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Things to do in Krabi
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3 Top Things to do in Krabi Thailand in 2023

The top things to do in Krabi can literally make your Thailand vacation rise up by several notches. Thailand, a beautiful country embedded with stunning islands, is located in the East Asia region. If you are looking for one of the best tourist destinations in Asia, then Thailand is what you should be considering. Arguably one of the best places to visit in the world, the key advantage of visiting this country lies in its variety and exclusivity. You name anything, and Thailand will have it in its disposal – gastronomy, massage centres, shopping, beaches, islands, and whatnot. Although a major attraction of this country is its natural bounty, yet another stark highlight about this country is its cosmopolitan cities. Cities like Bangkok, and coastal regions and islands like Krabi and Phuket define the central part of tourism in Thailand.

Ao Phai Plong Krabi; things to do in Krabi
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

As said above, one key highlight of any Thailand vacation would be visiting Krabi. Krabi is one of the major hotspots for tourists visiting Thailand. There are about 200 islands glorifying this coastal region. Hence, no Thailand tour is complete without visiting Krabi. You can essentially have a highly relaxed time away from the towering skyscrapers of city in Thailand. Right from the beaches, to the sparkling nightlife, everything about Krabi screams beauty and elegance. Although there are so many things to do in Krabi on your Krabi tour package, there are few prominent ones you just can’t afford to miss. Therefore, carefully planning your Krabi itinerary with the best things to do in Krabi will ensure you don’t miss out on the top attractions and must-see spots. Simply put, you will get experience in Krabi that you are unlikely to experience and enjoy anywhere else in the world!

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3 Best Things to do in Krabi

  1. Visit the Wat Tham Sua
  2. Coast off to the Phi Phi Island
  3. Visit the Ao Nang Beach

1. Visit the Wat Tham Sua

The Wat Tham Sua is arguably one of the most visited places in Krabi if you are seeking a cultural and authentic Thai experience. Therefore, this should definitely be one of the top things to do on your Krabi holiday package. This is well and truly one of the most attractive natural wonders in the whole of Thailand. Wat Tham Sua is basically a chain of caves located amidst a thick lush green forest region. This is widely regarded considering the fact that there were and are many monks who reside here and meditate throughout their lifespan. It is widely believed that there used to be a tiger in this region, and that is how Wat Tham Sua got its name.

Wat Tham Sua; things to do in Krabi
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

There are so many statues and intricate sculptures and natural occurrences throughout the path of this cave. One of the key highlights of this is the “Footprint of the Buddha”. You can reach up to the spot by climbing over 1,200 stairs. Although it is mildly physically demanding, it is worth every bit when you reach the top. The view from the top is nothing less than spell-bounding. Hence, leave no stones unturned to cover this as one of the key things to do in Krabi!

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2. Coast off to the Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Thailand. Therefore, no list of things to do in Krabi is complete without a mention of Phi Phi Island in it. If you want to know about what a movie could do, this place is a classic example. The Phi Phi Island was one of the destinations in which the film “The Beach” was shot. Ever since the Phi Phi Island has risen to prominence amongst tourists all over the world. Therefore, you can find a lot of tourists thronging this place throughout the year, giving you the bustling vibes. This island is truly a tropical paradise, and the turquoise coloured water is yet another vindication of the beauty this place possesses.

Phi Phi Island
Image courtesy: Pixabay

The Phi Phi Islands predominantly consists of 2 islands – Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don. Reaching the Phi Phi Islands would take you about an hour. You will have to board a speedboat from Krabi mainland. Out of the two islands, the Phi Phi Don is the island that is inhabited. Therefore, almost all of the tourists end up going only to Phi Phi Don as that is where all the prominent things to do in Krabi are situated.

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3. Visit the Ao Nang Beach

How can you curate a list of top things to do in Krabi without mentioning a beach in it? And how can your trip to Krabi ever be fulfilled without visiting the world-famous Ao Nang Beach? That is why the Ao Nang Beach is a must-visit spot for any tourist. One can’t help but get astonished at the amazing beauty of this beach. Right from the fine sand to the pristine water, Ao Nang Beach fights into to be the best of the lot. But there is more to Ao Nang Beach than just the beach atmosphere itself.

Ao Nang Beach
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

Nightlife is one of the key highlights in Thailand. To enjoy the best nightlife in Krabi, you will have to visit the Ao Nang Beach. Find tourists from all over the world converging at this point to enjoy the night like never before and never after. The night is quite long here, and it will remain that way for years and years to come! This will easily be one of the best things to do in Krabi!

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Krabi Town; things to do in Krabi
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

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There are numerous things to do in Krabi, that planning an itinerary itself is going to be quite a herculean task. A well-planned itinerary will ensure all your best interests and tastes are taken care of, ensuring you don’t miss anything! Therefore, create the best Krabi vacation with the travel experts of Pickyourtrail through the Thailand tour packages. You are just a Whatsapp enquiry away from knowing other top international tour packages and domestic tour packages. Grab your seats to fly all the way to Krabi, the heart and soul of Thailand!

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