a location for exhibits and events — but it is the room itself that is the permanent display and primary attraction. Originally a subterranean tank lined with 16 million litres of water, an unusual aquarium has lined the cistern. The mysterious dark cave is a sombre maze made of stalactites and stalagmites.

Copenhagen, denmark
Source: Unsplash

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Copenhagen always promises everything, not only in terms of food but attractions and activities for everyone. Well-maintained parks, a beautiful riverside district, numerous recreational centres, a thriving cultural community and trendy small shops all help ensure that there are things to do in Copenhagen for everyone. A day out at Copenhagen will be really well spent with little preparation. A stay of at least two nights is suggested for having the best out of a tour to Denmark. This is where taking the help of a reputed travel agency will help. Log on to and with the help of your expert guides start planning your trip to the United Kingdom or select one from a set of preset tour packages. Alternatively, leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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