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Cycling at East Coast Park
Written by Rahul on May 12, 2020 Share on

5 Things to do in East Coast Park: Dive into Adventure with These 5 Unmissable Things to Do

Well in these days of the world, there is nothing called no knowledge. Everything is a tap away at their palms. And that is how you would have arrived at this page. You might have searched for “Things to do in East Coast Park” and you would have accidentally stumbled upon this page. Well to that mistake of yours I will have to present you with something worthwhile. So here are some things that you would like to participate in while you are visiting the East Coast Park.

Cycling at East Coast Park
Cycling at East Coast Park |Google Images

East Coast Park

East Coast Park is one of the coolest spots that you can find around the Lion’s City. This is a spot that comprises both Park and Beach, along the southeastern coast of Singapore. This is the largest park built in Singapore with man-made beaches where swimming is possible. Here are the 5 most important things that you should do while you be at East Coast Park.

1. Chill out at the Beach

Who does not like the beach. This particular beach at the East Coast Park is a man-made beach. This Beach has everything that a family gets excited for while they are at it. You will not have to bring your sand toys as you will be able to rent it from the available facilities. The beach is located near the Lagoon and it is the best spot you loosen your senses and blend in with the Fresh air at the beach.

The beach at the East Coast Park
The beach at the East Coast Park |Flickr

2. Ride away your worries in a Bicycle

This Park gives you one of the amazing trails for you to ride your bicycles at. Shred some calories on these trails while enjoying the beautifully set trails in the park. You will be able to rent Bicycles. You will have to reach the blue Kiosk to rent your bicycles from. We also recommend this as this is the major experience at the park. You will enjoy the pleasant breeze mixed with the scent of the ocean to give you a refreshing, light feel.

Shady and breezy lane in he park
Cycling at the Park | P.C – Wikimedia Commons

3. Gain the Calories that you had Shredded in the East Coast Sea Food Centre

You must be really tired after the refreshing cycling on the amazing trails of the park. Well, get ready to be revealed to the best seafood cuisine that you will be ever introduced to. This park consists of the East Coast Lagoon food center and the Seafood center where you can treat your taste buds to great food. Or at least you can visit the park just to try out the food that they serve there. Trust me you won’t regret it.

East Coast Seafood centre
East Coast Seafood center | P.C – Wikimedia Commons

4. Drown yourself at the Sea Sports

If you are a fan of the water-based activities then this might be your jam. Aloha water sports presents you with various fun water-based activities. You can do the Standing up paddle windsurfing by renting the gears from the facility. If all you want is to learn about it, then there are instructors to guide you through the process. They also have paddles for kids to experience the same. You will find the Aloha facility near the lagoon of Area E.

Wind Surfing at the East Coast Park
Wind Surfing at the East Coast Park | P.C – Wallpaper Flare

5. The Shoot out at Laser tag

You must be really bored with just having fun with nature. So they also presented you with a world-class arena for Laser tag game. gear up and shoot out some foes here. One minor thing to know about this is that you will have to call in early and book a slot as they might even be booked for private games. This Laster tag occupies 20 members at a time which guaranteed unlimited fun. This is located at the Parkland Green at thE East Coast Park.

You can even do camping here as it will be fun to spend your time with your loved ones with nature with a beautiful sunset. I also think that you accidentally stumbling upon our page has given you enough information about the park. You can add this to your list of Itineraries while you are visiting Singapore. Pickyourtrail presents you with the best Customizable Holiday Packages for your beloved ones. Our Travel advisers will certainly be much obliged to build you your best Singapore holiday package with exciting activities filling up the Itinerary. Do lookout for more fresh content on our website and also do drop in your comments on these articles too.

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