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State of Rajasthan
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on June 22, 2020 Share on

9 Top things to do while visiting Pushkar

Pushkar is situated between the mountain ranges in the state of Rajasthan in India and it is referred to as the “Land of Kings” and “Land of Royals’ as it is filled with majestic castles and stunning forts. With stories of royal speaking in every street, the state is extremely beautiful in its own unique way. Rajasthan is truly an incredible destination to travel to. Go on a desert safari, ride a camel, visit some of the amazing national parks and explore the mountain ranges and feel alive from the inside. In Rajasthan is the town of Pushkar and read on to know more about the place and things to do there.

Rajasthan in India
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Pushkar is a little town located between the cities of Jodhpur and Jaipur in Rajasthan. The town is famous for the camel festival that is conducted every year and for the one & only Brahma temple to be built ever in the world. Though a small town, Pushkar has been a favourite place to visit by many travellers. Known as “Holy City”, the town provides an opportunity to witness the urban life in the village and the rural practices followed. The residents of this small town are filled with gipsies and tribes who look colourfully dressed up well by wearing sarees, anklets and turbans. 

Things to do in Pushkar

Below is a list of things you can do at this almost perfect, charming town of Pushkar.

1. Ghats of Pushkar

Pushkar lake
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The town of Pushkar is famous for its lake. It is where many of Pushkar’s regional fairs are conducted in a grand and colourful manner. However, what people miss out are the ghats that surround the lake. There are 52 Ghats and temples that have surrounded the lake and every single spot can be explored to your heart’s content. There goes a legend/myth that says that a swim or dip in the lake of Pushkar is spiritual and the bath washes away the sins of 100 years. 

2. Mahadev Temple

Pushkar is a town in Rajasthan filled with hundreds and hundreds of temples in a small area. The town takes pride in these spiritual temples built all over the town. Visit the famous Mahadev temple, not just as a spiritual visit but also get to know about rich histories and stories of the ancient city. Constructed somewhere in the 19th century, the temple’s main deity is Lord Shiva in white marble. White polished floors with colourful paintings and embossed pink pillars are few of the main attractions of this temple. 

3. Merta

Merta is a small town located near Pushkar in Rajasthan. Merta is said to be the birthplace of Meera Bhai. The town has been in existence for over 400 plus years and is famous for Meera temple where Lord Krishna is worshipped. The town was previously known as Medantak has several connections with the town Pushkar and is famous for witnessing a number of battles in the fields/grounds of Merta. While here, be sure not to miss out visiting some of the famous palaces and temples like Dadhimati and Charbhuja. 

4. Naga Pahar

Divided by a hill between Pushkar and Ajmer is an area known as Naga Pahar. The land of Naga Pahar has been long-standing and legend says that it will slowly diminish and eventually disappear one fine day. The entire hills and the area of Naga Pahar is truly photogenic and gives you a surreal view to look at during the sunset and sunrise, making it a perfect place for photographers to click some spectacular pictures. Pssst, did you know that this region was also known to be the residence of Sage Agastya? Yes, that’s right.

5. Sarafa Bazaar

Store in Sarafa Bazaar
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A trip to Rajasthan isn’t complete without some dent being done to your wallets for some local shopping. Visit Sarafa bazaar located in Pushkar to buy some of the beautiful handicrafts, textiles and other products from the locals directly. The bazaar is quite famous for Rajasthan’s handicrafts and handlooms. People all across the country and globe make sure to visit the bazaar while travelling to Rajasthan. Pro tip – Shop some embroidered Rajasthani clothes and wall hangers that go beautifully well for yourself and your home. Visit the bazaar any day of the week between 9 AM – 10 PM. 

6. Magnificient forts of Pushkar

Located in the royal state of India, the town of Pushkar is filled with magnificent forts and palaces. Built around the 18th or 19th century, the forts have stunning architecture and magnificent views from every corner of the palaces and forts. One such must-see fort is the one in Kishangarh for that lets the public peek into the culture and history of the region. 

7. Brahma Temple

Built near the lake of Pushkar is the only temple of Lord Brahma to ever exist in the entire world. Also called the Jagatpita Brahma Mandir, the temple was built using stones and marbles. The walls of the temple are decorated with bird’s motif and red pinnacles. The main rule to follow while visiting the temple is that no married men are allowed inside the temple. Devotees can visit the temple anytime throughout the year, especially the months of October and November are considered extremely special. 

8. Laughing Buddha Cafe

Located in the town of Pushkar is a quirky cafe with an amazing organic and vegan menu. Painted with graffitis and bright colours, the place provides a happy vibe. The cute little cafe has got delicious breakfast varieties and some regional snacks on their menu. 

9. Gayatri Mata Temple

Temple in Rajasthan
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One of the must-visit temples in Rajasthan is the famous Gayatri Mata temple. The temple is said to have a spiritual connection with Lord Brahma. There is a myth that says that the Lord Brahma had married an untouchable girl named Savitri, during the absence of Gayatri. Due to the betrayal, his wife had cursed him that he wouldn’t be worshipped anywhere other than Pushkar. It is one of the main reasons why there is no other temple for him. 

Visit the land of rich culture and heritage filled towns and relive the medieval era. Travel to Pushkar in Rajasthan with Pickyourtrail and get to the history and roots of the ancient town. Check out the packages available and customize a trip on what you like and go on a fun-filled adventure.

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