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Budget-friendly travel destinations from Dubai
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Travel Destinations From Dubai

Dubai has been an outstanding travellers spot. The destination is ultimately known for its signature mix of old fashioned traditions and modern-day culture. People from different parts of the world keep visiting Dubai every year. If you are someone who is planning to visit Dubai for the nth time, probably plan a vacation outside the UAE. Don’t worry, it is not going to cost you the way you think. There are a plethora of travel destinations from Dubai that are budget-friendly. Keep scrolling till the end to explore all the top travel destination from Dubai.

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For ideas, see our list of hassle-free quick getaways from Dubai

  1. Kyrgyzstan
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Serbia
  4. India
  5. Georgia
  6. Egypt
  7. Morocco

1. Kyrgyzstan

The wonderful nation of Kyrgyzstan is a fantasy for nature lovers. It is likely to be the most budget-friendly travel destinations from Dubai. When you are travelling just keep in mind, 1 AED changes over to 19 Kyrgyzstani Som! Kyrgyzstan is well known as the ‘Switzerland of Central Asia’. Moreover, the stunning nation can be visited by UAE inhabitants having legitimate UAE residence documents. If in case you have the document, you can visit the place without a visa for a time of 30 days.

Kyrgyzstan : Travel Destinations From Dubai
Photo by Oziel Gómez on Unsplash

Moderately secluded from the tourism, things you can attempt in Kyrgyzstan are climbing the Ala Archa National Park and enjoy watching the birds murmuring. Also, you can observe the remnants along the antiquated Silk Route. Moreover, you can experience the rich culture and ensure to taste the traditional dishes of Kyrgyzstan.

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2. Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is widely acclaimed for having nine of the planet’s eleven environmental zones. Moreover, the name Azerbaijan itself means ‘The Land of Fire’. Also, the land gives the ideal mix of old customs and contemporary advancement. Azerbaijan, perhaps the best budget-friendly travel destinations from Dubai. Moreover, it is a well-known tourist-attracting destination among the locals of Dubai.

The two key reasons are: Firstly, Azerbaijan has an enormous Muslim populace. This implies, the halal food or a mosque to supplicate isn’t a worry. Also, the costs of living are sensible. The ticket cost of public transport ranges from 0.43 AED, anyway in Dubai it costs 5 AED. Henceforth we state, Azerbaijan is one of the budget-friendly travel destinations from Dubai to visit from Dubai!

3. Serbia

Serbia is one of Europe’s less crowded and budget-friendly travel destinations from Dubai. Serbia can be visited without a visa for most EU, UAE and India identification holders. The absolute best “activities and see” in the capital city, Belgrade doesn’t cost anything and other Serbian communities like Novi Sad are less expensive too.

Photo by Erdin Akcinar on Unsplash

Food in Serbia is sensibly estimated, as “inexpensive”. Moreover, the choices of food are ample. Also, you can get everything from Serbian style burgers to meat snacks costing not more than 6 – 10 AED per dinner. Transportation in Serbia additionally doesn’t cost a lot – decide on the bus rather than the train. Supper for two in a mid-run eatery won’t cost you more than 80 AED while a twofold room in a 3-4 star café will cost around 15-180 AED every night.

4. India

India is a haven for voyager who is planning for a budget-friendly vacation! Be it stays, transportation or food – India won’t be difficult for your pocket! Your everyday consumption can be as low as 55 AED! Go for an Indian ‘thali’ containing a few mouth-watering dishes with desserts, served together in an enormous plate. Moreover, most places will offer you various arrangement on such thalis.

If you are planning for a vacation in India to discover any significant states of India, you can visit by utilizing its broad railroad or bus! The transportation cost is very affordable and all these states are very much interconnected. Start your India vacation by visiting famous places such as Rajasthan, Delhi, Northeast states, Kerala etc. There is also a new way to explore Indian cities by booking a staycation deal. Check out Pickyourtrail’s amazing staycation deals from top 8 cities.

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5. Georgia

Georgia, one of the budget-friendly travel destinations from Dubai. Also, Dubai is an exquisite country in the world. It boasts for enchanting towns, tasty food, historical places and amazing sightseeing places. Moreover, the stay options in Georgia is considerably affordable as indicated by worldwide guidelines. This makes the country to be one of the best budget-friendly travel destinations from Dubai. Its capital Tbilisi (barely 3 hours from Dubai by flight) highlights lavish markets offering alluring items at bargain-basement rates. Georgia is now becoming the most visited places. Visit it before it becomes excessively busy!

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Photo by Iman Gozal on Unsplash

6. Egypt

Egypt, probably the best spot to visit from Dubai, takes you back in time with its Great Sphinx, Luxor Temple, Pyramids of Giza and Abu Simbel. It’s a well-maintained tourist destination with lip-smacking food and clamouring commercial centres will without a doubt win your heart. It is highly recommended to carry some money in hand while your planning to go on shopping in Egypt. Egypt depends intensely on them. This nation is just 4 hours from Dubai and the flight costs are the best during bubbly offers. It is certainly one of the best budget-friendly travel destinations from Dubai.

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7. Morocco

Morocco is home to dazzling, multi-shaded souqs, walled neighbourhoods (medinas) and beguiling riads (conventional Moroccan homes that catch the genuine substance of its way of life). Amazing as it might sound, Morocco ends up being budget-friendly travel destinations from Dubai. A feast in a costly café costs 12 AED just, and single direction ticket in a neighbourhood transport adds up to 1.60 AED as it were. A portion of the notable urban areas and towns are Marrakesh, Casablanca and Fes. If you’re looking for new and budget-friendly travel destinations from Dubai, Morocco is your paradise.

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