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Why travelling in your twenties will make you a better person?

When I was in high school, I remember asking my mom once if I could go for a sleepover at a friend’s house. To avoid chances of being blatantly rejected, I even told her that we will be studying together for a test that was coming up in the following week. Her answer was “You can do whatever you want to once you are in your twenties when you are independent and responsible!” I knew trying to convince her is out of the question because she’s someone who won’t budge easily but her words were etched in my mind.

So, I spent the rest of my teenage years trying to excel in my studies and hoping to bag a decent paying job that would allow me to do “whatever” I wanted! Now that I’ve reached in my late twenties, working and paying my own bills, I realized that I still haven’t done half of the things I planned to do in my twenties. Every day I wake up to Instagram stories and Facebook feed full of people living their lives like there is no tomorrow and I wonder where did I go wrong?

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Our generation is so engrossed in the virtual world that the real world doesn’t excite us anymore. We spend hours shopping online but the thought of going out for a walk seems like a waste of time. We are constantly distancing ourselves from the reality and embracing a life that’s totally “made-up”. Life is not based on a series of hashtags but on experiences that we gain from our day to day lives.  There is no “right time” to do something, we need to decide the right time for ourselves and take the step forward. If you feel trapped and unsatisfied with the life you are living you need to just apply for the leave, pack your bags and travel anywhere you want. Stop swiping left and right on Tinder and the 6th season of House of Cards on Netflix can wait! If you are still not convinced, here’s few more reasons why travelling in your twenties will make you a better person:

1. Save now and travel in your 30s….. Shut up!

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Don’t fall for what the society says, do what you feel right. Learn a few ground rules and you are good to go. Unless you are dumb, you already know that drinking and driving can kill you and land you in legal troubles. Also, there are both, good and bad people in the world. The bad ones can try to harm you by stealing or duping or trying to get you into their company. Be careful of these people and don’t become Harley Quinn, join the Joker, and do bad stuff. Bdw, she had superpowers to avoid getting caught, you don’t.

2.Because “Jugaad” is life


Indian life runs on Jugaad and what is life without some quick Jugaad? Beg, borrow or steal (in all good sense) from your friends and family anything that’ll help you to travel. Go to any extent to make this trip happen, even if your friends ditch you at the last moment,

3. Live up to the hashtags


#wanderlust #youngwildandfree #nomadic #freespirit. It’s time to live up to all these hashtags and prove yourself that life is not only about using hashtags but also living up to them. Travel anywhere you want, explore new places and create good memories.

4. Experience matters, luxury don’t


Travel to gain experience not to show off your money! Money doesn’t determine whether you should travel or not, your eagerness and determination do! You may not get to “live” the life of the Instagram stars but you won’t be living anything less, practically speaking!

5. The ultimate path to becoming a pro-traveller

travel blogger

Travel as much as you can in your 20s. The more you travel, the more you’ll understand the loopholes of travelling and become an expert traveller. After a couple of trips, you’ll find yourself suggesting others how to travel and where to go.

6.The beginning of an enviable career


If you are in your early 20s and still figuring out what to do in your life, travelling can open up a very profitable and enviable career option of a travel blogger for you. While your friends will struggle completing 9 hours shift inside their cubicle, you’ll enjoy travelling around the world and getting paid for it as well!

7. Discover yourself

discover yourself

We all think we are cool unless we face real-life situations. So if you really want to test the waters about yourself and see what kind of person you are, travel! Are you someone who can adjust to any situation or the one who will complain about mosquitoes inside your hotel room? Who knows? Travel and find out yourself.

8. “Firang” friends forever


Travelling lets you make friends and acquaintances all over the world so when other people are happy with virtual friends online, you can have some real people in your friend list from all over the world.

9. Don’t die as a boring person


Travelling will help you create your own experiences and memories that you can share with the world and your near and dear ones. So when you grow old and see your grandchildren engrossed in their mobiles, you can share your interesting travel stories and inspire them.

Make “work-save-travel-repeat” your life mantra and you’ll be able to bring a difference to your boring life, and as I said before, don’t wait for the right time or wait until you reach your thirties, take the initiative and get going. You initial trips may not be smooth especially if you are short on cash or travelling all alone without prior experience, but trust me; it’s going to be much better than sulking over the pictures your friend shared online!

Check out Pickyourtrail where the good folks can help you plan an amazing trip with your friends or family. Just drop them a message with your requirement or be the smartass you already are and create your own travel itinerary! It’s November now and in 2 months it’s going to be another new year which also means you’ll be another year older, so make a difference!


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