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Top 5 haunted places in Dubai

Dubai is known for everything brilliant and delightful, yet did you know there is a creepy side to it as well? A couple of places are accepted to be haunted in Dubai, and it’s not for the weak-hearted. From relinquished houses to passages and towns, there are most spooky places in Dubai as well. It is undoubtedly one of the most visited and exciting goals on the planet. In any case, there are barely any things that are not under a man’s control. We are discussing the paranormal exercises and the nearness of absurd situations that have not saved even the exciting city of Dubai.

On the off chance that such events and stories have consistently set off the most profound corners of your psyche and you need to set out yourself to visit very frightening sights, at that point these spooky places in Dubai will without a doubt entertain you. Likewise, on the off chance that you are searching for an odd encounter, at that point, plan your next visit to Dubai and head directly to these spooky spots of Dubai and challenge your guts! In all honesty, that is your call. However, there are sounds that echo on each side of these places.

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Dubai is literally a man-made wonder. From what Dubai and the other emirates of the United Arab Emirates had started in 1971, this is literally a paramount change. What started as a humble trading town is now one of the top-rated tourist destinations visited by millions of people across the globe. Be it the sky-scrapers, the dazzling streets embedded with colorful buildings, monumental buildings like the Burj Al Khalifa – the people of Dubai have ensured they are the primary reason behind why Dubai has grown to its present capacity.

Although the major attractions that garner tourists in Dubai are man-made, what if I say there is a not-so-famous face of Dubai, which is equally enticing to the tourists and locals alike, that is not man-made? Dubai doesn’t rush you with adrenaline just with the adventure activities like paragliding or bungee jumping, but also with unique experiences that you can never experience elsewhere.

One of the famous tours that you can experience in Dubai is a Haunted tour. This face of tourism in Dubai is lesser-known to tourists. These tours, treading through traces of paranormal activities, unearthly things are guaranteed to leave you startled and fascinated head to toe.

Haunted Tours in Dubai

Travelers seeking a rush of blood with fascinating history about people and buildings should be totally enticed by the haunted tours in Dubai. For those who believe in ghosts and paranormal activities, no brainer that this is for you. But for those who don’t believe in the existence of ghosts or any unearthly beings, you should take this tour as a challenge to see how well you fare in the spook-o-meter!

Here is the list of the top 5 haunted places you can visit in Dubai.

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  1. Al Jazirat Al Hamra
  2. The Tunnel In Pan Emirates
  3. Haunted house in Jumeirah
  4. Al Khail Gate
  5. Al Qasimi Palace

The Haunted House Das Geisterhaus
Image credits: Wikimedia

1. Al Jazirat Al Hamra

Al Jazirat Al Hamra, also known as the Ghost Town, is the most visited and top-rated haunted spot in Dubai. This town is located in Ras Al-Khaimah, which is an hour’s drive from Dubai. This town was once inhabited by three tribes. As the town became famous for notorious paranormal activities, the tribes vacated away from the town. If you visit the neighbouring places, the locals will give you a stern warning to stay away from the town post-sunset. But if you seek the adventure and thrill, the place is all yours to visit!

2. The Tunnel In Pan Emirates

Tunnels in itself are a matter of fascination for humans. Long and dark tunnels induce a sense of excitement and fear considering the anticipation of what lies ahead. But what if all these are combined with a hint of haunted stories and happenings? That is The Tunnel In the Pan Emirates for you. Also known as the Tunnel of Dark, the spooky stories and rumours of random paranormal appearances have always kept the tourists on their toes!

3. Haunted house in Jumeirah

The haunted house in Jumeirah, also known as the House of Devil, located in Jumeirah is straight out of a Hollywood horror movie. Have you heard of stories where a family flees out of a house citing paranormal activities? This house is a real-life example of the same. Back in 2011, a Filipino family occupied this seven-bedroom house. They claimed they had sighted paranormal activities and ghosts more than a dozen times while they had stayed in this house. There is so much fear around this house that, even now the locals believe if you visit this house, negative energy would still possess you!

4. Al Khail Gate

Al Khail Gate, infamously known as The Scary Apartment, is believed to be. a strongly haunted place. There are so many stories associated with this apartment. Several residents of this building claim things disappeared mysteriously and were later found randomly in some other place. The owners have currently kept the building under maintenance, but you can’t just ignore the fact 3 people have suicided here before! This is quite famous amidst the locals and anyone can guide you to this place.

5. Al Qasimi Palace

What is a list of haunted spots if there isn’t a palace which is believed to be haunted? Al Qasimi Palace, also known as The Haunted Palace, located in Al Dhaith, is here to complete the list. A half hours drive from Dubai, this is a quite famous haunted spot in Dubai. This is a huge palace, once an instrumental part of the Dubai Royalty, is now a palace that has strange stories associated with it. There are wide rumours that there are children peeping out of the windows of the palace during night, which is otherwise an empty and eerie palace.

Al Qasimi Palace Dubai haunted palace
Image credits: Gulfnews

If you are reading this in the day, be embraced for nightmares while sleeping, and if you are reading this in the night, good luck sleeping tonight. Trust Pickyourtrail’s travel experts to curate an amazing Dubai tour through the Dubai holiday packages that will ensure you get to experience the unique and offbeat side of Dubai! What are you waiting for? Bring in the curious traveler inside you to Dubai!

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