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Ibiza Island
Written by Kajani Shivam on June 23, 2020 Share on

Top 10 Attractions in Ibiza -Discover the Party Island!

Ibiza is one of the most popular Spanish islands loved for its nightclubs, parties, and beaches. You can see the island turning into a party hub once the sun goes down. You will find people partying hard here and enjoying their lives to the core. Ibiza in Spain is not only about parties and beaches, but you will also find some delicious Spanish dishes, shopping areas, events, beautiful handicrafts, and a lot more. Some attractions in Ibiza is waiting to be explored. Interested to know more? Well, have a quick read and find out the top 10 attractions in Ibiza.

A view of Ibiza Island
Image Credits: Unsplash

Top 10 Attractions in Ibiza – Prepare your itinerary with these attractions

1. Dalt Vila

A view of Dalt Vila
Image Credits: Google Images

Your vacation to Ibiza will never be a complete one without visiting the Dalt Vila. It is a UNESCO site in Ibiza. In addition, Dalt Vila is an amazing example of classic Renaissance military architecture. As soon as you start exploring this place, you will hear a lot of histories. The walls were constructed to fend off the threat of attacks by Berber pirates as well as invasion by sovereign forces like the French. The main entrance will take you back to the golden old days. Cobbled streets, stone walls, huge wooden fort doors, and churches are a part of Dalt Vila attractions.

2. Ibiza Cathedral

Ibiza Cathedral is one of the attractions in Ibiza
Image Credits: Google Images

This beautiful Cathedral is built in a Catalan gothic style. If you wish to see some impressive architecture, you should definitely add this cathedral in your itinerary. Interestingly, you will also find some famous works of art by Francesc Marti, Francesc Cornes and Valenti Montoliu. In addition, you can view the gothic gold and silver monstrance which dates back to 1399.

3. Playa d’en Bossa

Playa d’en Bossa in Ibiza
Image Credits: Unsplash

Playa d’en Bossa is one of the major attractions in Ibiza. It is a major holiday resort located in Ibiza and interestingly, this resort is located next to the longest beach on the island. You will literally see this place transforming into a party house during the summer days. You can crazily party here, taste the delicious dishes and enjoy the view of the beach. Pretty cool, huh? In addition, the resort has two large clubs which are known as Ushuaia and Space where you can party hard till morning. Get ready for some party mode in Ibiza!

4. Water activities

Paragliding in Ibiza
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Here comes the adventure part in Ibiza. Love water activities? If yes, you will love Ibiza. You will find a lot of water sports and tourists flock here to enjoy the adventurous water activities. Paddling, Kayaking, Jet-Ski, Parasailing and much more activities are available in Ibiza. Interestingly, you will also find 17 diving schools on this island. You can also attend the classes and become a pro diver. When it comes to Ibiza, the sea becomes a playground here. You will witness it for real when you visit Ibiza.

5. Talamanca

A view of Talamanca
Image Credits: Unsplash

Talamanca is one of the famous beaches in Ibiza and is loved for its wooden boardwalk on the beach which is home to many restaurants and cafes. You can find a lot of water activities here and multiple volleyball courts. Also, you can just rent a sunbed, umbrella and relax for a while. In addition, never miss tasting the Balearic culinary which is a delight for your tastebuds. You will also find some baby surfers trying to make their first surfing experience here as the waves are calm. Baby surfer? Well, you can try and build your surfing skills here.

6. Santa Eulalia

A view of Santa Eulalia
Image Credits: Google Images

It is a town in Ibiza and you will find beaches and resorts here. Golden sandy beaches, family resorts, party clubs, restaurants and a lot of fun is all about Santa Eulalia. Also, you will find a pretty promenade running behind the lush fronds of palm trees. Interestingly, you will find the only golf course in Ibiza next to the resort. You can also spend some time there and check your golf skills. Also, never miss visiting the Puig de Missa hill and the Las Dalias Hippie Market which are some of the attractions in Santa Eulalia.

7. Spas

A lady undergoing Spa treatment
Image Credits: Unsplash

Ibiza is well-known for its holistic spas. There are 15 spas across the island. Many spas are attached to hotels, apartments complexes and clubs. In addition, Atzaro Spa is one of the best spas and is loved for its citrus and olive groves. A spa treatment can bring you back to life from your busy day and could give you the best feeling. If you wish to relax and have a good time, a spa visit is a must on your vacation.

8. Punta Moscarter Lighthouse

Punta Moscarter Lighthouse in Ibiza
Image Credits: Google Images

This is one of the top attractions in Ibiza and is located on the northern coast of the Spanish island. It is the tallest lighthouse in the Balearic Islands. This lighthouse was built in the 70s and is a 52 metres tall man-made structure. It is a splendid cylindrical tower which has a double balcony and lantern. You can enjoy a lovely view from the top of the tower. Lovely, right? Trust me, the view is simply amazing. Also, take some time and visit the pine forest and farmland which are the other main attractions here.

9. Aquarium Cap Blanc

A click inside Aquarium Cap Blanc
Image Credits: Google Images

This is a unique place and you would have never seen an aquarium similar to Aquarium Cap Blanc. You can find this aquarium a few minutes away from San Antonia. You can head underground and see all sort of marine species, including rays, morays and conger. In addition, this place is a recuperation centre for sea turtles. Also, you can learn a lot about marine life here and enjoy viewing the marine species. Cool, huh?

10. San Antonia

San Antonia in Ibiza
Image Credits: Google Images

Love beaches and nightclubs? If yes, never miss visiting San Antonia on your vacation to Ibiza. San Antonia is the second largest town in Ibiza. San Antonia is a perfect blend of sandy beaches, crazy night clubs, best coffee, and some shopping areas too. Interestingly, you will also find special buses for legendary nightclubs, Eden and Es Paradis. It’s a perfect place for a vacation and is one of the main attractions in Ibiza. Make sure you have this place on your itinerary for an amazing experience.

Well, how was Ibiza? Have the attractions in Ibiza impressed you for a visit? For me, Ibiza is a party hub which also values a lot about history and culture. You will find your own reasons to visit. Excited? Well, start planning. Reach Pickyourtrail website and find out some cool travel packages to Spain. Get ready to share your own travel stories with Pickyourtrail. Also, follow this page for some interesting travel contents. Never forget to download our App. Well, because our App is going to be your 24/7 guide to make your vacation seamless. No more delays, start planning. It’s time for a vacation!

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