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Things to See and Do in Tbilisi: Experience The Best of Tbilisi

Tbilisi was founded in the 5th century AD and is the capital of Georgia. Being an important part of Europe’s history after playing a prominent role in the trade roads, especially the infamous silk road, which is why this city is a unique capital. The strategic geographical location makes the country not Asian or European; rather a combination of both. The traditional and modern aspects of Tbilisi mix together perfectly with many unique attractions. Find out below all the best things to see and do in Tbilisi and what makes this city is so captivating.

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The Top Things to See and Do in Tbilisi

Walk Through The Old Town

old town Tbilisi
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Abanotubani located in the old town is a prime historic landmark in the city. King Vaghtang Gorgasali’s falcon dropped in boiling water during his hunt in this place. Natural sulfur hot springs and the capital were discovered through this accident. The title of the capital, Tbilisi, is also related to the story; the term tbili symbolises warm in Georgian.

The most traditional district of the capital has many of the famous attractions of Tbilisi for you to explore, such as the Narikala Fortress, Metechi Bridge, Mother of Georgia, Botanical Garden, old residential buildings and many more. This experience is one of the best things to see and do in Tbilisi.

Try An Old Georgian Spa

spabaths Tbilisi
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No trip to Tbilisi is done till you hit the sulfur baths and is one of the best things to see and do in Tbilisi. These establishments are obvious to spot even from a mile away and are pretty enthralling to see. Brick domes sprout from the ground and have a little window for light and breeze. But worry not, as no one will be able to view anything through that window.

The pool, naturally heated at 40°C (104°F) is known to have therapeutic minerals which are good for your skin and health. You can also schedule a masseuse at an additional cost for a good skin scrubbing session.

See The Georgian Archaeological Treasury

The Simon Janashia Museum on Rustaveli Avenue has a unique and interesting display all year round – one that emphasises age-old treasures discovered through many archaeological digs in various parts of the nation. Here you can view jewels and Georgian gold items from three distinguished stages of development and history. The pieces on show here date all the way back to the 3rd century BC to the 4th century CE. All history buffs must visit this place as it is one of the best things to see and do in Tbilisi and to learn about Georgian history.

Tour The Georgian Stonehenge

georgian stonehenge Tbilisi
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Georgian Stonehenge is a 30-meter-tall (98 feet) pillar outside of the city centre. Travellers and locals rarely visit this monument. The statue represents Georgian kings, heroes, and queens, while the base part presents biblical scenes. Tourists who want to escape the city can visit as most probably you’ll be the only person at the memorial. Explore the site and click pictures from different angles to use this to your advantage. The site makes is known as one of the most Instagrammable spots in Tbilisi. The name is due to local senses of humour and hence it was name chronicles of Georgia or Georgian Stonehenge. It is one of the most underrated things to see and do in Tbilisi for sure.

Hunt Painted Hallways

Tbilisi has some beautiful Art Nouveau architecture hidden from the 20th century. When Georgia was compelled to join the Soviet Union in 1921, such structures were reported bourgeoisie and were forbidden. This resulted in the disappearance of many. Nevertheless, some still lead to survive but are in critical need of reparation.

This encounter lets you see the artistic facet of Tbilisi, spread in many areas of the capital. You need to be buzzed in as many of the buildings are now proper residential homes.

Get Educated About Niko Pirosmani

Usually mentioned by locals as Nikala, Niko Pirosmani was a primitivist artist who gained attention only post his death. Social conditions of his time inspired his works. This art represented merchants, workers, shopkeepers, and noblemen. He rarely drew city scenes and sketched animals more regularly. Unlike other painters, his works never directed towards the perfect impression of nature and never paid heed to details. Some of his artwork is monochromatic.

The National Gallery is located at 11 Shota Rustaveli Avenue shows some of his recognized items. Also, you can tour his house-museum located at 29 Niko Pirosmani Street which is where he spent the latter years of his life.

Tour The Mansion Of A Famous Georgian Entrepreneur

Today it’s the Writer’s House, but it was once the house of David Sarajishvili, a doctor of chemistry and philosophy, a philanthropist, and patron of Georgian brandy, Sarajishvili. The German architect Carl Zaar constructed the house in 1905, and it is a perfect illustration of Art Nouveau architecture. Half of the building is still under development, but you can tour the ground floor and its garden.

The main hall highlights photos of Sarajishvili, his family and Georgian poets of that era, while the terrace has ceramic tilework that Villeroy & Boch Company created especially for him.

Go To The Flea Market On Dry Bridge

flea market Tbilisi
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This unique flea market displays an interesting array of jewellery, artefacts, old home accessories and Soviet trash. Locals would arrive here to sell their belongings to make some money during the sad days of survival. It turned into the principal business for a few people, and those who didn’t want to throw stuff away used to bring it here and trade it to the merchants.

Goods are set out on the floor, excellently lined out and jam-packed on a sheet. Charges may be overinflated, particularly for travellers. You should try to do some bargaining, or if you bring along or have a local friend around, request them to purchase it for you. The market is accessible daily if the weather is suitable. However, more retailers rise on the weekends, but it also means more customers visit the market.

No doubt, Tbilisi is a truly unique city and has so much to see and do in and around. In conclusion, make sure to include Georgia as part of your itinerary. Book your Europe packages or custom make your Europe itineraries with our travel consultants to explore the best of Tbilisi and keep this article handy for the top experiences. Leave a Whatsapp inquiry to know more!

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