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Lake Michigan
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Exploring Michigan: Top 10 Beaches of the Great Lake State

The state of Michigan is located on the Midwest of the United States and shares border with Canada. Michigan is not located on a coast, but it has a coastline of over 3000 miles. How is that possible? The Great Four Lakes is the answer. Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Superior grace the shores of Michigan which has some of the best shorelines in the country. These pristine beaches are perfect for a summer day with family and friends. Due to the contrasting nature of the beaches, plenty of hiking and camping options makes Michigan be filled with various choices. It is ideal for days of adventure or just a leisure day with family and friends. The beach towns offer tourists with abundant activity and dining options. It is not easy to narrow down the options but here we list of the top beaches in Michigan State.


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1. Sleeping Bears Dune National Lakeshore

The Sleeping Bears Dune is one of the best beaches in the entire country. Breathtaking views and long stretches of white and golden sands are the highlights of this beach. The hike on the sand dunes feels totally worth for the sight of turquoise waters it provides. Clear and perfect waters showcase Lake Michigan’s true beauty which is visible throughout the coastline. Lake Michigan in all of its glory and natural beauty, with a picturesque coastline and perfect waters, make it even more desirable. The waters are ideal for swimming, and canoeing. Platte River Point, Peterson Road and Esch Road are some of the best beach opening points. There aren’t many places where forests, sand dunes and beaches are at the same location.

2. Grand Haven

Grand Haven is undoubtedly one of the best and famous vacation points in all of US. This beach is so beautiful and filled with a lot of activities. Located in the Grand Haven State Park, tourists are required to play and an entrance fee of USD 9 to access the beach. This shore of Lake Michigan has the iconic boardwalk and the red lighthouse. And the activities here include swimming, kiteboarding and even surfing. Surfing on a lake is not something that can be done in a lot of places. Waters are blue and the sands and numerous dining options and proper facilities (parking and restrooms) are another added advantage of Grand Haven beach.

Grand Haven Michigan
Image Source: Unsplash

3. Empire Beach

Located at Sleeping Bears lakeshore, Empire beach is charming and thus one of the favourites in all the beaches in Michigan for locals and tourists. The waters are perfectly safe for swimming and offer excellent fun family time. One can follow its hiking trails and get lost in the pure aesthetic pleasure of the beach. Empire beach is also the home and the breeding area for different variety of birds. There are biking trails as well to explore around the hills and forests.


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4. Silver Lakes Sand Dunes

Tucked away nicely hidden from the noises, the Silver Lakes is a heaven for people who want a quiet couple of days. Ideal for thrill-seekers, the 2000 acre sand dune in between the beach and the lake is quite a task. The 45-minute walk from the parking area to the beach makes it challenging to access. It would be better to use a vehicle suited for riding in the sand to reach the beach. Hiking and four-wheel driving in the dunes are fun to do, or just take a dip in the waters and have a nice time.

silver lake sand dunes
Images Source: Google Images

5. Warren Dunes Beach

Located in the Warren Dunes State Park, the Dunes beach has scenic views of the lake. Couple it with the rolling sand dunes and it makes sense why more than a million tourist visit the Park. Climbing Tower Hill is a must here for the best views and its quite adventurous as well. This 3-mile coastline and the 6 miles of hiking trails provide excellent activities are the reason why Warren Dunes is popular among all.

6. Ludington Beach

The 7 mile stretch of sand in the Ludington State Park is blessed with warm shallow waters. The beach is accessible from inside and outside the State Park, if entered from inside the park there is a small entrance fee. The beach is warm, pleasant and perfect for sunbathing, paddling or even jet skiing. Like most of the Michigan beaches, there are sand dunes perfect for small hikes and better views. There are good camping sites as well, but make sure to book in advance.

Ludington Beach Michigan
Image Source: Google Images

7. Caseville Beach

This Eastern Michigan beach town has excellent spots to get into the calm and shallow waters. Located on the shores of Lake Huron, Caseville is fun and family-friendly beach with wide white sand stretches. One can see fishermen from the pier and the beach nice play areas for kids and campsites as well. The charming view of the sunset is another reason to visit Caseville.

8. Tawas Point State Park

The waters of Tawas Point is ideal for swimming, and the majority of the tourists come here come to for the same purpose. Dubbed as the Cape Cod of Midwest, it is also a nice spot in Lake Huron for bird watching. Because of the soft white sand beach and warm and calm waters, Tawas Point is an excellent getaway for couples, There are great camping spots and also make sure to take a tour of the big white lighthouse as well.


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9. Manistique Beach

Pack a picnic and spend an entire day at the sandy beach at Manistique. This beach is mostly visited by the locals because its beautiful waters are ideal for swimming, fishing and boating. Take a raft or a kayak to explore more of the beautiful lake. There are excellent dining options to try out the local cuisine.

Manistique Beach
Image Source: Unsplash

10. Oscoda Beach

This is not a regular Lake Huron beach, Oscoda has white like sand and azure waters. The Oscoda Beach Park is not be missed as it has a unique blend of white sand on one side and green tree-covered park with a rich lawn. The park has kids play area and courts to play volleyball and basketball as well. Also, take a walk up the fishing pier and enjoy the view of the tranquil waters. Oscoda Beach is a disabled-friendly beach with the boardwalk and pier built for easy access for wheelchairs.

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