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Traditional Maldives Dresses
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on October 17, 2022 Share on

Traditional Dresses of Maldives

The Maldives is a huge magnet that attracts tourists from all over the world. White beaches, royal resorts, scenic views of sky and ocean, rich history and cultural heritage are everything people are craving to explore. The best way to enjoy any destination is to explore it from the roots. This diverse archipelago reflects unique customs and traditions that can be seen in the way they dress, eat and speak. Traditional Maldivian dresses are exceptionally amazing, showcasing the Maldivian culture at its best.

Some traditional Maldivian dresses are listed below for both men and women, so, either you can wear them or buy them as souvenirs. You can even witness people wearing them all around the country.

Men’s Traditional Dress of Maldives

1. Mundu

Mundu is a men’s traditional dress, which is actually a long cloth which is wrapped around their waist. The cloth is usually blue or black with white strips, worn with a long or short-sleeved white shirt. The fabric of this cloth is mostly cotton, offering a smart, simple and elegant look. Men also wrap and cover their heads with a piece of clothes to protect their heads from the scorching heat or out of religious culture. You can buy it as a souvenir and create good memories with your loved ones.

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Women’s Traditional Dresses of Maldives

1. Dhivehi Libaas

Dhivehi Libaas is a lovely traditional dress of the Maldives adorned by women, and is absolutely unique because of its intricate embroidery. The embroidery design is known as Kasabu Viyun giving the best look to the kurtas and long dresses. Kasabu Viyun is a gold and silver laced embroidery patch which is attached to Dhivehi Libaas. This dress is paired with an underskirt called Feyli. Feyli is a dark blue or black cloth with different types of stripes which is wrapped around the waist. This is a very common traditional dress worn by women and can be seen everywhere in the country. Specially at the times of wedding ceremonial or dance performances, you can witness Dhivehi Libaas worn widely. You can purchase this dress from any dress shop, souvenir shop or get it stitched by a tailor.

Traditional Maldives Dress
Image source: Unsplash

2. Dhigu Hedhun

Another traditional dress of the Maldives is Dhigu Hedhun that reflects the island’s identity. It is a wonderful gown made with lace that gives your body a great shape. This charming outfit accompanied by accessories is worn on special occasions and events. There is also a simple version which can be worn on a regular basis. Mostly you will find this outfit in red colour, but can be found in other colours too. Without wasting any of your precious time, buy this great outfit and click some beautiful pictures.

3. Hedhun Buri

Hedhun Buri used to be a daily-wear outfit in the past and is mostly common in young women. At present times, women wear this dress on special occasions such as festivals, dance events, and more. It is a long shining jacquard blouse paired with a matching coloured wrap-around skirt. This whole attire looks classy and is matched with headbands. It is a rare outfit which is a perfect souvenir to buy as a happy memory of your Maldivian vacation.

Traditional Maldives Dress
Image source: Pexels

4. Burqa

Women wear black robes and headscarves, which is known as Burqa in the Maldives due to the Arabic influence. This dress is mainly worn by that community only and has a religious aspect. A traditional Burqa is black, but many colours are also available.

Image Source: Unsplash

Isn’t every dress unique in its own way? Clothing is the best way to discover the culture of any country. Explore the Maldivian cultural heritage at its best, and make sure you take a dress with you as an astonishing souvenir on your trip to the Maldives. The traditional dresses date back centuries and are very close to the hearts of all locals. This is the perfect opportunity to complete your look in one of these wonderful dresses, don’t miss! Book a perfect Maldives package from Pickyourtrail and enjoy your splendid vacation to this tropical paradise.

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