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Be There If You Dare – The Top 5 Haunted Places In Sri Lanka!

Beautifully referred to as ‘The Teardrop of India’, Sri Lanka, is one of the most amazing places to visit from many parts of the world, especially India, due to its close proximity, of course. Be it a honeymoon or a family trip, Sri Lanka is the best you could think of. Over the years, the kind of excitement that Sri Lanka brings to travellers has been tremendously increasing. As we all know, Sri Lanka, as a place, is filled with many amazing beaches, well-preserved heritage sites to talk about the history, beautiful landscapes, shopping places, amazing food, exciting nightlife, rich wildlife, temples and whatnot. But there is something else that you should know and explore if you are a thrill-seeker – ‘The super haunted places and the paranormal activities that happen in Sri Lanka’. Visit PickyourTrail website to book your trip today at Sri Lanka Vacation packages. Want to know more? Keep reading.

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Nightlife in Sri Lanka
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All of us still love horror or loved horror once (After experiencing one ourselves :P). There isn’t a childhood where our grandparents have not narrated a horror story to us or a teen life without playing Ouija Board with friends, right? Even if you are someone who is scared of these supernatural kinds of stuff, you still know, nothing could make a friend’s outing more exciting than a horror movie with them. Let’s now have a look at the COVID guidelines for visiting Sri Lanka and the top haunted places located in this beautiful island country. We are here to customize your Sri lanka honeymoon packages and make your journey a memorable one.

Sri Lanka COVID guidelines

As of May 7, 2021: The Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka has temporarily banned travellers from India due to the sudden surge in COVID cases in the country. Earlier, it was announced that the number of passengers on flights has been reduced but now it’s a complete ‘no’ if you are from India. The conditions will be reviewed by the health department and then they might ease the restrictions later.

Anyone entering Sri Lanka overseas (Except native people) should have the below-mentioned documents and undergo a few procedures.

  • A valid visa by the Department of Immigration and Emigration
  • Prior approval has to be bought from Sri Lanka Tourism
  • Accommodation in a Safe & Secure Certified Level 1 Hotel
  • A negative COVID-19 test report
  • Another PCR test on arrival
  • If vaccinated, carry your original vaccination certificate
  • Self-declaration after arrival
  • Exit PCR test
A COVID traveller
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5 Haunted places in Sri Lanka

Here are the places that could excite you just by reading about them.

  1. Helga’s Folly
  2. Borella Cemetery
  3. The Jawatte Lunatic Asylum
  4. Lovers Leap Waterfall
  5. The Telecom Building

1. Helga’s Folly

Helga’s Folly is on the top of the list for a reason. All the other places mentioned here can give you only a moment of terror, but Helga’s Folly itself is a haunted hotel. Just imagine staying in a haunted hotel for the entire night. All your childhood stories come true, doesn’t it? (I mean the scariest night stories, of course).

The interior itself can make you realize how haunted the place is. But it’s also beautiful with all traditional looks with a modern touch. Looks can be deceptive, right? In Helga’s Folly, we can’t assure you about the room service but ghost service for sure. Just read through all the articles about Helga’s Folly, and if you still choose to stay in that hotel for even a night, you have the bravest heart!

2. Borella Cemetery

Ignore visiting a haunted place. You can’t even cross the Borella Cemetery. Been built in the 1850s, this is said to be one of the oldest cemeteries in Sri Lanka. This is old enough to have even the dead soldiers of World War I and II buried here. You can cross this place if you want to see some supernatural things happening around and to you or to get hit by some stones or any hard objects from nowhere or even invited by a ghost to the cemetery. Oh, wait! Are you scared? Well, the ghosts love that. Or dare to visit this place? Then that’s going to be a problem.

3. The Jawatte Lunatic Asylum

Are you a regular visitor of Arcade Independence Square? Don’t worry. The story isn’t haunting enough but has some dark secrets that come with it. The Jawatte Lunatic Asylum was built in the 1880s, housing 400 patients. It is believed that the medical officers there, used to conduct experiments on the patients thus making it a haunted place among the commoners. Later, the patients have been transferred to another facility in 1917 and the Jawatte Lunatic Asylum has been changed into an amazing shopping complex and renamed as Arcade Independence Square.

4. Lovers Leap Waterfall

As romantic as it may sound, this waterfall has been popularly known among the local people otherwise. It is considered to be one of the haunted places to visit in Sri Lanka because of the scary story behind this flowing beauty. A couple, whose love has been refused, has decided to end their lives by diving just like the water in this place. Would they have known that they are never going to leave this place?

This haunted place in Nuwara Eliya, though has been listed as one of the haunted places in Sri Lanka, is located in an amazing location that is suitable for hiking too. You need to make your way through a tea factory to reach this waterfall and trust me, this is one of the beautiful places you can visit in Sri Lanka.

Lovers leap waterfall
Photo by Eddy Billard on Unsplash

5. The Telecom Building

Existing from 1911, the Telecom Building is one of the important places in Sri Lanka, with a beautiful statue in front. But what could possibly haunt this place? When there was destruction in 1989, the building collapsed in seconds and several lives were taken along with it. Though it was renovated to bring back the beauty it once lost, it is believed that the lost souls never really left. The common people still believe that the building is haunted and well, it could be.

Haunting enough already? Then there is no point in waiting when you even know where to visit for a thrill. If listening to the stories will itself give such an adrenaline rush then imagine how amazing it will be to visit those places in real? So, when you are planning your trip to Sri Lanka, make sure you add these places, as a part of your itinerary in addition to all the other top places that Sri Lanka has. In short, Sri Lanka is a place for everyone indeed offering amazing experiences.

A haunted place
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