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Things to Do in Seville Spain
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12 Stunning Things to Do in Seville Spain for a Splendid Spain Trip

Have you ever had a thought in your mind that what’s the best thing you could experience in Seville? Well here are some of the most amazing things that you could do it here.

The beautiful city of Seville is world-widely famous for its culture, architectural monuments, traditions and its artistic heritage. It is also known as the birthplace of Flamenco and the city where the worlds most amazing Easter processions take place. Being the capital city of Andalusia. Located in the Southern part of Spain, Considered one of the largest Spanish cities and a city full of existence and prospects.


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12 Top Things to Do in Seville

  • The Royal Alcazar Palace
  • The Seville Cathedral
  • The Plaza de Espana
  • See The Flamenco Show
  • Visit Metropol Paracol
  • Visit Metropol Paracol
  • Barrio de Santa Cruz
  • Torros Del Oro
  • A day trip to Cordoba
  • Visit The Sevilla Museum of Fine Arts
  • Visit Isla Magica
  • The BullFight Museum
  • Visit Casa de Pilatos

12. The Royal Alcazar Palace

The Royal Alcazar Palace, Things to Do in Seville
Image source : Unsplash

The Royal Alcazar Palace is one of the topmost attractions that gathers the attention of many visitors. Being declared as the UNESCO world heritage site, the Alcazar Palace contains Spain’s oldest palaces and some of the best examples of Mudejar (Spanish art or style of architecture) architecture in Spain. It is no doubt that the architectural design of the Palace is absolutely amazing tiled cornered rooms, courtyards, towers, gardens, are what that many people come to explore.

11. The Seville Cathedral

The Seville Cathedral, Things to Do in Seville
Image source : Unsplash

Another UNESCO world heritage site in Seville. It is considered as the largest cathedral in the world and it took more than 100 years to build this. It is also said that when the plans for construction were dropped down, church elders declared that, “Let us begin with building a church so beautiful and so magnificent that those who see it finished will think we are mad” It is undoubtedly a masterpiece of art and design.

10. The Plaza de Espana

The Plaza de Espana, Things to Do in Seville
Image source : Google

This massive building is Seville’s most spectacular structure after the Seville’s cathedral, for its sheer scale and grandeur. Try not to miss out when you visit the city, you’ll get to see the magnificent piece of ancient architecture. Along the entire perimeter of the plaza, there is a canal nearly 515 metres in length, through which you can travel by boat, you’ll truly get an amazing romantic experience especially if you’re travelling as a couple.

9. See The Flamenco Show

See The Flamenco Show, Things to Do in Seville
Image Source ; google

Flamenco is known for its passionate Spanish dance. The artistic performance is also known for its singing, guitar playing, colourful costumes, and romance everywhere. It’s the best thing to experience for the ones who are looking for a romantic touch in the city.

8. Visit Metropol Paracol

Visit Metropol Paracol, Things to Do in Seville
image source ; unsplash

Metropol Parasol, one of the largest wooden constructions in the world. The Locales say it as “Las Setas”  (The Mushrooms) because of its mushroom-like pillars and beautifully designed artistic structure. It’s a great place to take as many as pictures you want. The space in and around the Metropol Parasol is mainly designed for public use where you can walk around.

7. Barrio de Santa Cruz

This is the first Barrio (Town) tourists head for a pleasant and superb piece of the city, with limited winding cobbled roads and whitewashed houses, where you can sit outside a bar, appreciate a few tapas and watch the world pass by, or meander through extremely old gardens and unwind on excellent tiled seats.

6. Torros Del Oro

Torros Del Oro, Things to Do in Seville
Image Source : Google

The Torros del Oro, one of Seville’s most extraordinary landmarks, implies the gold pinnacle Tower. It overwhelms the Guadalquivir waterway banks and it’s presumably perhaps the most captured sights of the city. You can appreciate some marvellous perspectives from the top so carry your camera with you.

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5. A day trip to Cordoba

A day trip to Cordoba, Things to Do in Seville
Image Source : Unsplash

You can get to Cordoba via train only a short way from Seville! The primary fascination here is the spectacular Mosques. It’s a mind-blowing Catholic house of prayer based on top of a mosque that was based on another Christina church. You can even look at the remaining parts of that congregation through a straightforward pattern on the floor. Also, it’s been respected by Islams here for three centuries. The Mezquita is perceived as quite possibly the most refined instance of engineering by the Moors.

4. Visit The Sevilla Museum of Fine Arts

Visit The Sevilla Museum of Fine Arts, Things to Do in Seville
Image Source : Unsplash

The Museum of Fine Arts in Seville has quite possibly the most significant assortments of works of art in Spain. It is viewed as the second generally significant after the Prado Museum, and one among the most unimaginable artworks you can’t miss the incredible works of the Baroque bosses. In its various massive rooms, it is feasible to examine splendid works by painters like El Greco, Pacheco, Velázquez and Alonso Cano, among others. Inside the show, the space committed to Murillo and the Sevillian school of the 17th century and the strict compositions of Zurbarán stick out.

3. Visit Isla Magica

During your trip to Seville, one of the best activities you’ll enjoy the most is going to the Isla Magica. Well, Isla Magica is a theme park based on the Spanish discoveries during the 16th and 17th centuries. Isla Magica offers exciting rides and attractions, including the Jaguar, the main modified crazy ride in Spain. Experience the biggest computer-generated simulation theatre on the planet, with moving seats and a goliath hemispherical screen, or watch a film in the 4-D film. Cool off on a few water rides, similar to the log flume, a sprinkle ride with a drop of 15 m (49 ft), and a water rapids attraction. Pick between contrastingly themed regions, like The Amazon, The privateer region, El Dorado, and The Spanish city.

2. The BullFight Museum

The BullFight Museum, Things to Do in Seville
Image Source : google

Underlying 1761, the Real Maestranza bullring is perhaps the most notorious structure in Seville and the most seasoned bullring in Spain. While you’ll have to buy a pass to see a genuine bullfight, you can visit the ring centre for no price on Mondays from 3 pm to 7 pm. Find out about the city’s relationship with bullfighting through outfits, pictures and artistic creations.

1. Visit Casa de Pilatos

Visit Casa de Pilatos, Things to Do in Seville
Image Source : Google

Casa de Pilatos is one of Seville’s tricks of the trade and an absolute necessity to stop fascination during any first-time visit to the city. Worked during the sixteenth century, this is one of Seville’s most delightfully protected common castles it actually fills in as a perpetual home of the Duke of Medinaceli right up ’til the present time. Situated in the verifiable focus of Seville, Casa de Pilatos is portrayed by its combination of Italian Renaissance, Gothic and Mudejar engineering. Strolling through the grounds truly resembles venturing back in time.

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