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Germany in April
Written by Sruthi Suresh on May 17, 2022 Share on

Germany in April: Weather, What to pack and Places to visit

Most of us don’t relate Germany with beaches. Isn’t it? The truth is that Germany has got captivating coastlines and promising views to make your holiday a memorable one. Germany in April is when spring begins and freshly blossomed flowers await your visit to their paradise. Chills begin to reduce and the sun peeps out with its mate, a clear blue sky. Thanks to the longer and brighter days!! The mesmerising sight of sunrise and sunsets can be cherished lifelong and you should never miss them. Pack your bags and get ready for a perfect spring getaway.

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Weather in Germany in April

Spring has arrived in Germany in April giving way to moderate temperature and ample sunshine. Average temperatures begin to reach double digits in various parts of the country and bring in warmth. The distribution of rainfall gradually ceases though it’s better to have your umbrella in hand as you might encounter surprises. 

  • Maximum Temperature – 16oC
  • Minimum Temperature – 11oC
  • 192 hours of sunshine
  • Short spells of rain are possible
Germany in April
Image credits: Pexels

What to pack for Germany in April

Layered clothing is preferred to enable a quick transition during fluctuating temperatures. Carry a mix of warm and breathable clothing to make your days of stay comfortable. You can adopt a few ideas from the following checklist.

  • Hats
  • Sweaters
  • Cotton shirts
  • Sunglasses
  • Two to three pairs of jeans
  • Shoes and boots
  • Mittens
  • Scarves

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Places to Visit in Germany in April – Beaches

  • Wannsee Beach
  • Sylt Beach
  • Lubmin Beach
  • Langeoog Beach
  • Warnemunde Beach

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1. Wannsee Beach

The Wannsee beach is one of the largest inland water bodies near the eastern shore of Berlin, where locals come here on weekends. Wannsee provides one of the largest outdoor swimming areas in Europe. However, the drooping temperatures are not ideal for a swim. It’s a great place to go sailing, and you may spend your time relaxing on the beautiful beach sands. The shimmering waters carrying colourful boats and yachts during sunsets are a beautiful sight to watch.

  • Location – Berlin
  • Activities –
    • Canoeing
    • Boat hiring
    • Boat tours
    • Yachting
 Wannsee beach
Image credits: Pexels

2. Sylt beach

The Sylt beach is located in the north of Germany and is well-known for its long coastlines and luxurious resorts. A walk around the dunes of Sylt can take you through a great variety of flora and this makes one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can find an amazing collection of local arts and sculptures in the nearby shops on the shore. Try getting done with a spa session in any of the wellness centres for complete relaxation.

  • Location: Sylt island, 
  • Activities –
    • Paddle boating
    • Aquarium
    • Surfing is allowed depending on the climate

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Germany in April - Sylt beach
Image credits: Pexels

3. Lubmin beach

Located on the Bay of Greifswald, this beautiful beach is surrounded by rugged mountains and picturesque valleys making it a preferred destination for weddings. The flawless sand stretches all the way to the skyline with turquoise clear water is ideal for water sports. The Lubmin beach is the favourite hangout spot for the locals as it promises various offshore activities apart from those on water. 

  • Location: Greifswald
  • Activities –
    • Horse riding
    • Trekking
    • Fishing
    • Bike tour

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 Lubmin beach
Image credits: Pexels

4. Langeoog Beach

The Langeoog Beach is near the Wadden Sea and is one of the world’s most “erratic” ocean environments. With a length of about 14 kilometres, this beach witnesses high tides every six hours. Germany in April still has a cold climate and swimming might not be a good option. However, it offers beautiful night stays at its captivating resorts with surreal views. The beach features dedicated space for playing football and volleyball, making it a perfect family holiday! Want to roam about the shore? Rent a bicycle and explore everything that Langeoog has got for you.

  • Location: East Frisian Islands, North Germany
  • Activities –
    • Boating
    • Cycling
    • Volleyball
    • Football
    • Beach view resorts
    • Fishing
cycling in beach
Image credits: Pexels

5. Warnemunde Beach

Tourists from all over the world flock to Warnemunde Beach in April especially during weekends. Old-school bars and recreation hubs are perfect to lighten your mood and keep you engaged. Stretching across 3 kilometres, this beach is not so quiet. Roll up your pants and let the clear sheets of waves brush through your knees. Wow!! That’s ecstatic! How is it even a beach vacation if you don’t plan to stay in one of its resorts? You can choose from a variety of options and sit back to enjoy the scenic beauty.

  • Location: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (north of Berlin)
  • Activities –
    • Lighthouse watchtower
    • Fishing
    • Boating
    • Horse riding

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Germany in April - Horse riding
Image credits: Pexels

Frequently asked questions

1. Does Germany have beaches?

Yes, Germany has a lot of beaches to explore. It is sad that many holidaymakers are not aware of this. Visiting Germany in April can allow you to have on some of the beautiful coastlines of its cities. Despite being an offseason month, you get to relax with less crowding and hustle.

2. How is it like to visit Germany in April?

While it’s not a busy month, visiting Germany in April is not a bad option too. You get to travel at an affordable budget and take home a lot of memories.

3. Is it summer in Germany in April?

April is when an amalgamation of both winter and warm climates occurs. Spring starts to set in slowly paving the way to longer days of sunshine. You can also expect a few spells of rain. On the whole, the country experiences weather more on the colder side. It’s better you carry a mix of clothing to make your getaway a comfortable one.

Isn’t surprising that the beaches in Germany have so much to offer? Germany as such is a conjugation of several small islands and beaches are an imperative part of it. Looks like you have already started to plan your delightful beach holiday. Check out  Pickyourtrail for awesome Germany tour packages brought to you at fair deals. You can customise your entire Germany itinerary by adding and opting out of places of your choice making it completely a holiday plan ‘for you’.

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